Royal Pains Review: "Fight or Flight"

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If anyone has been a huge fan of Paige and Evan, "Fight or Flight," may be have been the best episode of the season, if not the series.

Both Paige and Evan are equally adorable. Put them together? It's like watching a sickeningly charming model couple.

Fight or Flight Scene

However, like us mere mortal couples, Evan and Paige ran into a relationship bump in the road: the latter snores like an evil demon.

As the episode progressed, we learn that Evan's feelings must be strong for Paige because he will stop at nothing to figure out how to cure her snoring. He even goes as far as sewing a tennis ball to the backside of a very sexy and super expensive piece of lingerie. 

By the end of the hour, these two lovebirds finally admit their love for each other.  AWW. Was I the only one reaching for the box of tissues? Evan nailed that crazy little thing we call love by telling Paige that she's perfect. Not literally perfect, but all her imperfections make her perfect for him.

Elsewhere, Marissa and Boris eventually make it back after being M.I.A. for the last couple weeks. Can't say I was too excited about their return.

All this build up and anticipation for Boris' reaction to learning that Marissa is pregnant with his child and we get nothing. It's obvious that Boris isn't thrilled with the news because he is afraid that the child will carry the same illness that haunts him.

I guess I was just expecting more from the writers with this anti-climatic scene. Especially since Marissa has been tip toeing around to telling Boris about the pregnancy for a long while.

Boris instead reacted by kicking Hank and Evan out of his home. This scene was a bit surprising, but not really that shocking. It was obvious that he is just projecting his anger onto Hank.

I doubt that Hank and Evan will be homeless for long. If they're not living in Boris' mansion, they can always shack-up with their women.

Speaking of, Hank and Jill have yet to discuss what transpired last week. But they did show up to Divya's wedding party together. Does this mean that they are back on?

Divya and Raj are steps away from being Mr. and Mrs. I've gone back and forth with my feelings on this relationship. Raj has been nothing but a good man to Divya. But is a good man all you need to be happy in a marriage? Yes, he loves her and she likes him, but where is the passion?

Now that the chips have fallen, Divya let it slip that she kissed one of her patients. Whoa! Who knew she'd let that cat out of the bag? I still believe that Raj is willing to go through with the wedding because he views it as a business transaction. Hopefully, this will be the light Divya needs to see that Raj clearly is not the one.

All in all, this week's episode kept me thoroughly entertained and wanting more. Leave your thoughts and predictions for next week's season finale below.


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Can watch on Hulu. Love Evan and Paige! Boris is a stud. He needs to get over himself and see that he has a woman he loves, a child on the way, and a great life in general.




I guess I was just expecting more from the writers with this anti-climatic scene. I've been expecting more from the writers since the end of the first season. They got off to a respectable start, then turned it into a latter-day incarnation of Love Boat - character actors spouting shallow dialogue drifting in and out each week with problems that get solved in the span of an hour.


Evan and Paige are so adorable, I love them. I hope Divya doesn't go through with the marriage. If Raj won't make time for a honeymoon now he's going to have even less time for her as their marriage goes on. A relationship has to be a priority and it looks like business takes priority for Raj. Can't wait to see the finale.


My favourite episode so far. Love the Evan-Paige lovin'!!! Divya and Raj look good together, but she can't possibly leave...and that Adam guy would be a delicious addition to the cast! Oooh, and there's hope for Jank...woohooo.


when Boris kept repeating that he meant for the illness to die with him am i the only one who got the impression that he believed the baby was not his?


I think Paige was about to say "I slept with..." rather than snore then couldn't go through with it. Watch the scene again... it sounds like s-l-snore.


Nice episode. I hope Divya gets rid of Raj and hooks up with her patient....maybe her parents will cut her off to add a twist in the story. Boris needs to be in the episodes more and I hope we get to see more of his and Hank's "domestic drama". Evan and his beau is a good story line and I'm sure keeps the women viewers going, honestly never saw Evan having a relationship that would draw the female demographic to the show, but it's a good and sappy storyline. I think that they will keep us guessing on a lot after the season finale next week including Hank's love life. Good show, keep it going USA.


HOLY CRAP! I literally said "Oh thank god" about 5 seconds before Evan did tonight after Paige said that she loved him too. I can't even begin to talk about how much I love them as a couple. Last week, the scene in History of Violins with the cupcakes and the "You....." "Me...." exchange, I could literally watch that scene over and over again. And seriously Brooke D'Orsay- how perfect is she in this role??? PLEASE DON'T EVER GET RID OF THIS CHARACTER!

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