Barney has a lot to go over with his father. Like what a basketball hoop is, for example.
Barney meets his father and his father's wife on the 3/21/11 episode of How I Met Your Mother. They are played by John Lithgow and Nancy Travis, respectively.
John Lithgow will come on board How I Met Your Mother as Barney's father Get your first look at the actor in this role now.

How I Met Your Mother Season 6 Episode 19 Quotes

Ted: OK Scherbatsky, you wanna tussle?
Robin: I'll tussle!
Ted: You wanna tussle?
Robin: Let's Tussle!
Ted: Marine Biologist.
Robin: Please no.

Ted this is your seduction lounge. Sex swing here, vibrating jello pit right there, rotating Vietnamese shame wheel right here...don't ask you're not ready.