Life Unexpected Review: "Thanks Ungiven"

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Oh, Life Unexpected! How I missed you!

It's been two weeks since one of my favorite programs has been on the air and I must say I really missed this delightfully warmhearted show.

Life Unexpected Thanksgiving

"Thanks Ungiven" brought the whole gang together for Thanksgiving. This is the first time they've all really celebrated Thanksgiving since Lux came into the picture, so, naturally it would be one spectacular holiday.

Everyone was there. Well, maybe not everyone: Bug is still absent. Present, though? Eric and Sam!

Sam really is starting to grow on me. Yeah, he may be weaseling his way into Lux's life, but there's something about him that's endearing. I like the way he calls Lux "Cinderella" and it helps that he's Lux's age.

Don't get me wrong, Eric is a total cutie, but he's way too old for Lux.

Maybe the age difference isn't that huge, but it's also the maturity level. No matter what you say, a 16-year old is no where near the level of maturity of a 23-year old. There's so many things that happen in your life in that span of time. Lux may have faced many tough breaks and been forced to grow up at an early age, but she's still a kid. Period.

I also don't like how it has become so acceptable on family TV shows to have a young student date a teacher. I don't have kids, but I sure as hell know I wouldn't let my 16-year old think it's okay to date one of her teachers.

Okay, enough of my rant. Back to the storyline.

Baze makes huge headway standing up to his dad about dating Emma. Like I've said before, I really do like these two together. Emma is helping Baze grow up and be a man, while Baze is getting Emma really open up and care for another person. Plus, they both have damaged teenage kids. It's like a smaller somewhat dysfunctional version of The Brady Bunch.

Probably the highlight of the night had to be Cate letting the cat out of the bag about her pregnancy to the entire dinner table. What a mess! And I'm not talking about the turkey. I really sympathize with Cate. She now doesn't know whether or not Ryan really wants to be back home because of her or the baby.

Her mom did have a point that maybe bringing Ryan back home for the baby will fix their marriage. Here's hoping!

Overall, this was a very entertaining episode of Life Unexpected and if by some miracle the forces that be decide to keep this show on the air, I will be pleasantly surprised (because seriously, Gossip Girl/One Tree Hill are still on and they have equally as many viewers as Life Unexpected does!).

Until next week, here are a few of my favorite Life Unexpected quotes from last night:

Cate: I'm pregnant. | permalink
Cate: Mom needs your help.
Abby: Why? All the wine is twist off or in a box. | permalink
Baze: (about Paige) Golly its like picking up the droppings of a playboy bunny. | permalink
Abby: I'm familiar with Baze's giant bird. It's not all that impressive. | permalink
Sam: (to Lux) Don't worry about it. What's a little hit and run between friends.
Eric: Lux, you have a minute?
Sam: (to Lux) Oh! It looks like your boyfriend is calling you. | permalink
Lux: Baze is making a turkey the size of a toddler.
Tasha: That makes me hungry. | permalink


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Does anyone know what baze's mom said to him before she left the house? 'cause I've attempted to listen closer or turn the volume up but I can never understand her.


@ saad khan: i don't usually brag but Told Ya


I missed Life Unexpected too. I had fun with last episode and, not being a CR fan, I liked the pregnancy twist, especially because she's bound to do it alone all over again.
And I really want to see mom Cate in action and Lux in action with these knews.... Lately my problem with this show has been the lack of interaction between Lux, Cate and Baze, and in this latest episode, despite being all together in the same place it was cristal clear they don't share a connection anymore. It's like 3 storylines in one show...
In my opinion that was one of the things that killed the magic and I dare say it was forced by the channel, nearly on purpose. Honestly I would love to see this show on another TV Channel. I don't know how many times I'll read and write: CW sucks.

Saad khan

I think it was one of the best episode of the season bx the whole cast was together...
ya didn't mentioned Emma is back ... I love her, she got gorgeous body and who doesn't love the Bit*h sister :P
Baze and Emma are so perfect together and so As Sam & Lux ... I think its time to send Eric Back (sad show is ending). Cate & Ryan are getting back but I hope I don't have to hear more about Baze N Julia ... now it looks Immature. Next episode looks haunting and even by watching its promos it gave me Chill poor Tasha & Lux ... I hope CW re-consider their decision of cancellation.
I want to Save Life Unexpected!

Saad khan

@RockyRaccon (Weird name)Ewww they are fighting over company's dating policies and out of all this ya come up with that Baze and Emma had an affair... Weir Weird Weird R-Raccon!


Am i the only one to think that Baze's dad and Emma had an affair???


when the series was almost cancelled, I remember commenting that I wasn't too surprised, as I didn't know how far they really could go with these characters, but last night's episode proved me so wrong! I felt there's been strong character development, deep relationship development & the storylines are intriguing. last night- when the police came in, in the last moments of the show- I realized: wow! these plot lines could have or still can, take different directions! can't wait for the next episode :)

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Life Unexpected Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Sam: (to Lux) Don't worry about it. What's a little hit and run between friends.
Eric: Lux, you have a minute?
Sam: (to Lux) Oh! It looks like your boyfriend is calling you.

Lux: Baze is making a turkey the size of a toddler.
Tasha: That makes me hungry.