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The Mentalist Season 3

"Strawberries & Cream"

The CBI moles identity comes to light and Patrick Jane's meeting with Red John has serious consequences for the team.

"Rhapsody in Red"

When a young violinist is shot to death, Jane and Teresa pay a visit to the northern California symphony orchestra to find her killer. Cho deals with a young pickpocket.

"Like A Redheaded Stepchild"

When a prison guard is killed outside of a jewelry store, Patrick Jane suspects one of the guard's inmates is the killer. Rigsby must confront his father about the murder.


Patrick investigates two botched robberies. One in which he hired the man to break into LaRoche's home.

"Every Rose Has Its Thorn"

Morena Baccarin guest stars on this episode of The Mentalist. She plays the owner of a matchmaking website suspected of murder.

"Red Mile"

When a man who thought he was abducted by aliens is murdered, his body is stolen from the coroner's van.


A doctor is found dead at a golf course this week. From there, Jane and the team scour for a killer among the hospital staff.

"Red Queen"

The team investigates the murder of an antiques dealer this week. Things get tricky when the evidence points to a CBI member.

"Red Gold"

A modern-day prospector is the victim this week, as he's found dead near a mining site. Hightower joins Jane on the investigation after Lisbon gets injured.

"Blood for Blood"

Rigsby and Cho are called in on this episode when a witness is murdered. Van Pelt had been assigned to his protection.

"Red Alert"

Civilians are taken hostage on "Red Alert." It's the job of Lisbon and Jane to defuse the situation.


Jane goes up against a criminal profiler this week. Both are set to prove their methods work for solving a double murder.


A woman with ties to a professional fighter is found dead this week. Elsewhere, LaRoche focuses his investigation on Rigsby, who must turn to Cho for help.

"Jolly Red Elf"

Jane and the team look into the National Society of Authentic Santas this week. For what reason? One of them is found dead.

"Red Moon"

Jane and Lisbon work with a local police officer on this week. They are all focused on a confusing case of a triple homicide that involved a pair of cops and the fiance of a EMT worker.

"Ball of Fire"

Patrick Jane gets kidnapped this week. The rest of the CBI team gets on the case in "Ball of Fire."

"Red Hot"

A death threat is made against a business mogul this week. Sounds like a job for Patrick Jane and company!

"Pink Chanel Suit"

This week's case focuses on a murder inside a large family compound. Jane and Lisbon look into the matter.

"The Red Ponies"

Ready to enter the world of horse racing? The CBI unit investigates the death of a well-known jockey on this episode.

"Red Carpet Treatment"

Jane and Lisbon work with local law enforcement to check into the murder of a convict that served nine years for rape and murder on this week's episode. This person was recently released due to DNA evidence.

"The Blood On His Hands"

Bert Stiles is back this week and he offers Jane information on Red John, along with the disappearance of Kristina, in an attempt to end their rivalry.

"Cackle-Bladder Blood"

Jane's brother-in-law returns to town, but it's not a fun reunion: he gets mixed up a murder investigation.

"Red Sky at Night"

On the season three premiere, Rigsby and Van Pelt question a prostitute that could have insight into the kidnapping of an important lawyer. The installment is titled "Red Sky at Night."

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