Weeds Season Finale Review: Putting Plan C in Motion

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"Theoretical Love is Not Dead" made me realize why I love this show so much.

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We kick off just where we left off last week: Nancy is in the reporter's room with Esteban and Guillermo.

Before you know it, they knock her out and she comes to in the trunk of Esteban's sedan with the reporter who is dead. Yikes! My first thoughts: How in the world is she going to get out of this pickle?

I swear I had tears in my eyes when Shane, Andy, and Warren head to the airport after saying goodbye to Silas. Given the dose of reality he just got, it's quite understandable that he wouldn't go with them to Copenhagen.

I don't blame Silas for his choice. Since his non-biological dad died, life's been pretty turbulent. Maybe staying with Lars, he could settle down and have a normal life? Who knows?

Nancy did make it clear to us that she knew that Judah wasn't Silas's dad after all. All along I was hoping for her to be just as surprised as we all were, but as it turns out, she never fails at being a horrible person. Well done Nancy. Well done.

I do have to hand it to the lady, though. When Nancy gets to the airport with Esteban and Guillermo, she really does think fast. After telling Andy that it's time to go to plan C, she's able to get away from her crazy husband and thug, just in time to say goodbye to Shane and Andy at the gate.

What really came as a surprise to me was seeing Silas with Esteban and Guillermo. First off, Silas couldn't stay away from his crazy family. All for one, eh blonde? Secondly, how on earth did Esteban and Guillermo get away from security into the gated area?

After being held for suspicious reasons, why would security let them buy tickets? This is just poor plot development. Still, it was a very touching moment when Silas told Esteban:

Silas: Please, when you kill her, just let us know, for closure. | permalink

So Silas joins the guys to head to Copenhagen. Naturally, the police raid the plane before take-off and arrest Warren. What I don't get it why would they let him leave his suspicious wedge to Shane? And why didn't customs stop him before boarding? Wouldn't they have noticed that the wedge was filled with cash? Another hole in the storyline, don't you think?

The episode ends in the only way it could end, with Nancy making it out alive. She got Andy to call the police and her plan C included turning herself in. What a great ending to a somewhat mediocre season.

I love this show and can't wait to see how Nancy and the boys plan on reuniting. I felt like this whole season was just a filler for what's to come. Now that the police have her captured, what will Esteban do?

Until next season, here are a few of my favorite Weeds quotes from tonight:

Nancy: How bout a farewell f**k?
Esteban: That's crass. And that will not save you. | permalink
Shane: Couldn't stay away, huh?
Silas: Like you always said, I'm not very bright. | permalink
Shane: She's not coming is she?
Andy: No, she's not. | permalink
Nancy: I'm the downfall of all Botwin men. | permalink
Nancy: I can't believe you let him stay.
Andy: I can't believe you don't understand why. | permalink
Warren: I loved her and then she out grew me, then she came back. | permalink
Janitor: (to Nancy) Did Mister Freaky Shoes do that to you? | permalink
Guillermo: Dead hoes tell no tales. | permalink
Nancy: Owe! God! I remember when you used to spank me and it was sexy. | permalink
Nancy: Hola mi amor. Guillermo. | permalink


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Rather harsh review with these supposed holes in the plot. I think it's more a case of time, or indeed lack of it. I'd rather they have the "let us know when you kill her" and such scenes instead of some dull interview and then purchasing of tickets. I'd rate it 5/5. For me, it was perfect.


"mediocre season"?! Boy, you're gonna look back and regret those words 6 months from now when the show is definitely over.


This is by far the best show I have watched in years! True WEEDS fans will stick by their side no matter what. The plot is never predictable is always leaves me guessing on the edge of my seat. I love my fav girl Nancy Botwin. I am a true WEEDS junkie I dont know what I will do when they leave me. People who are complaining and dont like the way it is going need to change the channel. Quit bringing it down for the rest of us...


This is by far the best show I have watched in years. It keeps me on my toes. Always guessing what will be next. I cannot get enough of my fav girl Nancy Botwin. She makes the show. Every season has been awesome. I am on the edge of my seat just waiting for the next season. True WEEDS fan will stick by their side thru thick and thin. I don't know what I will do when it comes to an end. I am a true WEEDS junkie! The plots are not predictable at all. They leave me guessing on the edge of my seat. I LOVE U WEEDS!!!!


OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this can SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO not be ending of the show!!!!!!!!! it is tooooo gooood!


Uhh, seems like people were really into it, I myself was totally disappointed. Sure it was fun to sit through and wait to finally see some naked Nancy, and watch all of the predictable plots fall into place, but I grow tired of investing time into something that became so fruitless. First 3-4 seasons awesome, from there... well, total deterioration of good ideas. Not excited for the next season, had to tough this one out... P.S. Nancy you should drop this gig and let me take care of your needs! Lol! Smoke weed everyday!


weeds never fails me with their season finales. i didnt see all the season but the finale was so great. i cant wait for season 7 sucks to have to wait til next august :/


What about her youngest son? What will happen to him while Nancy is being held by the FBI?


@CMJ look up the definition of 'tumbleweeds'... and they sold weed. its not that complicated.


I don't think Nancy gets held long, she's got too much on Esteban and I wouldn't be surprised if the FBI has a copy of the tape, remember in the first episode Cesar's brother-in-law says the tape was destroyed.

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Weeds Season 6 Episode 13 Quotes

(to Shane) Please please. Choose to not be a dick.


Hola mi amor. Guillermo.