How I Met Your Mother Review: The Truth About Fathers, Mary Poppins

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The writers of How I Met Your Mother blindsided us, along with Marshall, to close out last week's episode, as Marvin Eriksen died.

We got another sorrow-filled installment on "Last Words," but the cast still managed to deliver some wit and humor that not only helped Marshall deal with a somber subject, but did the same for the viewers.

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Lily shined as “Judy’s Bitch," showing us once again why she is one of televisions most dynamic wives.

Robin somehow fit Tijuana into her purse and was not only reminiscent of a drug dealer from an 80s after school special, but also Morgan Freeman’s character in Shawshank Redemption. Like Red, she showed that Vice Girl was a person who knew how to get things in the most dire of settings.  Her line about Mary Poppins being a drug-peddling au pair was priceless. Spoon full of sugar? Grow up.

Marshall’s childhood tormentor, Trey, appeared as the reverend’s son who was going to give the eulogy.

The guy was a cringe-inducing machine, as I could not have imagined a more grating character to be in charge of such a serious task. The culminating detail took place when Trey stood up to show he was wearing jeans along with his reverend’s shirt and collar. Great choice by the wardrobe department.

Marshall’s mom played the part of a reluctant widow to a T. Everything from her not eating to her persistent cleaning up after people was well done. I could not get over her hair, though. It reminded me of one of the Mormon women from the compound on Big Love.

Elsewhere, the sequence of recent calls made to everyone’s father was a great montage. I felt for Ted. After the initial “Birds and Bees” talk during puberty, no one should ever have to discuss sex with their father, especially not to compare notes about hooking up with the same girl. Robin’s call to her father was the best, though, as he hoped she would finally make something of herself so he could stop telling people she was in a coma.

In the end, Marshall chose Crocodile over Pocket Dial and delivered a much-needed laugh during his eulogy. Jason Segal again showed his depth as an actor throughout the episode. From his anger with God for taking his father too soon to when he described how his father was his hero and best friend, his emotion and sentiment were spot on.

We were left with the realization by Barney that he was at last ready to meet his dad. He and Ted were great as they tried in vain to cheer their big buddy up. As the episode came to a close, I found myself shedding a tear but also smiling.  My “last words” were bravo, How I Met Your Mother, bravo.


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Bravo .

C f ohara

marsh beahm...yes we will meet the mother. Carter and Craig have a definite time line for this aspect of the show and like Joe Kelly noted in my interview, any episode that deals with the "mother" aspect is handled solely by C&C. They saw the way fans of LOST were disgruntled by seemingly endless twists and turns with little revelation. They don't want fans of the show do get frustrated or lose interest.


i am a new fan of the show and i just have a question will we ever meet the mother? by the way i just looove the show !


umm. i was not "utterly disappointed". as we just read, the episode tackled a really depressing topic with occassional and appropriate humor. its a sitcom, after all. nice catch on the shawshank reference. i knew it was from somewhere but couldnt place it. now THATS why you read reviews :)

C f ohara

Be sure to check out my interview with Joe Kelly one of the show's writers. He elaborates on the subject of balancing comedy with the emotional and real life issues of life. Carter and Craig have a definite direction and goal for where the show is headed.


Anyone notice how much Lily looks like Marshall's mother? That was an interesting moment in the church when they sat together.


This was a beautiful episode, and it really showed how these actors can pull off more serious roles. But, and maybe its just me, this seems to be continuing a string of episodes that all end with and relentlessly feature heartfelt moments. And while its good that a comedy program can deliver as such, the original, fast-paced humour of the show is slowly draining from it, as it seems more concerned with being sown to earth than featuring its actor full comedic talents. Maybe it's just me.


I really enjoyed this episode and, to be honest, I'm glad Eric Braden was replaced by Ray Wise as I enjoyed his work in Reaper..
I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next with Barnie.. :)


Shoegal - Eric Braden turned the role down in this episode because he said it was too small, that was why NPH tweeted and called him a d-bag.


'Utterly Dissapointed' are the first 2 words that come to mind when i reflect back at last nights episode... just 2 weeks ago i was genuinely proud of the show for its audacious attempt to tackle a real-life issue such as the loss of ones father, but i am beyond displeased with how they followed up. im not suggesting it should be 24 minutes of heart-wrenching drama, but the way they completely side-stepped the underlying story and inserted stupid immature, unfunny jokes was just very troubling to me. outside of Robin's antics, the show was no better than a D-. it wasnt funny; the casting sucked; and the characters in the background were outright horrendous to look at. i mean, when the writers were brainstorming for the episode, did they TRULY think that it would be hysterical to have a dwarf that used to pick on Marshall be the reverened??? is that funny to anyone??? the highlight of the show was marshalls father telling him that he loved him; and then what do they do after that? they follow it up with a stupid joke about foot fungus. come on guys- pick a direction and stick with it. there are ways to be funny and serious at the same time. "Friends" found a way to do it for nearly 10 years, so can these writers. i need more consistancy out of this show, something i havent felt in 2 or 3 seasons. this just exemplifies that.

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How I Met Your Mother Season 6 Episode 14 Quotes

If? Ted those kids jumped into a painting and chased a cartoon fox around for fifteen minutes. Spoon full of sugar? Grow up.


Barney: We're gonna get out bro a four star nad rattler. You search knees, feet, banisters, fire hydrants and diving boards. And I'll cover bats, rackets, hockey sticks, golf clubs and riding props.
Ted: What about animals?
Barney: Uh claws, paws, talons, hooves, beaks and clenched monkey's fists, we can do this!