These guys might not be Naomi's type. She's seen here at a party thrown by Adrianna.
Cheers, Dixon! We'll drink to your holiday celebration on the aptly-titled 90210 episode "Holiday Madness."
Navid has a good reason to look upset in this 90210 scene. He's standing next to Adrianna's annoying publicist, Renee.
Awww, isn't this cute? Naomi and Silver are ice-skating together.
It's holiday madness on the episode "Holiday Madness." Naomi is featured in this photo from Adrianna's party.
Embrace who you truly are, Teddy. Your friends will still like you for it.

90210 Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

So they don't remake The Odd Couple starring you and me? It's okay, I'll live.

Ivy [to Naomi]

There is no we, Victor. There is me and there is you who works for me.


90210 Season 3 Episode 11 Music

  Song Artist
Belong 1 Belong Cary Brothers iTunes
Amfm sound AM/FM Sound Matt & Kim iTunes
State of our affairs State of Our Affairs Mt. Desolation iTunes