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I always wondered what went on in the lives of our favorite Greeks that are often kept in the background pre-CRU. I wanted to know more about Wade, Ben Bennett, the other KTs and even some Omega Chis.

Yet, there was one that stuck out more. He was always around, tossing out witty one-liners and being easy on the eyes. This Greek was Walter Boudreaux, or as most have known him, The Beaver.

All About Beav Scene

Greek did an outstanding job of showing the life of someone outside of the few core characters. Being that this is the final season, I couldn’t think of a better time to learn “All About Beav.” Aaron Hill has been a great part of this cast and I am so glad they gave him an episode in which to shine.

We learned a lot of things about Beaver: his mom calls him to wake him from sleeping with his penguin, he can’t remember the name of a book, he loves Glee, and he is much smarter than he lets people believe. Plus, he is going to be a kindergarten teacher!

This episode was enjoyable from start to finish. From Beaver chatting with the janitor to stripping at the club, I couldn’t stop smiling. Casey and Beaver never really have any scenes alone together and this provided them the platform to really get to know each other. Maybe it took someone from the outside (i.e. someone Casey doesn’t complain to in every episode) to explain to her that the love triangle is never over.

Greek is definitely going down the road of ideas for couples that I would never have imagined. Catherine and Beaver? Rusty and Ashleigh? I’m not sure what to think. The first two I can definitely get on board with, but I am a little nervous about the others. Hey, even if it doesn’t work out, at least Rusty and Dana are through. She sucked. Period.

Rebecca was up to her old tricks tonight, and I have to say, I'm a little tired of it. She goes well with Evan, she should stop trying to drag Cappie into it. Although the fist fight was enjoyable, it is time to move past it.

Now, to Rio: I cannot tell you how excited I was to see Heath dressed in a cop uniform stripping. Totally not what I expected! I never expected him to be the guy who you buy cheat sheets from, but it looks like there is much more to Heath than a pretty face. Wonder how Calvin will feel about this?

“All About Beav” was another great episode in this last run of Greek. What did you think, TV Fanatics? Is Walter Boudreaux now among your favorite Greeks?


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Holly I just finished this episode, yay Netflix! This is my favorite Greek episode. I couldn't wait to get online to say so. And the "Greek, Greek, Greek" is my favorite part too. I swear I was thinking that before I read your comment. Beaver is now my favorite Greek. The guy is very sweet, hilarious, and there's so much more to him than meets the eye.


I know i'm way behind but i've just watched this episode and I loved it! My favourite part was when Beaver sang 'Greek, greek, greek, greek, greek' in the beginning credits. I'm going to go and watch it again! :-)


Loved this episode!! Beav is so sweet 'for the kindergarden children'
and i'm glad he was the one who slapped Casey into relaity that the love triangle was never over


This was a fantastic episode. I love learning more about Beaver. I love that he'll be a kindergarten teacher. I love that Heath works as a cop stripper WITH MUSTACHE! Yes, the whole 'Rebecca is manipulative' thing is SUPER tired. They've been foreshadowing Ash and Rusty getting together at least since last season. It was only a matter of time.


I loved this episode. Beaver has always been one of my favorite characters and it was so nice to see an episode focus on him. I hate the idea of Rusty & Ashleigh. Mostly because I think Ashleigh deserves better. With the exception of Dana's betrayal, Rusty's been a cocky little brat the last couple seasons and trying to excuse it on being a brother. I think a lot of people (like Evan) missed Rebecca's point. She may not know how to voice it but I got the impression she wanted Evan to know she needed/wanted him there. That she wants a boyfriend who is automatically there for her at special events not have to be tricked into it.


I thought Aaron Hill as Beav was great - really good to see him as more of a bit parter and I liked his friendship with Casey. Not sure though about Ashleigh and Rusty - seems a bit forced to me


"Maybe it took someone from the outside (i.e. someone Casey doesn’t complain to in every episode) to explain to her that the love triangle is never over." Good point. Having someone new around was good for Casey. Also, I have to say, I'm not a big fan of Rebecca and Evan together, but I agree that her calculating ways are getting old. Thanks for these reviews. You can check mine out here.

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Wow, I so loooved this episode, I've always loved Beav but now I adore him! I learned so much and I loved it! More Beav or shall I say Walter, I am totally on board with him and Katherine..don't know what to think about Rusty and Ashleigh!? And I am certain it's not over for Casey and Cappie! Thank u Greek!


Worry not CappieANDCasey, I am quite confident that Greek is not going to end with the revelation that they were in purgatory.


walter boudreaux. lol.

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