Gossip Girl Review: Shared Enemies, Unlikely Friends

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Gossip Girl has aired terrific mid-season finales in the past, and "The Townie" was no exception, redeeming Serena, Juliet and Ben and casting Lily in the worst possible light.

Who would have guessed Chuck's quote used in the promo, "shared enemies make for some unlikely friends," would have referenced his former stepmother and not Juliet?

This isn't to say Serena's decision-making is strong or that Juliet isn't insane, but Lily's role in Ben's plight was a dark twist - as was her clandestine plan to sell the company.

Ben and Serena

JUST SAY NO: Ironically, Ben may be the only guy who ever did ...

Having pieced together the origin of Juliet’s vendetta against Serena over 10 episodes, last night filled in the remaining blanks via flashbacks from Damien and Serena herself in therapy.

Ben was indeed Serena's teacher at boarding school. They were close, and while no actual statutory rape took place, a real road trip to Vassar (in N.Y. State) sparked that rumor.

A rumor Lily used to her advantage to get Serena back into Constance.

After Lily forged a sworn affidavit, Ben had little choice but to cop a plea, do the time and start over in a few years - and blame S for ruining his existence all the while.

Dan and Blair, who are either being set up as a couple or new BFFs, head to Connecticut to find Juliet and deliver some frontier justice, and the road trip alone made the episode.

When they meet up with Damien Dalgaard at a house party in Cornwall, he admits he sold Juliet the drugs she used to KO Serena and teams up with Dair to get to the bottom of it all.

Driving in her distinctly middle-class Mercury sedan, Juliet sees them and knows the jig is up. She high-tails it back to NYC to "finish this thing." Ben sees Nate in jail (?) and warns him.

Evading the top-notching Ostroff Center security, Juliet waits in Serena's room and confronts her. Only then does S realize how Juliet brought her down, and how her mom is to blame.

What's more amazing than the fact that Lily would do that in the first place was how defiant and unapologetic she was after Serena crashed her party for the board and called her out.

This moment also happens to be when Chuck learns she’s planning to sell Bass Industries, even though she promised to give it back, and she's equally unrepentant about that.

Lily has always been an image-obsessed control freak and a terrible mom, but bogus court documents? Making Juliet Sharp look sympathetic in comparison? That's a new low for L.

And you don't screw over Chuck Bass. It is ON come January.

Poor Serena

JAIL BAIT: Oldest, hottest 10th-grader ever.

After an awkward one-week flash forward, the team parts ways for the holidays. Chuck is off to New Zealand, which is close to Australia. Cue the return of Jack. Shared enemies, indeed.

He also left things on a surly note with Blair, the only one to remain in the city aside from Dan, who somehow turned down a road trip full of sex with Serena and sent her off on her own.

Was there flirty energy between these two or is it just us?

Dan turned down Serena's offer to join her on a soul-searching trip in large part because of what B said about him giving up everything about himself. What was her motive there?

We half expected Dan to have his way with B on the kitchen floor the way they were talking at the end, but things were left up in the air for now. How do you feel about Dair hooking up?

In any case, Serena's trip included a stop to see Ben behind bars after all this time. Whether or not the door is open for Juliet's return is unclear, but this story line may not be over yet.

Some random thoughts before your comments:

  • Cornwall, Conn., is a real town 105 miles north of Manhattan, with a population of 1,434. The Nightly (Knightley?) School does not exist.
  • Damien is the Forrest Gump of Gossip Girl. Dude was everywhere!
  • Love the real-life Katie Cassidy high school pictures at the house.
  • Using the same mailman in 2010 and the 2007 scenes? Nice, CW!
  • Anyone notice all the emails with Dorota in Blair's GMail? LOL.
  • Is Nate's dad really going to be crashing with him at the Empire?
  • Chuck and Jack on the same side? Now that's gonna be good!
  • We knock it sometimes, but how much do you love this show?
  • Who else really missed Vanessa this week?
  • No, seriously, you can speak up.
  • [Crickets]

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It's good the writers kind of hinted that Lily was behind Ben being in prison when she agreed to pay Juliet off.. It's not like it was sprung on us. Little clues were left here and there for those who were quick enough to spot them. Sadly, I wasn't one of those people. Felt surprised but then realised the writers were building it up.


I really like Lily. I've always liked Lily and I'm really sad, that everything turned out this way. Yes, it certainly was a great episode, but I hope there is some kind of explanation for why Lily wanted to sell Bass Industries. As I said, I really like Lily and I hope the writers won't screw up her character. They did almost the same thing with J and now most of the ppl want her out of the show. Really don't want this to happen with Lil.


After all the venomous revenge-plotting sessions with Juliet, Ben's reaction to Serena's surprise visit seemed completely phony - or at least made his former desire for revenge unbelievable. GG can't have it both ways. I'm relatively new to this show, but I'd certainly rather see Damien and Georgina than more of these two townies. They've served their purpose; if Serena becomes some saintly heroine to get Ben exonerated and then hook up with him, I'd stop watching. Same with "Dair". Ugh....


DAIR shit talkers can go to hell. They WILL happen whether you like it or not.


new people
December 7th, 2010 11:55 AM THIS SHOW NEEDS NEW PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT GOING TO LEAVE AT THE END OF THE SEASON!!! this dan nate serena thing has been going on since episode 1 of season 1 and im sick of it! dan needs to be with someone new thats not in the regular crowd or be with venessa and be happy with her! i would be ok with nate and serena but i kinda want to see her with ben when he gets out. your right about the serena and ben bit, that may be a new twist for a new year!


I don't understand Ben's lust for vengeance--see how he looked at Serena when she came to the prison? He's in love with her, still. As much as I love Kelly as Lily, and I love Lily's beauty and style, I am really going to love seeing her get a bit of come-uppence in the rest of the season. The trailer shows that she's got more than one secret to hide. I don't understand her betrayal of Chuck, though--she loved him and was supportive of him. Why does she even need the money that would come from the sale of Bass Industries? She's got more than she can spend already, doesn't she?? I guess the rumored divorce is Lily/Rufus, and the boyz are gonna be back in Brooklyn again... Who's Vanessa? :P


dair. friendship yes, romance no!
we've waited too long for him and serena to get back together


Delenafanforever, Literally can't find anywhere on here that says Dair is for sure happening. It all says it's uncertain, but I highly doubt it will happen.


Ahhh! I want to see Blair with someone who treats her better than Chuck did, for sure, but I'm not certain if Dan is the answer. They are hilarious together as friends and it would make sense that they become closer because they are supposed to be the most academic minded people on the show, right? But still, Blair is super sensitive about Serena and it doesn't make sense that Blair would knowingly get involved with a guy who still holds a candle for her bff. Unless the writers are going to use the Dair thing as a way to let Blair 1) finally get over her inferiority complex and 2) have a normal, healthy relationship with a guy, I really don't want to see it. Or she could date Jack...who come to think of it, probably treated her better than Chuck, despite being a coke-headed Lilly-attacker / groper / attempted-make-out-ist.


i dont understand why Juliet and Ben would seek revenge only after 3 years of being in prison,
thats television for you I guess

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