Poor Serena
Serena van der Woodsen has not had a good season of Gossip Girl so far. Here she is in "The Townie." Will things ever turn around for her?

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beautifull bb

Blairwaldorf chuckbass

that totally makes sense about the ben/ teacher thing cause in one of the recent episodes juliet is talking to colin about how ben used to love teaching and stuff like that...


No, she doesn't look like an underage. She should be jailed for Pedophilia, not Ben ;P


that outfit would be perfect without those shoes...


Her bag is so unnecessarily huge....her arm must be hurting. i mean like how does she manage to stand up without tipping over. Being fashionable should not come at the price of feeling comfortable


Love her in this photo. Love.


she looks so good!


I hope this is a flashback! i want to know more about Serena's boarding schools day. and i luv her outfit!!


I think on boarding school Ben was her teacher and they had an affaire, and somehow this thing also involved Damien Dalgraad, because he appears in the upcoming episode "the townie" (where this pic is taken from too) again, and just remember what Jenny once said to bash Serena when her father appeared: she said that Damien told her Serena spent some nights with a teacher (probablly Ben) in a Bed and Breakfast when she was in boarding school (he known that because he went there too). For me that makes sense ;P
This episode going to be amazing!


Is a Flashback!! look her clothes is like constance persola style!

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Gossip Girl Season 4 Episode 11 Quotes

You can't show up at a masked ball and not expect at least one social climbing doppelganger to try and impersonate you.


She wants you all to think she's the perfect host and mother and wife, but the truth is she's a selfish liar who will destroy anyone that gets in her way.