90210 Review: Holiday BADness

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90210 bid farewell to 2010 this week by turning two of its main characters into cheaters.

Granted, there were extenuating circumstances - Adrianna has become a cartoon-like diva and Charlie (I think that's his name, right?) has received about six seconds of air time with Annie - but that doesn't change the bottom line.

On "Holiday Madness," I found it very difficult to be anything but disgusted by Annie and Navid's actions.

Navid and Renee

The latter has a much more compelling case for his infidelity, as the show has actually dedicated time to his burgeoning relationship with Silver. It's also made Adrianna into such a caricature that she's impossible to take seriously as a human being, let alone a loving girlfriend.

Still, N Dawg: Man up. Dump Adrianna. And then get your Silver on.

Everything between Annie and Liam, however, just proved what had been clear all along: Charlie was nothing but a prop, a random guy inserted into a few episodes just to delay the inevitable reconciliation between these two.

When Liam said to Annie "It's hard for me to see you with him because I'm in love with you," I laughed out loud. Who is Liam kidding?!? No one has actually really seen Charlie with Annie since that character was introduced.

Elsewhere, I've already voiced my displeasure over the way the show took what could have been an interesting, realistic portrayal of a student-turned-singer and made it into an over-the-top, cliched mess (a Paris Hilton-like puppy? Really?!? That's sitcom material, but we're meant to be taking this transformation seriously, as it's leading to the break-up of the show's core couple.). But I also need to simply comment on how little sense anything Adrianna-related makes.

Wouldn't Victor and Adrianna have a contract? Like any manager and client? You can't just cut someone's commission on a whim. Sigh.

As for Ivy and Laurel, sure, I'm happy they're on good terms again. But the storyline with her father would have had more resonance if we saw the guy for more than two scenes.

I'm really searching for something positive to say about "Holiday Madness" and I guess there's this: Teddy may not have been ready to tell the world, but he did say the words to Ian: I'm gay. That's a major step.

Other than that, please readers, clue me in if you were truly invested in this week's developments. Is the return of Mr. Cannon the sort of cliffhanger you were hoping for? Or did you see it coming? After all, when he simply left a few weeks ago, did anyone believe he'd never come back?

This feels more like dragging a storyline out for as long as possible - by literally ignoring it for weeks - rather than creating an interesting, layered plot that can actually fill an entire season.

In I hate ending the year on such a negative note, but blame the writers. In closing, I might as well go all out in my criticism and ask: what the heck was that bathing suit Silver was wearing in the hot tub?!? Yech.


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i think that the reason why liam told annie he loved was bc shes with charlie mabe he feels sumthing for her but not love,,love...watever happened in The past with charlie and liam.....liam wants annie to stay away frm him.. i think that after everything that happened between Adrianna and navid....i noe tht shes going through this money thing but how could he cheat on her.. almost the 3 seasons were bout them being together now he jst cheats on her with silver..dnt get me wrong i love silver but thats her best friend that was really low of the both of them....i thought the ending was very interesting when teddy kissing that dude and dixon sees..got me wondering is he gonna tell sumone or be a jackass to teddy for being gay....i love the ending when naomi comes home and mr.cannon is there.. for me it was a great episode.. if it wasnt gud ppl wouldnt be talking about it..


I really liked this episode and I really think the cheating just proves that all the characters, except Naomi and kind of terrible people with no sense of loyatly


All I have to say is, this episode was completely predictable. Everything that happened I saw coming. Sure, the drama might be fun to hear about, but in this episode it was not fun to watch. If you think about it, all the drama that has happened so far throughout this season has been a big joke. The whole Dixon Aids scare and the Annie almost giving her eggs is just one of the many ways this show is wasting screen time. It would have been really shocking if Dixon actually had AIDS or Annie actually sold her eggs. But no, we as viewers are intially shocked at what happens, and then the drama just ends. I agree that the whole Ivy and her dad scene was too short, I felt that I could not judge his character by what I saw. If we saw him being more of a dick then I would feel empathetic, but I just felt whatever when it happened. The whole Charlie thing is a waste of screen time too, because now that Liam and Annie are "in Love" (apparently its possible)Charlie is done with this show.So much for him. Oh, and Annie is really boring/a bad actress. I always end up wanting to fast forward/ punch her everytime i see her. And I know I'm not alone when i say that. This show used to be so good. I dont understand what happened.I found this episode completely boring and I believe the editor's should have rated it a 1.0/5.0


are you kidding me man?? Review:2.5 ??? this was a brilliant episode!! me,personaly, loved it, enjoyed the most scenes!! and the last 10 minutes, in which ivy was playing with her mother, annie and liam together, silver and navid kissing, teddy-ian kissing, adrianna realizes she is about to lose everythinh, and cannon waiting for naomi into her house.. this episode was one of the best of the series!!


You are probably kidding !!!
Liam's ILY to Naomi was such a FAKE and came out of blue , he said it so easy , without any meaning or depth in his words . With Annie it was different , his eyes were full of tears and voice shivered , because it was SINCERE , he really meaned it !
I'm sure Annie is his REAL FIRST TRUE LOVE!


The whole Liam-Annie scene was such a JOKE! Liam in the past has had so many trust issues. He couldn't even be in a real relationship with Naomi because he didn't know how to be committed. But, Naomi made him realize he can trust others (he still has some problems), but it took a LOT for him to say that he loved her. And it came at the right time too, even if Naomi was lying. But now, he all of a sudden breaks out the L word in front of Annie without them actually having a relationship? WTF? All I have to ask is, why the hell does he love her? It is such a blur! Just because he was able to talk to her about family problems? That's IT? Goshh these 90210 writers are getting worse. The first season was amazing, and now look at how this show changed. I would be surprised if this show gets reinstalled for the fourth season.


what is ur problem man? This ep. was great! All the love situations became clearly! and I need to say that Liam's and Annie's scene was really moving and cute:)


Loved this episode ONLY for Lannie , all their scenes were brilliant!!!


LOVED this episode!
Lannie were so adorable and Liam's confession was so sincere and amazing , I totally saw that coming!! Love them beyond words!
And I'm glad they have so many fans now


I loved this episode. You guys are nuts. 90210 IS NOT MEANT TO BE A SERIOUS DRAMA. It's intended for viewing audiences who get away vicariously through its characters. It's carefree, light-hearted, with some bad acting, but that is what makes it so good. Who were we in high school anyways? Most of us didn't spew such eloquent lines like tv shows would make us believe. This is what this show is about. Tonight's episode made it for me. I wasn't expecting Liam to be some romantic and enthrall Annie with a heavy confession of love. Or expect Annie to be complicated about it. Live and let love, people!

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