The Good Wife Review: One Word Changes Everything

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It was election day on The Good Wife and though the case may have surrounded "Foreign Affairs" the domestic ones were far more interesting.

Alicia got blindsided. Was Wiley just fishing for a reaction when he came to see her? 

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Alicia was sitting there with her glass of wine having a private moment. Friends, family and colleagues were celebrating Peter's win. She had not only survived the eleventh hour television interview, her performance may have won her husband the election. And then with one name, her world crumbled.

If Kalinda had planned on telling her, she waited too long. Kalinda's a smart woman.

She had to know that if this secret was going to come out, odds were it would happen before the election. As the two friends stood by the elevators you could tell that Kalinda wanted to come clean, she just couldn't bring herself to do it.

With Wiley's casually uttered comment about Leela it all disappeared, Alicia's new start with her husband, her new best friend. It was all based on a lie. Alicia walked down that hallway looking as though she'd been sucker punched.  In essence, she had. 

Surprisingly the final scene, although wonderful, wasn't my favorite of the episode. That honor went to Will as he watched Alicia's interview. I was expecting him to view it in disgust or frustration. Instead all I saw on his face was admiration. He's not only attracted to Alicia, he respects her. 

Perhaps as Alicia's world falls apart, Will will take Kalinda's advice and tell her how fantastic he really thinks she is. I'd bet fantastic is the last thing she feels.

Although this episode certainly didn't need a guest star, I couldn't believe they had Fred Thompson play Hugo Chavez's lawyer. I never saw that one coming. Insert crazy dictator here for comic relief.

And enough with the 'in my opinion' judge. The gag went on too long. It's time to let it go.

The only comic relief I needed was in the looks Cary leveled on Kalinda. It was so amusing watching him try and walk the line between friendship and self preservation. "Don't tell her you slept with Peter before you put in a good word for me. OK?" Only Cary could pull that off and still make me like him. 

The highlight of the case for me was America Ferrera as Natalie. She's been a joy to watch and I've loved her awkward but sweet interactions with Eli. I was sorry to see her storyline come to an end.

So how does Alicia pick herself up this time? What's her next move? Does she confront Peter? Call out Kalinda? Or will she take her time and weigh her options? Watching this smart woman figure it out will be fascinating TV. I simply can't wait to find out what comes next.


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@Jammie. "I'm not on the side of any man putting a play on a married woman, this has been part of the 2 seasons that really turns my stomach." Oh please. NOBODY is doing that. Will is with Tammy now, and even before that he wasn't pressuring Alicia at all. He was just politely waiting for her to wake up and realize she had married a lying cheating bastard and kick him to the curb. He's still waiting. "No matter what everyone thinks Peter has done 2 years ago has no basis on today". Take your blindfold off. The fact that he would CHOOSE to betray his loving wife, over and over, with a variety of women, should tell you what kind of guy he IS. Don't kid yourself that he's any different now. "I'm waiting for the dark side of Will to be exposed that will send a big message to everyone and it won't be good" You people keep HOPING that Will will be made to look bad, because you think that would make your slimy Peter look a little better. Oh no it won't! It's just incredible how many people just close their eyes to Peter's many sordid and sleazy affairs, while firmly believing the worst of Will with no proof at all. That's what turns MY stomach!


Douglas I agree with most of your assessments but I'm not on the side of any man putting a play on a married woman, this has been part of the 2 seasons that really turns my stomach.
No matter what everyone thinks Peter has done 2 years ago has no basis on today, I see the other side with Kalinda as the one who should have come forward and not keeping up the push Will thing with Alicia. There seems to be a very deep dark past being buried and will be brought out in the end.
I'm waiting for the dark side of Will to be exposed that will send a big message to everyone and it won't be good.
In the matter of the kids, if a parent lies to them it will come back three fold in the future. She has already told them about WILL, NOW WHat do you say I made it up, no way kids today do not want the same old everytime story that was told before.
As you said 3 more to go, the ratings better go up or the party is over.


Hello all, me again, from the looonng thought on the 13th.
BTW, sorry for how that displayed, it looked better in my head. First, Please, may we all calm down and merely rejoice in this wonderful show we are All consumed by :) I still think we are missing something regarding that one night. If Peter and Kalinda did sleep together, and then later she is fired, WHY didn't she go to Any of many fine Law offices in the greater Chicago area to sue someone's pants off!! And this before having met let alone worked with the wife in question. And I also think the context of the dialogue from when Alicia asked K` if everything is alright after K` & Blake had their words that she overheard. Go left, or right. Take stairs, or elevator, Or escalator. Get that cab, then receive call... or get call Now, meaning dodging other people coming and going and getting stuck hailing a cab with hanabis hanging from the mirror, and saying "My bad, arm spasm, thank you but no."
Its one, OR the other. It can't be BOTH. Looks like its that way for both computer programming (a If \ Then Statement)... and the law. Just add alot more variables. Alicia/Peter = I have been elected!! Yes, thank you all, many people helped me to get Here in my life. The most important is my Partner and my friend. My Wife. Let me introduce you all to , .. my... Alicia? Opps shes not here just now.
He will get a clue real quick, won't he? And during their private cross-examination, she will ask the question we All know that, regardless, shows his guilt.
I've heard a few times over many years that marriage is a contract. Really? She stood by him (she also slapped him, but that was Her choice of corporal punishment) and adjusted their lives to fit the Law in (him being in lockup, of course), and as opportunties arose (him coming home) they Amended how they would deal with it. She Did ask, and He did swear Nothing else happened. By that one lie, he rendered the whole of the marriage 'Null and Void'. Fine, we're All lawyers in here. Alicia/Will = Yes, watching that interview, he is admiring who she is as much for how much she has grown these last few years. Being true to her, well, simply, herself. She has a code she lives by. He thought that ship has `sailed` after having left that voicemail and not hearing Anything after that. Well now, that will be redressed. And I have thoughts that will be my own. If we choose to have a family then it is Very simple. Tell your kid(s) some basic rules, tell them to do this, But you later do that instead?? What do you Think will happen?? But if you tell as much as Lead by example, then ask them what should happen. She doesn't want to hurt the image of their father in either their minds or their hearts. Zach will think one thing, but it'd be best if no one asks Grace her opinion just now, not with her bible kick what it is. `Stoning` would be a Blessing for Peter compared to what else she might want to unload on her own father!!!! OUCH! Alicia/Kalinda = all I'll do is watch and hold my breath! It hurts to even think of what the fallout could be. Some here have been rather snippy regarding How K` has made this or that comment that Alicia go and "you should talk to Will". Maybe its instead K` is trying to get her in front of Him. Maybe be a man and speak up for yourself. Give him a moment for when Fate dares him to at least be honest with Alicia on how he feels for her, instead of hiding and burying it all. She has known This Will longer than Alicia has. Just three more to go folks. Wish us luck.


Will and Blake -- now there's a pair for you. ONE is a brutal thug who gets what he wants with violence and brute force, who broke that witness's door down instead of just ringing her bell like Kalinda had done. The OTHER is a topnotch lawyer, who has always treated Alicia with kindness, consideration, and love. Guess which one I'd be willing to trust more! Did you miss the part where Will said Blake misunderstands his instructions. "Kneecap the witness" was a figure of speech, but that brutal thug thought he meant it literally. Figures....


We all saw Blake go nose to nose with Will about the money stealing, Will was taken back and still is he thought he got away with it. We will see !


@Sammy. I think it should be clear to everyone by now that if I HAD a husband and he acted like Peter did, he would be out the door IMMEDIATELY. There's no way in hell I'd keep him around to corrupt our kids, put my health at risk, and sneak out to do more of the same at his first opportunity. Alicia is acting like a bloody doormat. She needs to get a clue. Peter is a rat.


John, When did your husband cheat on you ?


I feel incredibly sorry for Alicia. You might be able to forgive a liar and a cheat once, but doing it a second time will be hard. Whether or not she sticks with Peter she will never be able to fully trust him again, as a part of her will always be wondering if he's still lying.


@Monica. "I wouldn't waste my time on a lying thief that plays people for his low attitude ego." No, you'd much rather waste your time on a lying CHEATER that uses people for his HUGE ego -- and who thinks he's entitled to bang any woman he can, in addition to the woman who is waiting faithfully for him to come home. In my book, that's defined as a rat who just can't manage to keep it in his pants. Help yourself.... Where did you people get this "thief" stuff, all of a sudden? We've only heard it from Blake -- and we all know how honorable he was, don't we! If you call that "real life", I feel very sorry for you.


You both are totally negative about life, I wouldn't waste my time on a lying thief that plays people for his low attitude ego.
Start looking for the real life and hang on.

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