The Mentalist Review: Is Red John Back?

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My heart is still pounding from the final scene of "Red Moon." That's always the sign of a good episode.

With serial killers, possible wolves, the phases of the moon, wannabe psychics and Red John, this week's installment of The Mentalist kept me guessing until the end.

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Jane’s complete honesty with Lisbon about his motives for working with the CBI is refreshing. He’s never lied to her. He wants his revenge against the man who murdered his wife and child and a judge and jury don’t factor into that picture.

Lisbon may think she can control him or change his mind, but if she can’t, she certainly can’t say he didn’t warn her.

I have to say the sleazy trucker who hit on Keeley was suitably pathetic and creepy. When Cho asks him what Keeley’s response was when he asked her out, he responds, “I think she was intrigued.” Uh, no. Somehow I don’t think intrigued is the word Keeley would have used - but since she’s dead, I guess we can’t ask her to confirm that.

So now the CBI attic has an office chair, a makeshift table, a desk lamp and a cot with blankets and pillow. Jane is even taking people other than CBI agents up their for private chats. Are they charging him rent for that space?

I’m glad that Lisbon realized Jane was playing the wannabe psychic. She’s worked with Jane long enough now to catch on to his games.

They certainly left Jane alone in the motel room with the serial killer for quite some time. I know Cho and Rigsby were right outside the door, but if he had had a gun instead of a knife, Jane could have been in real trouble.

The twist at the end was great. Todd taunting Jane was a given, but finding Todd on fire surprised me. Now is Lisbon right, did another cop do it to exact revenge for the murders? Could Todd have set himself on fire and could Red John have been involved somehow?

I could practically hear Jane’s heart beating as he sat in the hospital chair, the words “tiger, tiger” echoing in his mind as Todd died in front of him. How far is Red John’s reach and how far can he push Jane until he snaps?


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Linder, The 'tiger tiger' thing is from a poem that Red John quoted to Jane. Also, what little boy? Jane had a daughter.


red john recited the poem:
Tiger, tiger, burning bright
In the forests of the night,
What immortal hand or eye
Could frame thy fearful symmetry?


the "tiger, tiger" thing is from the last episode of the second season, where jane was captured by red john, red john said those words to him


Tyger, Tyger burning bright is from a poem by Blake__he has two poems, the Tyger and the lamb (good and evil).


Todd, you need to pay more attention. The forensics creepy guy has been nominated several times as possible R.J. I cannot see how this Tiger Tiger quote at thee end, which really got Jane spooked, could have been the last words on this guy's tortured mind. I think, perhaps, Jane who was seen earlier brooding about this verse dreamed this happening at this man's death good as this episode had us going it was a bit dislocated at times, maybe Simon needs a few more hints before directing another episode. It was difficult to keep focused with this jumping around from one plotline to another. However, I'll give it a wink. So far this year has not been as disappointing as last. Red John needs to be central to Jane's persona as to give it credence.


I'm with Clueless also. Altho I think its prob his little boys' nickname. The work 'intrigued' used by the trucker was a little weird altho I see it as a full of himself type thing. Not all truckers are dumb.


Red John is that creepy forensics guy that shows up in a few episodes. You heard it hear first!!!


One more thing.....the theory that Red John might work with or oversees the CBI could explain the access to Todd. Red John seems to be able to get extreme loyalty from his little helpers so Todd could be taunting Todd even if Red John killed him.


Keeley didn't use the word intrigued. The trucker said that he was under the impression that she was intrigued. I however found it weird that a prototypical trucker would use such a word.


Tiger, tiger, is from a poem that red John quoted last season. I love this show, but am ready for red John to be caught and move onto another equally disturbing character.

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