Southland Review: "The Winds"

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I was a little disappointed by this week’s Southland

Can you blame me? I was so rocked by Nate’s death that I was anticipating an emotionally powerful episode dedicated to the aftermath.  When we only got a couple of mentions about the funeral and no scenes with Sammy, I felt jipped.

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Still, “The Winds” was entertaining in other areas.  Lydia and Josie continue to bicker through their cases.  Their debate over how to handle a rape victim was thought provoking.  Lydia was willing to back off the victim when she was reluctant to testify, but Josie pushed for her to make an ID.  I understand why Josie did so.  At least with an ID they’d know if they’re looking at the right suspect.

Unfortunately, an ID doesn’t help when your witness is lying. 

When the wrong man is arrested and then injured, Lydia is furious with both Josie and herself.  I find Josie and Lydia’s contentious relationship captivating.  They generally both have valid points, but come at issues from completely different directions.

On other fronts, Officer John Cooper has been on a downward spiral since last season. I love how his suffering just kept building this week.  First was his realization that the therapy for his back pain wasn’t working.  Then, his irritation with Ben. 

Add to it the abandoned kid who looks to John for more than he can give and top it off with John speaking at his father’s parole hearing and actually saying the words, “My father should stay in here until the day he dies."

Watching John claw through the dirt, desperate to find his pills, I could only hope that he had finally hit bottom.  But this is Southland, so I’m not sure what to expect.

Thankfully, we had a couple of lighter moments, too. The incident between the dog and the snake had me squirming.  Large snakes are incredibly strong.  I was impressed when John dove under the deck to save the dog.  My question: why wasn’t the owner under there, too?  I’m surprised John didn’t yell at him to get his butt under there and help.

And then there was the kid who called the police to have his mom arrested for child abuse because she smacked his bottom three times when he cut school.  Although I’ll admit the mention of the belt made me nervous, I enjoyed John’s response.  Perhaps it wasn’t politically correct, but it was certainly effective.

Do you think Southland was just letting us catch our breath after last week’s explosive climax?  Did you find the absence of follow up to Nate’s death as surprising as I did or are you just more anxious to see where they take this story in the future?


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I tuned in expecting to see Nate's funeral or Sammy's reaction but it looks like they're going to make us wait for next week. Sort of disappointing but we'll see what they do next week.


Next week is when the aftermath of Nates death is shown. If u watched the promo after the episode it showed Sammy in uniform promising the gang leader that he will find who killed his partner. Looks like next week is going to be the hard hitting episode that we all wanted this week.


I agree about Nates death but I think we'll still get some kind of closure ! The show is for sure one of the best cop shows EVER !!!


I too was annoyed by the repeated references to the Santa Ana's, not as a resident of LA, but just as a viewer. For instance, when the tree branch fell, we got it, it's windy. We did not need Dewey to explicitly reference the Santa Ana winds for the umpteenth time. In general this episode was a little uneven. All the Cudlitz and McKenzie stuff was fine, but the rape investigation was slow and the interrogation scenes were just bad, especially the last one. The only exception was the argument between Regina King and her partner in the car (that scene was excellent).


We might still get Nate's funeral. After all, this episode was right after the previous shift Cooper and Sherman worked which we saw and they said the funeral was on sunday.


I was personally annoyed by the constant mention of the "Santa Ana's." Living in LA my whole life, I don't think I've complained or mentioned the Santa Ana winds that much.


i cant believe they killed off one of the hottest guys on the show!! But it was good. cant wait until next weeks!


I think that after a death in a show there is always a low point to get you ready for the fall out the death had on others. Life just does not go back to normal. I believe that next week with the funeral and people actually dealing with the lose of life will prove to be very interesting. Just love this show.

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John: Can't put a price tag on man's best friend.
Ben: Sure you can.

Southland cops know when the Santa Ana winds blow, you learn just how close you are to the edge.