Bones Season Finale Review: And Baby Makes Three...

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Following weeks of agonizing over the state of Hodgela's baby's eyesight and the Brennan pregnancy bombshell, it's safe to say the aptly named Bones season finale, "The Change in the Game," really did say it all.

After last week's loss of Vincent Nigel Murray, Bones got back to its lighthearted roots. Booth and Brennan went undercover at Max's behest in order to uncover and apprehend the killer of "The Closer," a bowling great whose remains were found in the reset mechanism of a bowling alley lane right before a tournament began.

They became Buck and Wanda, a rather folksy pair, with true characters for teammates, including an overzealous redheaded preteen and an older woman with a thing for Buck. Furthermore, they weren't just a couple, Buck and Wanda were engaged, roles which Booth and Brennan seemed uncharacteristically comfortable playing.

Gone Bowlin'

I certainly enjoyed the antics. It was just the right atmosphere to counteract last week's intense episode, and it packed an entertaining punch in terms of the supporting characters that surrounded Booth and Brennan throughout the investigation.

The hard nosed young redhead was perhaps the most memorable given that she seemed to run the team, even causing Brennan to appear aghast at her behavior. That says something.

Moreover, that older woman hitting on Booth and his mullet was quite the entertaining piece. Add to it the the butch woman who hit on Brennan's undercover character and we had an entertaining twist.

On the Angela and Hodgins front, it couldn't have been any more entertaining to watch Hodgins remain on the edge of hysteria in anticipation of Angela going into labor. Poor Wendell was the recipient of much of the anxiety, though he took it like a pro.

What made the while episode was how easily Angela's calm and collected demeanor changed so drastically when she went into labor. Angela and Hodgins made quite the pair in that delivery room, neither sure they had what it took to deliver their first child.

In the end, though, it seems they had everything they needed: each other.

After some sweet words between the two, and the few agonizing seconds after the birth confirming that the baby could, in fact, see, the world was introduced to Michael Staccato Vincent Hodgins, the perfect blend of Angela's unconventional nature and Hodgins traditional and more conservative naming tastes.

In the Waiting Room

It appears that Hodgela's baby not only inherited the name bestowed upon him by Angela's father, but also the name of their fallen colleague and friend, Vincent Nigel Murray.

Among the many waiting for the arrival of the newborn, practically everyone associated with the regular cast, was Brennan, bunny in hand. If you remember from "The Sign in the Silence," Booth and Brennan debated what to get the baby.

Brennan initially rejected the idea of getting a stuffed animal, but when it proved a crucial part of the girl's memory in that case, Brennan reconsidered her position. It wasn't the only reason Brennan seemed so pleased to get the stuffed animal, as she withheld until the very end of the episode her pregnancy, which she shared with Booth.

He seemed as happy this time around as Booth was in the dream in "The End in the Beginning," the finale from season four. This revelation confirmed what really happened between Booth and Brennan after their late night conversation in the wake of Vincent's death.

It seems Deschanel's real life pregnancy has made its way into the plot of Bones, and it feels like Hart Hanson and company jumped the shark by putting a baby into the mix that is the non-relationship between Booth and Brennan.

Still, the revelation itself promises to make things interesting going forward. How could it possibly not?!?

What does this change really mean for the Booth and Brennan game? Does this finally mean B-squared is a go? How will they break the news to the Jeffersonian team?

Season 7 of Bones is a long way away, but in the meantime, sound off below!


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does anyone else think we'll get flashback scenes or something? i just don't see how they could leave us with nothing,not even a kiss?they must have something like that.


I haven´t seen the episode yet, but for what I´m reading the writers and producer totally screwed it up. I mean, what the fuck?
The ONE thing everybody spected all this years, just "isn´t necessary to show"? Sure Hanna & Booth, Bones & severals, but Booth & Brennan is = porn? What the hell does this people got in their head?.
It just so surreal... All this time, the chemistry, the glances, the "hope", everything B&B were in the first seasons, gone to hell.
All we got is, a "sleep over" and bang PREGNANT? without even a kiss, or an i love you. I mean, since when Brennan lost all her intellect and "forgot" to wear a condom, or pills or whatever. I´m so dissapointed and angry at all this "hey, I´m pregnant". I can understand that maybe it´s all resume to Emily being uncomfortable making a love scene in her state, or maybe something interpersonal with David, but it fucked all up. The moonlighting curse, is now a Bones curse.
What a shame...


I love the idea of them having a baby together and the plot lines that this could set up. I just hope they don't intent for her to miscarry or have any really agnsty sl again. I don't understand, however, how after they showed Booth so affectionate with Hannah, why the writers choose to keep B&B's relationship so low keyed. I mean, they could have kissed at the end...Still, I like the way the show seems to be headed, so much better than the Hannah arc


Totally caught me off guard! I'm so excited for Bones and Booth. The best season finale ever! I've watched it 3 times already. Can't wait to see what happens next year. Booth is the perfect dad and Bones will be a great eccentric mom. Don't let anything happen to that baby or their relationship. They are like family around our house. Buck and Wanda are the best undercover pair.


I've been SUCH a huge fan of Bones and I still maintain that Season 3 was the BEST season with the BEST villain and the BEST finale. However, pretty much after Season 4 I truly feel like they have dumb ed the show down. They're telling not showing by presenting random arcs in the story that have little to no contextual evidence. Like Brennan getting pregnant. Oh, so they could mention it but they couldn't show how they got there? I agree with the previous comment, about the producers shying away from showing them in love. We can see the gravediggers head get blown off, but god forbid we ever show Booth and Brennan in bed. This culture's obsession with violence once again becomes evident.


I don't know I really don't I mean I have been a bones fan forever but I think the bomb they dropped my kill the show with it's radiation fall out, bones use to be a awesome show it was funny and did not have all the stupid drama of other shows yet now here we are getting pulled into some "Ross and rachael" story, but what do I know it may all work out and bones will shape up and be what it was


I think its great that Bones is pregnant. I've been hoping her and Booth would get together; and I think they will be good parents.


@Courtney, I think the baby bomb WAS the confirmation that they've been together. I think they had been stalling because they knew everyone was waiting for the confirmation. What a confirmation! And now Stephen Nathan has confirmed it's real and they had sex and she's pregnant from it.


I totally agree with Maureen,and loved this episode.But,,,,why did bones have to say at the end that he was the father? Um dont we already know thta,she hasnt been with anyone else.And im hoping its because of sex and not his sperm donation,because that would make since why she said it that way.Cant wait till season 7!!!!!


Loved it! Very fulfilling ending to the season, both with the healthy baby and happy parents, and now Booth and Bones together and building their own family. Wasn't Max a doll, he could tell things had changed...(why was Ryan in a wheelchair?). It is so smart and grown-up of 'Bones' to go for it and let the two of them be happy, they have been wanting to be together so long, and both have suffered enough. And just think of the goofy things Bones and Booth will do, waiting for their baby (and how much fun Angela will have telling Bones how to raise a kid!) About damn time!

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