The Good Wife Review: "Net Worth"

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The Good Wife got personal this week, but it was forced to contrive a couple storylines to do so.

For such an intelligent show, events didn't naturally flow on "Net Worth," highlighted by Alicia's road trip with Owen.

How and why, exactly, did this take place? She flew to Oregon, only to jump in the car and drive to Chicago with her brother... and then not even help move his stuff in? The situation was a clear set-up by the writers to force Alicia into a situation where she could be alone with the one person to whom she could speak frankly about Will.

Will They or Won't They?

Trust me: I'll take all the Dallas Roberts I can get. And I laughed out loud at Alicia lying in bed like a teenager, wondering about Will, commenting on his sports talk with Tammy. The set-up just felt more manufactured than most developments on the show.

Fortunately, I loved the pay-off. After preparing for the worst - the episode concluding with Will shutting his office door, forcing us to wait another week to learn the outcome of this conversation - I was thrilled to actually have this issue resolved. At least for now.

Will lied about the voicemail. Alicia believed him, and both felt sufficiently awkward. It's interesting to note that Alicia didn't say a word about Peter when listing the reasons why she kept her feelings for Will bottled up. She went on about work, but uttered nary a thought about her marriage.

As for Will: would he have responded differently if Tammy wasn't in the picture and/or if he didn't have the issue of Bond and his planned takeover hanging over his head? One day, I'm guessing, we'll find out.

Elsewhere, I've said in past reviews that I'm not on board with the Kalinda/Blake storyline, and their scarcely-clothed confrontation here only exacerbated my frustration with it. Last season, Kalinda was a mysterious investigator who freely oozed sex appeal to get what she needed. It was intriguing and I'd have been happy never learning she had an actual secret to hide.

But this season has upped the Kalinda ante, in an unnecessary, soap opera-like manner. It feels like a completely different show when we go from fascinating courtroom or deposition drama, filled with sharp dialogue, multil-layered characters and interesting cases... to Alicia stripping down for Blake and teasing sex in such an overt manner. Was it hot? Yes. Do I care about Kalinda's husband and what happened with him? Not really.

My favorite aspect of this episode was the drama with the Mark Zuckerberg clone. I just love watching Will and Diane in action, two smart people who excel at their jobs (although the use of Rita Wilson as the client's original attorney was odd, wasn't it? From her scenes to the drawn-out dinner with Kalinda's FBI agent pal, it seemed like the show simply needed a lot of filler this week.) It says something very positive about The Good Wife when it has me so fascinated by a simple legal case.

The clever reference to Aaron Sorkin also helped. He wrote The Social Network. He wrote A Few Good Men. Will told Diane he wanted to lead the screenwriter exactly where he was dying to go anyway: to an admission that he's responsible for the portrayal of Patrick Edelstein in the movie, that he's the guy in charge. Hmmm... sound to anyone else like a certain, iconic, Jack Nicholson-based scene, based on Tom Cruise's similar reasoning, in that marine-based classic?

For at least one week, I was hooked on the professional, but found the personal storylines of the show lacking in both realism and drama. What did everyone else think?


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Um I know I'm late but Alicia didn't strip for Blake!


I need a gud wife


The show is entertaining but so unrealistic as to be absurd about the law. All the attorneys would be in jail. Former DAs don't run for re-election. The best that can happen to Noth's character is get a talk show on a faux-Fox TV network. The FBI would prosecute....its agents who behaved the way the woman does on this show, the assistant DAs would all be disbarred and the law firm would be bankrupt and in prison. Other than that all very realistic....


Love Will and Alicia. Definitely continue this storyline oterwise she is Saint Alicia which would really be boring.


It sure was great to see Alicia open her eyes to the Will answer, it puts a whole new outlook on the season and moves on with life and family again...Will has moved on so schould we !!!


Loved last night's episode! I want Will and Alicia together but the anticipation and smoldering longing is really the best part. Kalinda's story line rocks! I can't wait to learn her back story but will we lose interest once the mystery is gone? Everything about the show was great - Owen, Diane, new SA Andrew, etc. But I missed Eli!


Caro I totally agree with your assessment of Alicia you are right on, she made the committment from day one.


I think the Kalinda/Blake storyline is very interesting and totally fitting for this show. I totally hate the fact that Alicia even slightly considers a romance with Will. I think she should stay with her husband. He wanted her forgiveness, she chose to stay with him and of course there are scars but she should stick to her commitment after making the choice not to divorce him! So I hate every little tease with any romance with Will. By the way, your line "with sharp dialogue, multil-layered characters and interesting cases... to Alicia stripping down for Blake and teasing sex in such an overt manner." should be "to KALINDA stripping down for Blake", not Alicia. ;-)


Aside from the Kalinda/ Blake fiasco, I think the worst storyline on the good wife is this unbelievable love affair between Will and Alicia, its just awful. and terribly boring. They NEED to stay a part. I actually like Will with Tammy and to be honest don't really care if Alicia is with Peter or not. They have entirely DIFFERENT lives and just don't work! What I would like to see is a uniting of Kalinda and Carey, now that has potential for something interesting. Either that, or the entirely Stunning Diane get some action. Heck lets have both! Just NOT Will and Alicia- I dislike the storyline so much that I role my eyes anytime they are on screen together.


I am glad that I was not the only one wondering about the scene with Blake/Kalinda. I watched this On Demand and thought the omission of the commercials had somehow altered the flow of the scene. Guess not. They are very dangerous together. Although it has me thinking ....OK, finally gonna find what Kalinda's real back story is.....might pop out every time they are together, I think it will be over soon, if not already. Fun to watch though. I must be suffering from Cabin Fever, but seeing Rita Wilson act like such a witch last night was very satisfying to me. She will be back, that was a foundation for more fireworks! I love Diane, she was gorgeous last night. When Will and Diane are together doing what they do so well, it is seamless. So smooth I never want it to end! Alicia and her brother remind me of how sisters or best girlfriends might talk to each other when they are trying to figure out what is going on in their lives. He brings her to the real skinny about herself that she can not deny and last night gave her some fuel to move past a lingering problem. I like Alicia with Will, but only sometimes. He is a selfish guy. Alicia with Peter has so much baggage floating around it is hard to see just the two of them. Time to stow that baggage in the overhead and get down to the real truth about what is left of their love. If anything at all, it will be interesting. Good Episode. Beats most of what is on the tube these days, even if as some say it was an off night.

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