90210 Review: PTSD for Everyone!

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The 90210 writers didn't try very hard to give us contrasting storylines this week, did they?

On "Liars," we watched as Adrianna faked PTSD, and then as Ivy actually suffered through it. We also saw Navid unable to end his relationship with Adrianna due to the current state of her life... and Annie unable to end her relationship with Charlie due to the current state of Liam's life.

Surfing Pair

Did anyone else experience a feeling of deja vu when they watched the conversation between Annie and Liam at the Beach Club?

It wasn't just that this development so closely resembles the triangle between Navid, Adrianna and Silver; it's that 90210 is in serious danger of permanently angering all Lannie fans. You can only tease a relationship so many times before viewers simply get annoyed at the obstacles being thrown in between a pairing.

Has the show reached that point with Annie and Liam? Are you still exciting over the possibility of these two as a couple, or just irritated at the constant oscillating of their status?

As I have been throughout the season, I was impressed with the way the show continued to slow play Teddy's evolution. I just wish Teddy Donovan hadn't basically told us exactly how this would all play out.

At first it seemed a little silly that Dixon would actually hesitate to take his wet suit off in front of his friend, but then I remembered this character hails from Kansas. That's a far more conservative region than Beverly Hills. It's possible that Teddy is the first gay person Dixon has ever knowingly been around, which would make for an interesting angle in this storyline.

Moving on to Naomi and Mr. Cannon, I'm just praying this plot is finally over. I don't mind the way it concluded, but I don't understand why the same ending couldn't have taken place weeks ago. Why have Cannon go away for multiple episodes, then return (slipping under police radar somehow, despite being in the home of the girl he raped) and then have such a confrontation? Why not just have everything play out this same way, minus the weeks-long disappearance, for the sake of continuity and logic?

Let's also hope we never have to see AnnaLynne McCord act hysterical or scared ever again. I had to hold my eyeballs in place to prevent them from rolling at the sight of her attempts to do so here.

Finally, we get to my favorite part of the episode: cousin Emily! I'm really curious if producers purposely cast a Jennie Garth-lookalike with Abbie Cobb. Because it just adds to the overall creepiness factor, doesn't it? Granted, we saw this exact, Single White Female-like scenario play out on the original 90210, when that Tara girl Kelly befriended in rehab and then went on to cut and dye her hair and almost commit a murder/suicide.

But I sort of like it if 90210 is just straight up paying homage to its predecessor now. Remember when Dylan got injured surfing years ago? And he hooked up with Brenda while being nursed back to health in Brandon's room? Does that sound similar to any recent events on the new version?

I'll leave you with a few questions to debate: Do you feel badly for Adrianna at all? Which hunk did you miss more: Ryan or Oscar? Were you happy with the resolution to the issue of Mr. Cannon?


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Dear reviewer, when a show has different persons go through the same storylines at the same time, unrelatedly and unaware one of the other is called "parallels", not "writers not trying hard enough to give contrasting storylines". You're welcome. About the episode, I loved the parallels in it. I think this episode was just a way to give conclusion to the storylines and cliffhangers left in the first half of the season and get ready for the second half. Maybe AnnaLynne can't act, but the way they ended this Mr. Cannon thing was suspenseful and doubtless what the show needed. I'm just waiting to see how the rest of the reason developes and see what other storylines the writers have to offer.


I do have to agree on the bad acting on AnnaLynne McCord's part. UGH!!! But she made up for it by slapping the mess out of Mr. Cannon LOL As far as being reminiscent of BH 90210, the Emily character is creepy but I was wondering if her character will become another Valerie Malone (Tiffani Thiesen). The major BEYOTCH who started all types of drama. She was GREAT! It'll be interesting to see if she does since Emily seems to have some issues/baggage...Mom is in rehab. Valerie came on after killing her Dad because he was sexually abusing her for years. We'll see....it'll be interesting. I'll leave with this: I am sad about Navid and Silver not getting together. I SOOOO want them to be a couple. Ok and side note....how CUTE where Silver's shoes with the black jumpsuit she wore!!! Love that girl's style!!!


Adrianna deserves everything she got, she needs a reality check big time. I still don't like Silver and Navid together.
OMG Emily looks like she could be Jennie's sister and I wish Annie would just dump MJ and date Liam. Also I wish Naomi would have cut Mr. Cannon's balls off.. but I'm glad that they finally ended that storyline.. Annalynne's acting was atrocious.

Whipped by damon

I am excited about this Emily person, she's creepy and probably devious enough to cause some major dramas! And I just like Dixon begin given something to work with!


Cousin Emily looks like 14 year-old girl with the April Kepner of Grey's Anatomy personality. The season 6 creepy personality.


Naomi was such a bad ass! I new she wasn't gonna kill Cannon but those SNAPS and that kick were just... wow. Mmm... Debbie needs to go shopping... it seems like 90210 costume designers forgot that Debbie already used the black and white shirt this season. And i am wondering... Are Annie and Debbie BLIND? Seriously? Nobody actually could tell the EXACTLY SAME FACE between "cousin Emily" and Kelly Taylor??? I thought Debbie was gonna realize... I mean, every single second she was on screen i was like "the producers took piece of Garth's hair and then they took Garth's DNA and made a clon of her in order to give us back the BH90210 feeling"... wich brings me to the next point... "Granted, we saw this exact, Single White Female-like scenario play out on the original 90210, when that Tara girl Kelly befriended in rehab and then went on to cut and dye her hair and almost commit a murder/suicide."---> I don't think that is the situation they're trying to remake... I'm guessing is more like the Brenda(Annie)(Naomi)/Dylan(Liam)(Ethan)/Kelly(Emily)(Annie)thing, because was it just me or Liam (Dylan) kinda said "wow" when he saw Emily (Kelly)...?? just sayin'. I liked the Ivy situattion but i think it was perfectly clear that she didn't hurt her leg, they didn't need to put that scene where she got into the car.


I love this episode it was great love annalynne love the whole show basically liam and Annie need toghther make a cute couple


"Let's also hope we never have to see AnnaLynne McCord act hysterical or scared ever again. I had to hold my eyeballs in place to prevent them from rolling at the sight of her attempts to do so here." - I couldn't agree more, but her acting skills are just amazing in the comedy section. Naomi is the best character going though.


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