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I think you should review the episode one more time and well lets me Honest in writing department 9O21O has always sucked ever since it has started... But the last night episode was pretty darn interesting. "I think the 4.1 viewers rating all says that"
* Annie and Liam got back together, that's great but its just i hate Annie so much "Fist of Fury" Oh God I wanted to punch her face when how terribly she said those line. Terrible Terrible Actress.
**Teddy & Ian were the best & Dixon finding out about him was just great,
finally Dixon got to be part of some good story line otherwise after Annie & Naveed, Dixon is the
most annoying character on the Show!
*Adrianna was a Bitch but I must acknowledge Jessica Lowndes as an Actress, drugy, pregnant, drunken, sweet and now bitchy Diva... she does everything to perfection.
*I started to hate Silver this season, you are talking about her Swim suit, I think her Hideous hair cut is the more annoying. Naveed is Useless and watching him with Silver was Puke-able.
*Naomi was there and We all knew that Mr.Pervert will come back so he DID! now have to wit till 24Jan2O11.
*Ivy was good but her mother was so annoying uff hope she won't return.
*BTW did anyone miss Ryan & Deb?? I did! :P


Hey I love Liam and Annie! Give the writers some credit guys, the episode wasn't bad at all! What do you expect, OMG Gossip Girl moments that are way far from reality?!


I actually love this show. There is no teen dramas these days other than Gossip Girl. I have completed the old 90210 and I liked that one too. Drama's are really not in these days. Especially ones that focus on teens. So, I am glad that I have 90210. The writing may not be good, or the opening theme, but it's still a good enough show for me. I look forward to 2011 as I cannot wait for it to return.


I don't get what the point of Mr Cannon being in Naomi's home is if we see her better than ever in the promo for 2011. They should be leading towards something more intense and eerie with this storyline because they have the opportunity to do that. I really think that they're not doing enough with this. The writers could have such a strong angle on teen rape if they tackled it well enough but I'm certainly displeased with the way this storyline is being done.


Whats the point of putting Mr. Cannon in Naomi's home if she is IN the next promo for the next episode. well since we know shes alive a little more of a show down could have been nice. its like the writers started that storyline beautifully and then kinda just let it drop. they should stick to it because now its creepy and interesting. it'll be neat to see if they've let it go too much to bring it back and somehow conclude the Cannon nonsense or if it'll be Annie's hit and run all over again.

Silver and Navid were great until she got that awful haircut. And the lack of showing Ade really FREAK OUT was a let down. she should just commit suicide. this show needs a death of a useless character like Ade, Dixon, or Annie to spark things up.


Dam, please, may god cancel the show away, cut me out of my misery.


I totally disagree with you. I love Liam and Annie! I thought that they could have done more in the previous episode but i feel like Charlie is the roadblock in their relationship. I mean he is going to find out about this, make annie feel guilty, maybe punch Liam, it's just an annoying character that i can't stand.
Ade was being a spoiled bitch, Navid deserves so much better
and although i hate cheaters, Navid and Silver are perfect for eachother.


Seriously, Silver and Navid was just a kiss. JUST A KISS. Not a big deal in my book, Navid and Adrianna are pretty much broken up except in name. I seriously don't get why there is so much hate for this.

Annie and Liam - now that I get the hate for. One minute Annie is fawning over Charlie and the next she's in bed with Liam? It's a mixture of bad acting, bad writing and an unbelievable story. Annie knew what she was playing at when she was taking care of Liam, she should have got the hell out of there, it's not like there's been weeks of buildup like Navid and Silver - I can't remember the last time Liam and Annie had a scene together before this episode.

Loved Teddy's storyline, this is literally the only thing keeping me engaged. Last season Teddy was awful, so dry and boring, this season the guy who plays him has learnt how to act and his performance is quite nuanced and his story is great.

Naomi was great this episode, as per usual. It would be a lesser show without her.


I didn't dislike this episode as much as the reviewer and some of the commentators, although I completely understand why you feel it was bad. I've just long since stopped expecting depth and real character consistency from 90210, I mean I love it, it's a great guilty pleasure but the way I see it, if I expect little or nothing, I won't get let down! Which of course is a lame way of looking at it but it works with this show!
I really liked Ian and Teddy in this episode, I am sort of glad that Annie and Liam finally hooked up..if for nothing else than to spice things up. I was glad that Ivy got over her 'in my opinion' overreaction about her mum and Oscar...and I may even be aboard the Nilver train..although, I am not very cool with all this cheating! How hard is it really to break up with the other person first??? Oh and while it was predictable..I did gasp when Mr Cannon showed up but I am certain..Oscar will be there to save the day!

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