Life Unexpected Review: "Homecoming Crashed"

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On last night's episode of Life Unexpected, we got to know a little bit more about Lux's past and what has made her into the teenager she is today.

Indeed, from the very beginning, "Homecoming Crashed" was a pretty intense episode.

Baze and Emma

It started off with Cate and Ryan not only still fighting, but living separately. It's funny that Cate also thought it was weird that out of all people, Ryan chose to crash at Baze's place. I don't get how Baze "owes him one." Because he slept with Cate?

I find their whole bromance to be very weird. I don't get it, but strangely enough, I do like it! If there wasn't ever a Cate in the picture, I can see these two dudes becoming BFFs for life. What do you think?

Baze and Emma's relationship continues to grow and I am LOVING it. I really like these two together. They sort of complete each other in a very Ying and Yang sort of way. It's amazing how Baze's charm works so easily on everyone. He really is the Rico Suave of
Life Unexpected, don't you think?

Everyone in the blogging world loves Lux and Eric together. And I totally agree that they are pretty cute, but it is so WRONG! Putting aside that he's her teacher and I am sure it is illegal, yeah, it is very romantic that he planned a little Homecoming party for just the two of them.

Of course, things don't go as planned and Lux is stuck babysitting Emma's son, Sam. Sam may be a bit of a druggie and weirdo, but there's something cute about him. I like how he came to Lux's defense and took blame for stealing the car. It shows that this kid isn't that bad of a guy.

We find out that Lux has a learning disability due to having a stroke back in seventh grade. Cate and Baze try to figure out what caused it, but Lux denies that anything bad ever happened.

It was pretty smart of Cate to go to Tasha and see if she knows anything, but very dumb of her to take Valerie's word over her own flesh and blood. She met Valerie for maybe an hour? Even if Lux lied about where she lived, Cate knows for a fact that something very traumatic happened to Lux when she was still so young.

It would have been smarter for Cate to sit down and think things through before confronting Lux and accusing her of being a liar. That right there shows us one of Cate's biggest faults.

I feel so bad for Lux. Since season one, we knew that she always had a rough life, but coming from an abusive foster home is just terrible to think about. All she ever wanted was a loving family, but instead got the sh*t kicked out of her from the only family that really took her in.

I couldn't believe Tasha hit the guy over the head with a shovel. What was she thinking? Thankfully, it looks like they didn't press charges and the guy didn't die. Whew! I wouldn't be surprised if this comes to bite them later on.

So Sam knows that Eric is Minnesota... wonder what that will mean for Lux? This is the second person that knows. It's only a matter of time until more people find out. Below are a few of my favorite Life Unexpected quotes from last night's episode. What were a few of yours?

Emma: (to Baze) I'm jealous of how everything is so easy for you. | permalink
Sam: I'm sure my mom will confirm it. The only screw up here is me. | permalink
Emma: (to Baze) What happened to your kid being the responsible one and Sam being safe with her? | permalink
Lux: (to Sam) Screw you and your stupid joint. | permalink
Baze: Just think of it like a good deed. Like when you donate hair or hang out with old people. Makes you feel good inside. | permalink
Eric: Don't you get it by now Lux? For you I'd do anything. | permalink
Ryan: Cate, you're over simplifying what I said. I hate when you do that. At least I tried to give an honest answer. Any chance you figured out why you married me? | permalink


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sam and lux together !!


I think this was one of the best heart hitting episode of Life Unexpected plus we didn't again have to heard about the Baze/Cate/Ryan Dilemma! @Jess L, Sam is Played by "Landon Liboiron", I saw him recently with Jessica Lowndes Aka. Adrianna from 9O21O in "Altitude" Cool movie ending was weird though. now its cool to watch him here but sadly the show has been canceled so Next he is doing Mega T.v Show "Tera Nova". he is moving up fast. Eric is cute but his story dealt very weakly here Watch Mr.fits in Pretty Little Liars- the way they deal teacher/student drama Fantastic. P.S. Baze and Ryan are weird together.


love LIFE UNEXPECTED support lux n eric n i do think sam is totally HOT!!!


Loooovvvveeeedddd the episode sooooo awesome! Does anybody the actor who play Sam; his name?


It hasn't been picked up yet but maybe the network will change their mind :/ Sam is pretty cute :)


does anyone else think sam is fucking HOT?


I'm with the ladies below, there needs to be some sort of a lux, erik, sam love triangle to really spice things up. Of course Erik should know better, but that's what's so great about their's a complete train wreck waiting to happen. Makes for some good tv. In the meantime, I'm liking Emma and baze together..but cate and Ryan are turning into a snooze.


Last nights episode was amazing, also very intense... i want Cate and Baze to learn the truth about everything,Lux's past and her with Eric because poor Tasha shouldn't have to take the blame. everyone is lying to protect Lux and that is going to hurt her in the long run!


First of all this is the best show ever! I dont like Lux with her teacher,but I wish her and Tosh would have killed that jerk the call a foster dad! I really wih cate and baze would be together.


Love the show, but do not like the Eric/Lux pairing one bit. He knows, from her records, how she bounced around Foster homes all her life, and has more than an idea of how hard her life has been, and how screwed up she really is. Knowing all this, and being a teacher, albeit a young one, he should know better than to potentially mess her up even more in the long run. I loved the first season, but this year LUX has turned into just another nighttime soap opera. So sad to see characters that were so promising being turned into shadows of their original selves.

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Life Unexpected Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Cate, you're over simplifying what I said. I hate when you do that. At least I tried to give an honest answer. Any chance you figured out why you married me?


Kelly: Stop talking about my sex life.
Ryan: Stop talking about my marriage.