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90210 bid farewell to 2010 this week by turning two of its main characters into cheaters.

Granted, there were extenuating circumstances - Adrianna has become a cartoon-like diva and Charlie (I think that's his name, right?) has received about six seconds of air time with Annie - but that doesn't change the bottom line.

On "Holiday Madness," I found it very difficult to be anything but disgusted by Annie and Navid's actions.

Navid and Renee

The latter has a much more compelling case for his infidelity, as the show has actually dedicated time to his burgeoning relationship with Silver. It's also made Adrianna into such a caricature that she's impossible to take seriously as a human being, let alone a loving girlfriend.

Still, N Dawg: Man up. Dump Adrianna. And then get your Silver on.

Everything between Annie and Liam, however, just proved what had been clear all along: Charlie was nothing but a prop, a random guy inserted into a few episodes just to delay the inevitable reconciliation between these two.

When Liam said to Annie "It's hard for me to see you with him because I'm in love with you," I laughed out loud. Who is Liam kidding?!? No one has actually really seen Charlie with Annie since that character was introduced.

Elsewhere, I've already voiced my displeasure over the way the show took what could have been an interesting, realistic portrayal of a student-turned-singer and made it into an over-the-top, cliched mess (a Paris Hilton-like puppy? Really?!? That's sitcom material, but we're meant to be taking this transformation seriously, as it's leading to the break-up of the show's core couple.). But I also need to simply comment on how little sense anything Adrianna-related makes.

Wouldn't Victor and Adrianna have a contract? Like any manager and client? You can't just cut someone's commission on a whim. Sigh.

As for Ivy and Laurel, sure, I'm happy they're on good terms again. But the storyline with her father would have had more resonance if we saw the guy for more than two scenes.

I'm really searching for something positive to say about "Holiday Madness" and I guess there's this: Teddy may not have been ready to tell the world, but he did say the words to Ian: I'm gay. That's a major step.

Other than that, please readers, clue me in if you were truly invested in this week's developments. Is the return of Mr. Cannon the sort of cliffhanger you were hoping for? Or did you see it coming? After all, when he simply left a few weeks ago, did anyone believe he'd never come back?

This feels more like dragging a storyline out for as long as possible - by literally ignoring it for weeks - rather than creating an interesting, layered plot that can actually fill an entire season.

In I hate ending the year on such a negative note, but blame the writers. In closing, I might as well go all out in my criticism and ask: what the heck was that bathing suit Silver was wearing in the hot tub?!? Yech.


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ooooooooooooooooooooooookay.....deep breath....here we go
1.Adrianna's portrayal of a teenage star is way too over the top, doesnt fit at all with her character, it's only an excuse for navid to fall in love with silver
2.the silver/navid kiss : it felt force because they are supposed to be the smartest characters, they wouldnt do that
3.annie would have kissed liam but she wouldnt have slept with him
4.ian and teddy getting caught by dixon is just an excuse for the latter to have a storyline, which hasnt been missed since he's the less interesting character of them all, plus was that a kiss??it was a smooch!
5.was that the big reveal?was that it??i was expecting something huge
6.teddy wouldnt be ready to say he's gay, he would says omething like i've liked men and i like you but he wouldnt label himself so soon
6. on a general note since this is the mid season finale : ok the conclusion of the hit and run storyline wasnt supposed to be the one that was picked but that isnt necesseraly the writers fault as much as a guest comitting to star and then bailing, but the probation thing?seriously?that's it?i'll go run over a guy to see what happens.where is JASPER???? naomi is WAY TOO RECOVERED. the show doesnt push the limits, i mean what if dixon had hiv and annie had given her eggs(did annie even continued her internship??)?that would have made some interesting developments and the show would have stood out. silver is completely useless this season : breaking of with her boyfriend because he said the word faggot, not believing that her best friend got raped, hitting on a good friend's boyfriend, way to go silver, stop judgng everyone and look at yourself in the mirror
pros, that's gonna be quick
1.ivy is featured way more, and the actress that portrays her is probably the best of the bunch, and i get why she made out with her mom but the whole hugging thing, i hope it was just in the heat of the moment and ivy will sleep on it and will understand that things take time to heal
2.for once they didnt spoil the mid season finale and i was actually suprised, knowing how much writers love to forget about past storylines, i didnt think they remembered cannon disappearing into thin air
3.liam seems to be on the right track to go back to being the one character who was distinctive because he didnt care about being violent and telling the truth nor pro nor con
dont they have other friends???i dont ask the writers to introduce them to us but just be realistic and show some extras that are supposed to be their mates!look at adrianna's aprty in the bar, that was borderline ridiculous, the girl is not even in high school anymore and she invites her senior friends her manager and two guys she met because of the latter?


Adrianna used to be so sweet, I hate seeing her like this. Is it really possible for someone to change that fast? What a bitch. Did they seriously have to name the dog Beyonce?! Ugh I loved Silver's bathing suit though :)


I thought this week's episode was kind of predictable. Adrianna was bound to pay for her general futile behavior and I guess she's going back to drugs or something. I agree with the reviewer at least partially; Annie was the whore of the week in my opinion, but I don't think Navid should be blamed for acting like someone with family issues and a self-centered girlfriend is expected to. The one I was actually disgusted with was Silver, she should have stuck with waiting at least until Navid broke up with Ade. Actually, Annie and Silver are the most controversial characters in TV ever. I guess I totally saw Cannon's return coming, I've been waiting for it since he left and realised I wouldn't have to anymore as soon as they spent too much time showing Naomi getting inside her place. I feel sorry for Naomi; I fear her personal evolution after the rape, however somewhat artificial, will disappear after a possible second episode of violence. Oh, and I agree with LittleAngel, where is Adrianna's mother? It's just one of the things that shows us this show is all about money laundering and we watch it anyway.


I loved the Liam/Annie scenes, fans have been waiting since season 1 for that. yes Ade has been turned into a cartoon - I am with you on that but Silver is worse because she is going after her friends boyfriend, she is just as responsible as Navid is in this. I know she is a more popular character but that shouldn't matter. The naomi/ivy thing is dumb. They wouldn't be friends after what Naomi did to her and ivy wouldn't want to be friends with a girl like that so its not believable to me. Just like the silver/ade friendship was forced - when did they actually become friends? The reviewers hate grimes so I get why they are saying what they are but fans love Liam/Annie hence the ratings going up everytime they have scenes. Annie didn't need restraint because Naomi already gave he the go head months ago and L/N have been broken up for at least 6-7 months - get over it.


I liked this episode and I think the reviewer is crazy. I liked that Liam finally told Annie how he really feels. She has always liked him. The show left me wondering why Liam is so hateful towards is brother. What happened to them. We know some but I'm sure not all. This is a TV show so it does not have to be so realistic that is not why I watch it. I'm glad Navid cheated on Adrianna she is being a self absorbed bitch. Victor was actually trying to give her good advice about buying that house hince that is is job and she was bitch, it gave her the blanket and again very selfish. So she gets what she deserves. She Navid broke up with Adrianna first of course but she is the one who dorve him to cheat in the first place. I am wondering what the teacher is going to do to naomi. I like the Gay guys story line and I like that they got caught. I wonder how will Dixon react. I liked last nights episode very much and can't wait till it comes back on.


Come on, these reviews have turned somwhat ridiculous. You know what's ridiculous? Your lack of ethics to do your job propperly without partializing your work, not the show.


Of course it's cheating. If you're dating someone, and you kiss someone else, it's infidelity. Navid's just a coward.


I actually feel really bad for Navid. Everyone is acting like he is such a bad guy for "cheating" on Adrianna, but honestly, if a tree falls in the woods and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? If Navid makes out with Silver and Adrianna doesn't notice, doesn't care because she is so totally self absorbed, is it really cheating? As far as I can tell Adrianna's one true love is... well, Adrianna! She hasn't been there for him at all, her emotional neglect is downright abusive, I can't blame Navid for kissing Silver! She listens to him, she's treats him the way he deserves to be treated. Could he have broken up with Adrianna first? Absolutely, but she hasn't heard anything else he has had to say, why would she hear that?


This episode was weighing in on simply average. I personally like Liam and Annie together but I thought that their hook up in this episode was out of nowhere. Out of nowhere in the sense that since Annie got together with Charlie, we haven't really seen Liam's interest in her. I also think that Navid and Silver should've stopped themselves and waited until Navid did the right thing. I think that Adrianna deserves to get dumped but no one deserves to get cheated on. The parts that I liked were the ones between Naomi, Ivy, and Laurel because it was actually something substantial. 90210 lacks an angle regarding family because most of the time we only see that through Dixon, Annie, and Debbie. So it was good to see something like this coming from the show. I also liked the whole "Hoes over Bros" (copyright OTH) thing between Naomi and Ivy. I also liked Teddy's storyline because it's realistic that someone like him would find it difficult to come out of the closet. I only hope that Dixon doesn't tell anyone else that he and Teddy can talk about this together. In 2011, I'm looking forward to what happens with Adrianna after Victor exposes her and for what happens with Mr Cannon and Naomi. That last scene was quite horrifying and I think that's the direction that they're going to lead with for 2011. It's good too because they didn't really tackle the subject or rape as well as they could've. I mean, compared to Private Practice,their portrayal is weighing on below average.


I guess I'm right there with lloveed; I thought this episode was great. As far as this review, come on dude...this is a TEEN drama. Realism is going to be minimal and it's entertainment for crying out loud!! Let's enjoy it for what it is. Like another reviewer said, it's not like it's Private Practice even though the two shows can't be compared. Anywho, I will say that the Naomi rape thing is what's most unrealistic. I don't really belive that someoone being violated would recover so quickly, but hey...who knows what can happen with the right support. I do like Navid and Silver. I agree that he should break up with Ade before getting with Silver. Not that it makes it right but let's not forget when Ade cheated on him w/Teddy. But maybe he should remember what that felt like when Ade did it to him. I thought Annie and Liam getting together was cute but I'm really interested in the story between him and Charlie. Hope they get into that more. And what's up w/Debbie and Mr. Matthews?????? I wanted to see more of that LOL they've both been through a lot. Last but not least, I totally saw the whole Cannon thing coming. I didn't buy it for a second when the girls told Naomi it was over. I KNEW that creepy dude was coming back...it's all about control for him. I'm looking forward to the next episode on Jan 24th. On a side note, how CUTE is Silver's haircut?????!!!!

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