How I Met Your Mother Review: "Legendaddy"

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After a long break, How I Met your Mother returned and served up some clarity, as Barney met his real father on "Legendaddy."

John Lithgow would not have been my first choice to play the role. In fact, I don't think he would have made my top 10. I kept seeing the Trinity Killer and half-expected Dexter Morgan to appear. That said, he and Barney had good chemistry and delivered some rather comic scenes during the fake flash back and then some more emotional ones during the family dinner. 

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Did Barney's friends overstep their bounds with the intervention? I mean, who were they to say Barney needed to give his father another chance? After Marshall dropped the line about how he would never speak to his dad again, though, it was sort of hard to argue with him.

I thought the interaction between Barney and Jerry was well done. It was a nice blend of comedy with some real emotion mixed in. Amazing line by Barney when he ribbed J.J. for getting into print media. Trying to rip down the basketball hoop was a bit dramatic, but the lesson Jerry taught him - Lefty Loosey Righty Tighty - was amazing in its simplicity. I recall learning that simple yet extremely helpful device myself and it has always served me well.

I felt for Barney as he stood on the hood of that car and made Jerry answer for his years of absence. The line about how a kid needs a hoop was a great way to close out the emotional episode. 

While Barney was clearly the main focus of the episode, I absolutely loved the gap conversations between the others and the revelation that they had been taking it easy on Marshall ever since his father died. I empathized with Ted and his life spent mispronouncing the word "chameleon." I myself used to read the word "lingerie" phonetically and thought the stuff people bought at Victoria's Secret was the French version and pronounced as such.

And by "used to," I mean up until last year. 

Marshall's line about how Lily is the one who urinates on the floor was special, but the winner was when he tried to catch Ted and Barney coddling him and claimed Phantom Menace was the best Star Wars movie. 

Overall, the sitcom pulled at our heart strings yet again, but also allowed the cast to shine, playing to its strengths. A good episode with a number of solid quotes. Browse through them NOW!


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I know that someone has probably already commented on this but I think that Ted's future wife is Barneys sister. It can't be any of the women he knows now, and Barney's sister was referred to as being in college. Ted mentioned seeing her walk by one time at a girlfriends house and that she was in one of his classes. This focus on Barny seems to be a set up to make the meeting between Ted and the wife happen. The focus on Barney and his dad will probably continue until somehow his new sister ends up at the wedding.
Its pretty interesting, all this focus on relationships, fatherhood is a lead into Marshall's dad dying which leads into Barney finding his father. This season has been pretty linear this season. Apart from Robin not being given much and that girl that Ted is dating they seem to be really setting up for the mother, although I am sure the writers will pull a rabbit out of their hat and make even the B stories make sense in the scheme of things.


I don't know what's up lately but now I could barely watch what I consider one of the smartest and funniest shows. This last episode is marginally better then the last 3 but it's still a let down.


Totally sympathized with Ted! My mispronounced word: epitome I laughed so hard I cried at the possum gag, too. Plus, the possum was super cute.

C f ohara

Ha Medeleine TY! And Rubs there are def those who think Ted meets the mother at Punchy's wedding where he is indeed the best man. We will have to wait and see.


It's a very good theory,and I prefer that than a random girl,but the thing is it can't be Barney&Robin's wedding.. The two more anti-commitment people.. They'd have to go back together and marry in... 3 years at least? Foremore i'm quite convinced that Ted meets the mother in his buddy's wedding we saw in the season premiere in which he is the bestman,isn't it?


I pronounced epitome phonetically for years.

C f ohara

yes you are correct re. Lyndsy Fonseca.


Is the girl in Ted's kids from the future is Lyndsy Fonseca (Nikita) ???


Maybe it's just my absurd hatred of possums. But the whole litany of Marshall testing the coddling was hilarious to me, from the soul patch, to star wars, to the possum. I really, really, really like that Ted's kids in the future call his friends Aunt Lily, Aunt Robin, etc. The idea is that these group of friends ARE a family of their own making. I'm in the same age group and my friends are just starting to have kids, and many of them call me Aunt.


@marc: cool it. i kind of see your point about the daddy issues and it being a kind of boring, 'very special episode' theme running through the season. but its a sit com. you have to focus on the COM part!!! you cannot seriously tell me you werent dying laughing at the guy from 3rd rock saying things like "more quiche!". and the part about the possum was a riot. "we're living with a possum!" i think i rewound it hissing in lilly's face about six times (what did we do before DVR?). great recap as usual chris :)

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Ted: OK Scherbatsky, you wanna tussle?
Robin: I'll tussle!
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Robin: Let's Tussle!
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Robin: Please no.

Ted this is your seduction lounge. Sex swing here, vibrating jello pit right there, rotating Vietnamese shame wheel right here...don't ask you're not ready.