NCIS Lands Sarah Jane Morris For Major Story Arc

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NCIS has tapped former Brothers & Sisters cast member Sarah Jane Morris to join our team of agents for a major story arc this spring, according to TV Line.

Jane will play Erica Jane “EJ”  Barrett, a new NCIS agent who shakes up the team dynamic - specifically when it comes to Michael Weatherly’s Tony DiNozzo.

If the flirtatious sparks do fly, that would turn the tables a bit as far as Tiva is concerned. Tony's been the jealous one all year thanks to the mysterious Ray.


Sarah Jane Morris' first episode is slated to air later this spring.

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I do want Tiva together but not this season. and I agree M. Alison Hart SUCKED. Jeanne is just annoying. I did Like Lt. Mann she was good with Gibbs. I didn`t like Rivkin. so hopefully we will like her I think that Tony needs a girlfriend anyone right now besides Ziva because I think it`s too soon from rvikin I know it`s going two years but Ziva`s is not over being kidnapped. and Tony`s isn`t over the Michael Rivkin thing.


I KNOW it will ruin the show if Tiva get together in season 8, because I hope that there are many more season to come.
BUT ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Honestly I can already feel that I'll hate her character. I sure hope the writers will do a better job making us like her. Alison Hart SUCKED last year, nobody got the character and I was glad she didn't make it to season 8. She just annoyed me. Just like Jeanne did, so this character better be good. Last year's finale was kind of .. boring.


Not as bad as you guys wanting Ziva and Tony to hookup now that sick


I agree with ms Bourne I agree with every thing you said it sick ppl thinkin the woman being killed best part of the show. Michael Weatherly is a hunk I just love him as Tony who needs to have a girlfriend and he hasn`t had good luck with woman since Jeanne. Abby and McGee are cute love those two. Palmer and Ducky need a storyline as well. Abby needs her family to come around besides Palmer she hasn`t had her family member to come on screen.


Whoever "Michael" is that commented, about killing women as the best part of the show, NOT COOL. In fact that kind of sick comment attracts attention to you... and not the good kind of attention. Better hopes you are joking. As for the show - so long as the NCIS writers have their MOJO, I like the flirtatious episodes about Dinozzo... clearly I am one of his adoring fans - he's such a hunk.
What I don't want is for the story lines about the characters to become predictable. Previously the writers have handled creating new love interests with very impressive skill. After Dinozzo and the daughter of The Frog went sour - when Tony had the chance to make it good but opted to take the cold approach - it was clear that he was not ready to let his heart be open to love.
Ziva has been too cold since her lover was shot by Tony - and it was the episode where the team rescues Ziva from overseas that WON me - the tension and punch were excellent. Still... I think its time Tony D was considered for special operations - something he has to step up to... not like when Jethro stood down for that period in time... this is more like Dinozzo having to step up and demonstrate that under that bachelor bravado he has a strong intellect - a very sexy intellect - and rather than just a murder case, perhaps be involved in something far more intriguing that runs for a few episodes.
And lets not forget Mcgee and Abby... I'd like to see Mcgee become more successful with his novels... but maybe to write something that gets him into trouble and perhaps that is how Dinozzo steps up to the plate by rescuing Mcgee. I want more involvement with all the characterrs - Ducky, and Palmer, and maybe even introduce Abby's family? As for EJ the new love interest, perhaps their affair or whatever it is might just be a chance for the writers to take dinozzo in an interesting new direction... I LUUUUURVE MW, he is sooooooooooo Mmmmmmmmmm


It would spoil the show to have any of the characters get involved with each other. It would be good now to see Ziva with a hint of jealousy to spice up the flirt angle. She has been giving him the cold shoulder for so long it would be good to see just a hint of a human emotion in her character.


I think Tony needs to get his MOJO back.. ziva can't have all the fun!! I'm a diehard TIVA fan but Tony needs some lovin as well as a better storyline.. i would love to see The 'Truth or Consequences' Tony again.


Woman getting kill is the best part of these show


I think it will be good for Tony to have a chance to like someone else besides Ziva. I love Tony and Ziva tho. I`m sick of the woman dying on NCIS like Kate (but I like Ziva) Paula Cassidy Jenny Shepard.


Not looking forward to the "flirtatious sparks". This is getting really old. Of course, she is female and this is NCIS so maybe she'll be dead by the end of the arc.

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