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I really, really, love you guys. Now I'm gonna go drop a deuce.


That dress makes you look like a Kansas City whore. Sorry dear, last one.

Judy Eriksen

Judy: Who got cousin Daphne drunk? She is fifteen.
Robin: They grow them big out here.
Barney: And here's your number back.

I'd like to finally stop lying to my friends that you are in a coma.

Robin's Dad

Why don't you just whip up a batch of your fancy tofu sushi bagels and choke on them!

Judy Eriksen

Crocodile Dundee Three is the second best of the Croc trilogies, so maybe I can live with that.


Robin: All that stuff is really nice.
Lily: Yeah it's positive racism.

The Koreans are a trustworthy and generous people!

Marvin Eriksen

If? Ted those kids jumped into a painting and chased a cartoon fox around for fifteen minutes. Spoon full of sugar? Grow up.

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