Say cheese! Barney and everyone do all they can to keep a smile on Marshall's face during a trip to Minnesota.
It's a snowy day in Minnesota for our favorite group of friends on "Last Words." They are there to support Marshall.
The gang visited Minnesota with Marshall on "Last Words." Barney did all he could to make his sullen pal laugh.

How I Met Your Mother Season 6 Episode 14 Quotes

If? Ted those kids jumped into a painting and chased a cartoon fox around for fifteen minutes. Spoon full of sugar? Grow up.


Barney: We're gonna get out bro a four star nad rattler. You search knees, feet, banisters, fire hydrants and diving boards. And I'll cover bats, rackets, hockey sticks, golf clubs and riding props.
Ted: What about animals?
Barney: Uh claws, paws, talons, hooves, beaks and clenched monkey's fists, we can do this!