Parks and Recreation Review: "Ron & Tammy, Part 2"

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Now I get it. Last week was the calm before the Ron Swanson-based storm.

Indeed, my take on a mediocre episode of Parks and Recreation last Thursday was partly based on its minimal use of everyone's favorite, mustache-wearing government employee. Fortunately, that absence was rectified on Ron & Tammy, Part 2."

And then some. And then some more.

Tammy and Ron in Jail

Within a single half hour, Ron dropped two F bombs; lamented the loss of Wendy and her burgeoning whittling skills; mocked Canada; got cornrows; had his facial hair rubbed off (due to friction); donned a kimono; went to jail; and carried Tom away like a baby.

That's what happens when you reunite with an ex-wife who was referred to as both a "she-demon" and a "monstrous parasite" during the episode.

The Ron/Tammy relationship is a well Parks and Recreation can only go to so often, but it worked wonders here for a couple reasons:
  1. The dynamic between real-life spouses Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman.
  2. The balance this installment struck between the couple's over-the-top antics and the heart it showed in other areas.

While Ron was sticking his tongue between bars and into Tammy's mouth, Ben was realizing more and more that Leslie Knope is one impressive woman. It's not easy dealing with someone such as Chief Trumple, a character that slayed me with every dry word out of his mouth. But Leslie has mastered the political game in Pawnee, and the chief succinctly summed up why:

All of her motivations are based around the best interests of those around her. In this way, she differs greatly from Michael Scott.

Granted, the comparisons between The Office and Parks and Recreation have mostly stopped, as the latter established its own, hilarious world about halfway through season two. But it's still worth mentioning any time such a clear contrast comes up. For all of Michael's positive character traits, he's an immature, self-centered individual at his core.

Leslie, conversely, can come at things in an unusual manner. But she always means well, much to Ben's ever-growing surprise.

Then there's Andy. Sweet, well-intentioned, air-headed Andy. I loved his heartfelt, cliche-filled, utterly naive speech to Ron during the intervention; and his FBI-penned note to Chris about Andy. Sounds like it was Maclin's call to pull April away, he mumbled. Amazing stuff.

Overall... Ron and Tammy going at it. Leslie's exasperation over calzones. Jerry's presence at the intervention and bridal party. Chris wrote it best in his Post-It to April: "Great job," Parks and Recreation. Great job.


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Parks and Rec was awesome this week, I really loved how they brought back Tammy, I was afraid her second appearance wouldn't top the first but it totally did... definetly one of my favorites so far.


I saw the EW cover! it was great but they seem to have forgotten Adam Scott! I read the article though and his character, Ben, was featured in it.


This is the BEST episode of Parks I have seen! Megan Mullany really did a magnificent job playing Ron's she-demon ex-wife Tammy. So many hilarious quotes!


Incredible episode! I love Parks and Rec... by the way, did anyone see the Entertainment cover? it was awesome


Mary Beth! (pointing at you) that is LITERALLY the best news you could have possibly given me. hahahaha thanks!


This episode was awesome, I loved all parts of it


Have no fear, Iggi. When the first few episodes were filmed, Rob Lowe had not signed on for the whole season... but he announced during the hiatus that was no longer the case. He's LITERALLY around for all of season 3.


I completly agree with absolutely everything you said. Ron Swanson is one of the main reasons I tune in every week for this amazingly blooming show and his character shined like none other in this installment. I would also like to say that Chris (Robe Lowe) has been really pleasant to watch, I love his development with Ann, but the hint about him moving to Indianapolis means he will exit the series? that would suck..

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My ex-wife Tammy likes to check in every so often and make sure I'm doing OK. And if I am, she tries to [expletive] everything up.