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Is it a good thing or a bad thing when the case of the week on House is more interesting than anything involving House or Cuddy?

I was prepared to write "Fall From Grace" off as a a wasted hour that didn't deliver anything we haven't seen a number of times before - House popping pills, House acting like an uncaring jerk, Wilson getting his friend's attention with salient words about his situation - but the final 30 seconds at least caught me by surprise.

This is the Life...

I was as taken aback as Masters to discover the truth about the possibly homeless patient. Many other medical shows have dealt with the topic of treating a criminal, but this revelation might actually have long-lasting effects.

Might the realization that she played such a vital role in saving the life of a serial killer play into the "rules" Amber Tamblyn told us her character will break before she departs? Gives us something interesting to consider over the three-week hiatus at least.

I wish I had more to analyze and review, but I wasn't surprised Cuddy felt guilty about dumping House and I wasn't surprised to see House turn down sex from his new bride. We're meant to take that as a significant sign regarding his feelings for Cuddy... but did anyone doubt he was totally in love with her already?

At this point, while House's team seemed shock to see him scoot into work and then to arrive in a monster truck, I'm not sure any antics can catch me off guard. I'll continue to enjoy Hugh Laurie, a few Taub quotes had me smiling this week and the return of Thirteen on April 11 looks intriguing. But does anyone care about the status of House and Cuddy anymore?

I'm actually asking. Would love to know.


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the name of this episode sums up the house series. I neva cared much for the house/cuddy relationship because it took too long to get here and when it finally did I was just like OH lol. I dont understand why the writers work so long to establish something and then destroys it in just a few episodes


Yea I never really cared much for house/cuddy relationship. I always felt they took too long getting those two together and when they finally did I had already lost interest. I enjoyed all of house antics this episode expect for the monster truck. That just went too far overboard but was still funny. The ending made up for this episode because no one saw it coming


I actually liked House/Cuddy getting together. There were some really great parts and was dealt with very well in many aspects. But I did see moments where I don't think the writers were sure where to take it and making it a flop in the end as a result. This episode was clearly not well written. They had some good ideas that were poorly executed. House wanted to get Cuddy to stand up to him and fight for him. It was okay, but I'm not sure it was as good as it could have been. His not sleeping with his new bride and a few of the subtle nuances were good. I don't think the writers really did a very good job with how Cuddy should/would have reacted to his behavior. I get that they wanted to show she was strong and then caved but it's like she was strong and then sorta stood up and then tried to show she was strong by showing up to the wedding, but then not by leaving during. It just wasn't very good. Taub barely had any witty lines, but the ones he had were good. I do love the ending and hope they do something more with that minor story line in future episodes. House writers don't typically do that. ER had something like this where there was a serial killer that they was in police custody. I doubt anyone recalls but it lasted for several episodes and was well done. I hope they bring back the killer in some way, or have him medivac' to the hospital at some point in the future so that they have to finish. Or at least mention his status on the run from time to time or follow Master's dealing with this. Could be interesting. I'm willing to give a bad episode a shot if it means it leads into something more profound. "housewife" - I couldn't agree more about Cuddy Wilson. I've kinda been waiting for them to match up. I think they make a great match. It seemed like they hinted a bit at something but nothing more. Other than the case ending, I think what would have made a great ending along with that would have been better if they had joked about it and had your typical bar scene where they leave the wedding together to talk about how she really feels, and the hookup is a mystery due to large quantities of alcohol. Something along those lines. And then let their relationship progress and see how that turns out. It would make a lot of sense really. And they could go back & forth between the relationship being just to piss off House and being real and progressing nicely.


i totally agree with this review... the last 30 second were the best .. i never expected this ... just gr8 case ..
and the house cuddy stuff are getting old .. and it really annoyed me this time .. i didnt like it at all ... normall i think it is funny when he is acting like that .. but this time it was just annoying ..


I do admit though the House and Cuddy thing is old news. I mean now they are back to a pissing contest as before. The case from Fall from Grace however was great!!


Ok I had read this review and I was seriously down in the dumps about watching this episode of House but I LOVED it anyay. I may be bias because House rarely disappoints me!!


Steven -- it's an actual condition, it's not some made up thing. You can look it up. And the fact that he turned out to be a serial killer/cannibal actually makes tons of sense. His digestive system had adjusted to what he'd been eating, and the veggies he ate were foreign to him, his body couldn't digest them. Using all caps and lots of exclimation points doesn't make your point make sense.


I want to see Wilson and Cuddy get together. That relationship would make the most sense. Plus, House's reaction would be priceless.


What was that??? This recent episode of House, "Fall from Grace", was soooo terribly BAD!!!
I cannot tell you where this show is going! But, the writing of this show has become just plain BAD!!! Do everybody a favor, and put this series to sleep, for good!! We all already get that Greg House can multi-task brillantly, while diagnosing any patient's condition. Why continue to plaster us with scenes of this from this episode? Whether they are distractions from him announcing and getting into a situation of marriage-of-convie with some foreign skank, so she'll be able to get her green card, scootering around, or operating some remote controlled helicopters with her, all of which is to annoy Cuddy with. Or riding with his crew in his "monster truck". All these scenes were a total waste of time and were ridiculous, in my opinion, just to over-state and proove this!!! And as for the show's resident consulting doctor/producer, the one and only, David Foster, who they rely for coming up with that quirky, different and exotic affliction that affects that patient for that particular episode of the week. Well, he really came up with a real doozy for this episode!!! The best he could come up with was for that (the unknown serial killer) patient was for him to be afflicted by eating too HEALTHY FOODS!!! YES, you heard it RIGHT!! EATING HEALTHY WASN"T GOOD FOR HIM! Why because he's inheritly EVIL!? I guess hospital food is quite nutritious and our patient, well, he just wasn't used to eating that good, wholesome food that hospitals feeds it's patients!!! COME ON!!! Well, at least, we were spared the routine blood spewing from any, or all the orfices of the body thing! What do you know...they actually cured, unbeknownst to them, a serial, doesn't that make you wanna S$#it in Your Flat Hat??? I'm talkin' to you, the morally righteous, Masters. And as for Thirteen return...Forget about it!!! Let her continue to make those lousy movies, that those lousy actresses like her make, which ABSOLUTELY NO ONE CARES ABOUT, OR WILL EVER SEE!
BESIDES, this series is DEAD_IN_THE_WATER, without life, and is dying a slow death! It won't live much longer if episodes continue like this last one!!


I loved this episode of house! For a while the cases were getting kind of boring! I for one defiantly want house and cuddy to get back together! That was the main reason why I started watching the shows again! I hope next week is just as good especially with thirteen coming back!

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