House Review: "Recession Proof"

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If I had to choose between saving everyone and loving you and being happy, I choose you. I will always choose you.

Oh, House. You really know how to make a girl feel special, and conflicted.

On "Recession Proof," the typically cantankerous, hard-shelled doctor opened up like never before, sharing with Cuddy the sort of grand, life-altering words that many women long to hear. While also saddling her with the responsibility of possibly costing patients their lives, of course.

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The dilemma of Cuddy weighing her relationship versus her job as a doctor and her morality as a human being might be more interesting if this concluding scene/admission felt earned. But it simply came across tacked on.

Have we seen any evidence to date that House is distracted at work because he is in love with Cuddy? Yes, he listed a number of deceased patients to Wilson, but the occasional patient has always died on this show.

And, prior to dating Cuddy, it's not as though House had been zeroed in on diagnostics and nothing else while in the office. He's often treated patient while playing pranks on Wilson. Heck, his weekly revelations almost arrive during moments that have nothing to do with the case at hand.

Since House and Cuddy have gotten together, the show has clearly been unsure how to handle the relationship. One moment, they are fighting because House lied at work; the next second House is bonding with Rachel. One second Cuddy dumps House because he's selfish, the next he's telling her he can change and, hey, look, he got his own toothbrush!

It's been an uneven season any time the focus has turned to Huddy, and that was reinforced this week. There was an opportunity to actually build a storyline from the premiere, one that we saw House falter at work occasionally, be thrown off his game, actually lose more patients than usual due to his unfamiliar state of contentment.

But I've never sensed that's been an ongoing problem. Have you? The result was a revelation from House that felt rushed and random, as opposed to well-developed and interesting. We'll see if it's even picked up upon next week, as the show has struggled with consistency in the Huddy department.

As for the bonding between pairs on the team, it was entertaining enough. I've thoroughly enjoyed the addition of Masters and it's been fun to watch the odd couple-like exchanges of Foreman and Taub. Less fun to watch a scene with them on the toilet, however. Amber Tambyln should totally win the Emmy for Best Grossed Out Facial Expression While Still Making a Diagnosis.

Overall? A better showing than last week. But I would have said that if I had watched a blank screen for an hour. But I still don't feel invested in Huddy because the series has yanked the couple around in so many under-developed directions. What did everyone else think?


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I completely agree. This could have been a more interesting storyline for the couple had it been sustained and lasted for more than one episode. It seems like they're just throwing out every little plot Huddy could latch on to and hoping people like some of them. I always thought I wanted these two together, until this series. Their relationship feels a little lackluster after 6 seasons of build up.


"This episode was good until it made me want to vomit at the end. Huddy needs to end ASAP."
My thoughts exactly!


As far as House's being distracted by his contentment... Sure, he had other things in his life previously. But he was always in control. He pranked Wilson without consequence because there was never a threat that he would need to drop everything to focus on it. The point is that there has been a fundamental change in the way House views his work and his life. Didn't you notice everyone's surprise that House was committed to attending the award ceremony? And when he ultimately didn't, it was due to this very issue coming into focus. While I'll concede that House's tone didn't feel quite right in that moment, House has changed, and it has finally all come to a head. The show clearly doesn't know where to take Huddy, but are we so sure that's such a bad thing? Don't you feel they WOULD be yanked around in many different directions? "Uneven" is good, certainly in so far as Huddy is concerned. Anything else would surely ring false. If you want every single detail that is explored to be played out in the same old fashion like, say, any other show... find one of those. I'll keep House.


it was good but like some of you Whinning was out of his character.. Idk what to think of them signin next week. what should be a powerfull episode with Cuddy turns into House singin I have to see next weeks episode to see if I like it or not.


For the medicine behind the episode - Muckle-Wells syndrome -


I don't, as reviewer said, think House's end of episode whining has any truth to it; however, I seem to recall (and maybe from way early episodes) that House and put forth his "greatness" as a doctor is due to his total focus and being a cynic, curmudgeon, and absolutely having no personal life. That is, his end of episode sentiment didn't seem un-House-like to me.


I was initially confused by the look on Cuddy's face as House passed out in her lap after his speech about choosing her over everything else that matters to him (each patient's puzzling health problem) - I thought she was disappointed about the missed ceremony. I now realize thanks to this review that Cuddy's sad expression was the guilt she's feeling since he "put it that way" that people are gonna die and he's a "crappy doctor" since he fell for her. But in retrospect, I realize this is as good as it gets with Gregory House. This is an emotionally powerful moment for him and it comes at some expense to her. What a great plot and character development moment. More please!

Neon glo

I agree; House's drunken whining was out of character and unsupported. Things seemed to add up as Wilson found House actually was being nice. House even sounded okay about solving the case even though the patient died. I think, I hope, the other shoe will drop next week. And I think Cuddy will be the one dropping it right on House's head.


house was an ass at the end, he really knows how to insult somebody, especially cuddy, poor thing


It was good way better from last week.

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If I had to choose between saving everyone and loving you and being happy, I choose you.