Bones Season Finale Review: And Baby Makes Three...

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Following weeks of agonizing over the state of Hodgela's baby's eyesight and the Brennan pregnancy bombshell, it's safe to say the aptly named Bones season finale, "The Change in the Game," really did say it all.

After last week's loss of Vincent Nigel Murray, Bones got back to its lighthearted roots. Booth and Brennan went undercover at Max's behest in order to uncover and apprehend the killer of "The Closer," a bowling great whose remains were found in the reset mechanism of a bowling alley lane right before a tournament began.

They became Buck and Wanda, a rather folksy pair, with true characters for teammates, including an overzealous redheaded preteen and an older woman with a thing for Buck. Furthermore, they weren't just a couple, Buck and Wanda were engaged, roles which Booth and Brennan seemed uncharacteristically comfortable playing.

Gone Bowlin'

I certainly enjoyed the antics. It was just the right atmosphere to counteract last week's intense episode, and it packed an entertaining punch in terms of the supporting characters that surrounded Booth and Brennan throughout the investigation.

The hard nosed young redhead was perhaps the most memorable given that she seemed to run the team, even causing Brennan to appear aghast at her behavior. That says something.

Moreover, that older woman hitting on Booth and his mullet was quite the entertaining piece. Add to it the the butch woman who hit on Brennan's undercover character and we had an entertaining twist.

On the Angela and Hodgins front, it couldn't have been any more entertaining to watch Hodgins remain on the edge of hysteria in anticipation of Angela going into labor. Poor Wendell was the recipient of much of the anxiety, though he took it like a pro.

What made the while episode was how easily Angela's calm and collected demeanor changed so drastically when she went into labor. Angela and Hodgins made quite the pair in that delivery room, neither sure they had what it took to deliver their first child.

In the end, though, it seems they had everything they needed: each other.

After some sweet words between the two, and the few agonizing seconds after the birth confirming that the baby could, in fact, see, the world was introduced to Michael Staccato Vincent Hodgins, the perfect blend of Angela's unconventional nature and Hodgins traditional and more conservative naming tastes.

In the Waiting Room

It appears that Hodgela's baby not only inherited the name bestowed upon him by Angela's father, but also the name of their fallen colleague and friend, Vincent Nigel Murray.

Among the many waiting for the arrival of the newborn, practically everyone associated with the regular cast, was Brennan, bunny in hand. If you remember from "The Sign in the Silence," Booth and Brennan debated what to get the baby.

Brennan initially rejected the idea of getting a stuffed animal, but when it proved a crucial part of the girl's memory in that case, Brennan reconsidered her position. It wasn't the only reason Brennan seemed so pleased to get the stuffed animal, as she withheld until the very end of the episode her pregnancy, which she shared with Booth.

He seemed as happy this time around as Booth was in the dream in "The End in the Beginning," the finale from season four. This revelation confirmed what really happened between Booth and Brennan after their late night conversation in the wake of Vincent's death.

It seems Deschanel's real life pregnancy has made its way into the plot of Bones, and it feels like Hart Hanson and company jumped the shark by putting a baby into the mix that is the non-relationship between Booth and Brennan.

Still, the revelation itself promises to make things interesting going forward. How could it possibly not?!?

What does this change really mean for the Booth and Brennan game? Does this finally mean B-squared is a go? How will they break the news to the Jeffersonian team?

Season 7 of Bones is a long way away, but in the meantime, sound off below!


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[Continued from below... I hate how this board cuts off comments w/o warning!!] The only purpose for the phone call scene was to show how close Brennan and Angela are and all it accomplished was to make Brennan look like a terrible friend later on. As they say, "Fail!"


I just re-watched the episode and I'll be amazed if anyone reads this and responds this long after it aired, but I find I have the same question I had when I first watched it. Why didn't Brennan leave the bowling alley and attend Angela's baby's birth? At the beginning of the episode Angela calls Brennan to chat (it's not even case related) and Brennan jumps to the conclusion that Angela is calling because she is in labor and says, "Angela?! Is it time? I can grab a cab and be there in 5 minutes..." which heavily implies that Brennan was planning on, and looking forward to, attending the birth. That scene should have been cut (or never written in the first place) if Brennan was never planning to go. There was nothing critical about her role in the bowling alley, or even about the case, really - at least in comparison to getting the Sniper or the Gravedigger or Gormagon, etc. (yes, every human life is important and catching any murderer is important, but...). The only purpose for the phone call scene was to show how close Brennan and Angela are and all it accomplished was to make Brennan look like a terrible friend later on. Fail.


BONES is AWESOME!!!!!! 


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I love Bones and look forward to seeing when ever i can. One night a week isn't enough. Go booth and bones and baby makes three. Love it......


I look forward to watching Bones each week. I wish it could be on more then one night a week. I watch the reruns and get upset when i miss it or have to wait to see the next showing. It is a great show and I love love love it....


I think they did a great job.
Bones didn't get pregnant, she said that she was never going to have kid's.
I loved the last episode and how Bones kept mentioning having Buck's child (while she was Wanda of course)
Can't wait for season 7, so excited.


I was fortunate enough to pin the characters down in a live chat and discretely pointed out that Bones character hadn't changed from S1 to S5. Literally I could watch S2 and S5 eps and see no change in the Bones character.
She didn't believe in relationships or marriage, thought people that believed in God were deluded, the typical snotty attitude she displayed for anyone who didn't share her personal beliefs, or lack thereof was astounding.
A little after that Bones started making comments like "I've changed" in the series.
Now she's having a baby and if I was Booth I'd be asking for a DNA test before getting emotionally involved given Bones ideas about sex. There's nothing to say Booth is the father. Given S6 superb cluster fark at the end, we don't know...If anyone saw a love scene I'd be surprised.
Sad to say they WERE NOT going to put Bones and Booth together until the very end, (AKA pulling a JAG), the actresses pregnancy just fast forwarded that.
It's a common MISconception in Hollywood that angst sells and they were going to sell this angst until the very end.
Certainly I will be watching bones but as this series is on the end run, maybe 1 or 2 seasons left. I won't be expecting much.
Just about booths belt buckle I wonder if he knows that the belt buckle is drawing attention to his crotch? I'm surprised that no one has asked him if he's gay.


Seriously? A couple bringing a child into the world as an "oops!" and people celebrate it because now they have to be a couple? I thought it was awful. The show started going downhill when the writers did a complete rewrite of how they met and turned Booth's character into a dependent guy who needed Brennan to figure out to wear crazy socks and a cocky belt buckle to express himself. Did they forget about all the episodes where Booth met with the therapist who helped him realize that was his way of rebelling? Fast forward to this past season and despite Brennan's complete regression in social skills and increase in general snottiness towards others,she and Booth (two intelligent, professional...grown ups) have unprotected sex? And Booth the faithful Catholic has another child out of wedlock? How insulting! I am so bummed they keep driving this show into the ground!I guess I should be relieved that I am saving money not buying last season on DVD and have one less show to watch this fall. I still wish the characters could wake up and the last 2 seasons would be a dream...

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