90210 Round Table: "It's Getting Hot in Here"

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Welcome to weekly 90210 Round Table, where our esteemed panel breaks down the latest episode of this CW drama, reviewed HERE.

Below, editor-in-chief Matt Richenthal is joined by TV Fanatic writer Steve Marsi and long-time 90210 fan/Real Housewives of Atlanta critic Arlene Gonzalez to discuss topics from "It's Getting Hot in Here" ...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: The one where Annie saw Emily with her dyed hair and flipped out, only for her mom to tell her not to "overreact." That made me laugh. Has Shenae Grimes ever NOT over-acted to something?

Steve: Naomi's rape admission. She's the one character who has clearly evolved over the years, and the one in whom I remain invested week to week.

Arlene: My favorite scene had to be the one where that shady Guru Sona had just finished telling Silver she could manifest her every wish just by thinking about it. Silver runs out because she can't reveal her lust for Navid to everyone and "mystically" sees Navid appear in the mist.  She proceeds to jump his bones then and there and drags him into the tent. Talk about a sweat lodge!

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Do you trust Guru Sona?
Matt: Absolutely not. Didn't it seem random when Naomi brought up how much money she possesses? I think that was a tease for what Sona will soon be going after.

Steve: Sure. Why not? I haven't had a yoga teacher lie to me yet!

Arlene: No, no and no.  She has all sorts of shady floating about her.  I can't decide if she's just your run-of-the-mill con artist or has the hots for young chicks.  Creepy Cannon out; Greasy Guru in.

Who did you miss more: Ivy or Teddy?
Matt: Ivy. I'm glad 90210 has treated the Teddy storyline with respect, but that doesn't mean it's been interesting to watch. Can anyone say they've been remotely surprised by a single development, once it was clear Teddy would be coming out of the closet?

Steve: Hello!!! Oscar! He does still exist, right? I hope Naomi rejecting his date offer doesn't force this Aussie Down Under again.

Arlene: Teddy for sure.  His closet gay issue is a bit more compelling than Ivy's whininess.  In fact, I asked myself about Teddy last night.  If you hadn't mentioned Ivy, I wouldn't have even remembered she was a character on the show.

Debbie and Ryan: Cute or inappropriate?
Matt: Cute. Haven't Aria and Ezra on Pretty Little Liars proven that the answer can be both?

Steve: Cute. I'm just dyin for more Dyan! Get it?!?

Arlene: More like dullsville. But if I have to pick one of the two choices I'd have to say cute, believe it or not.  The scene was well-written and, other than Ryan actually finding a book in the pantry to entertain himself with for an hour or so, believable.  There's so much bed-hopping going on with the kids, the last thing I think is inappropriate is two adults hooking up, teacher/parent or not.


My fave scene was when Adrianna hugs Navid and boasts that she has the best bf in the world. And Silver and Navid look very guilty because they jusy hooked up. I trust the Guru for now. I missed Ivy, they need to give her a solid storyline.


who is nia?


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
When the girls bashed Ade at dinner,it was about time that someone brought Ade to reality and I also thought it was funny that they were ruining the peace at dinner. Do you trust Guru Sona?
Yes I think she was brought to the show to bring out a fresh new Nia and also after the whole Mr.Cannon I think the writers will leave Nia alone for a while. Who did you miss more: Ivy or Teddy?
Teddy,Gesssh Im waiting for the love making scenes with him and any guy,we seen Nia get naked,we seen Annie and Liam make love, and we for sure saw dixon and sliver get it on and now its time for Teddy! Debbie and Ryan: Cute or inappropriate?
I dont care for the old people on this show!

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