Jersey Shore Review: "Cabs Are Here!"

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"They've fought before, but this was probably the worst fight I've ever seen. It was a five-car crash; horrible, but you can't keep your eyes off it." - The Situation

That's not an exaggeration.

Last night on Jersey Shore, tensions between Ronnie and Sammi boiled over to the point where there is no turning back. Yes, we know they've said that 100 times.

This time, though, it's hard to see a reconciliation. Not just because of the Jersey Shore quotes thrown around, but the actions of Ron and Sam. The hurt, the disgust.

It's done. DONE!

Sammi-Ronnie Goodbye

This had been building all season, and despite how much we hate watching them on screen together at any time, at least this fight brought some sort of finality. Hopefully. Here's a brief rundown of events that led up to Sammi peacing out of Jersey Shore ...

Deena and a newly single Sammi flirt with some guys at the bar. JWoww's date with Roger is going well, at least until it's interrupted by all of his friends.

Ronnie confronts The Situation for breaking the "guy code." Another meltdown between Sammi and Ronnie starts to take a bad turn. Like, a really, really bad one.

JWoww surprises Roger with a new outfit, which is basically what JWoww wears on a daily basis. Almost. Snooki and Deena meet a new friend at the bar.

An angry Ronnie tries to move Sammi's bed out of the room. Snooki and Deena attempt to move Sammi's bed downstairs. It's only getting worse, too.

Sammi dances with another guy at the club in an attempt to make Ronnie jealous, but is devastated when she discovers Ronnie trashed her belongings.

Realizing that there is no turning back, Sammi and Ronnie share a tearful goodbye. The roommates hug Sammi before she leaves. Good riddance.

Some great lines from last night's episode ...

Ronnie: I can't do this. This is the seventh day we've fought in a row. How about you do you and I'll do me? | permalink
Sammi: I hate you, I hate you, I hate you!
Ronnie: This is why I cheated on you in Miami! | permalink
Snooki: The staircase is really small and the bed is really wide. It's kind of like an analogy of Vinny's penis not fitting in my pinhole. | permalink
Sammi: Hot guys come here! I'm single, dance with me! | permalink
Ronnie: You showed your true colors. You disgust me in so many ways, don't ever talk to me again. | permalink
Snooki: Jenni looks so hot. Like porn star hot. If Roger wasn't here then I would probably have sex with her. | permalink
Sammi: I need to move on from this kid quick and there is only one way to do that - I need to go. | permalink
Mike: This was probably the worst fight I've ever seen. It was a five-car crash; horrible, but you can't keep your eyes off it. | permalink


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I feel really bad for sammi, I know what it's like to lose someone you would die without, it hurts, and Sammi deserves better! She can do it, I just know it, good luck sammi


Oh my GOD! Put Ronnie in jail! Sammi deserves some kind of public recognition that this is WRONG! How come lots of "people" (jealous girls in their early teens??) hate Sammi on the internet? RON is the idiot here!!


That was domestic violence. Ron is crazy. Breaking her glasses, destroying her one has the right to do that to someone. Sammi was smart to leave all the madness...someone had to break the cycle. And when a guy repeatedly says he loves you then has no hesitation throwing out the b word...CRAZY


Mike is like la vecchia


Sammi should have pressed charges.


i feel bad for Sammie. Ronnie is really crazy. Not just TV crazy, but actually crazy. For him to threat that the smush room was his that night and then get 'roid rage when Sammie dances with a guy is so scary.
If I were Sammie I would press charges for breaking all her things.


Sammi was awesome in this episode but she comes back and her and Ronnie unfortunatly get back together, but they break up after the show is filmed. Man that Ronnie is a skitz he just says things to hurt Sammi even tho he knows its not true. Team Sammi!