CBS Confirms Season 9 of Two and a Half Men, Ashton Kutcher Signing

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It's official. Two and a Half Men will be back and Charlie Sheen will not.

Ashton Kutcher signed a deal to replace Charlie Sheen next fall on Two and a Half Men, although the newcomer says Sheen cannot really be replaced.

In a press release today, Ashton said of 2 1/2 Men: "I can't replace Charlie Sheen but I'm going to work my ass off to entertain the hell out of people."


"I can't wait to get to work with this ridiculously talented 2.5 team and I believe we can fill the stage with laughter that will echo in viewers' homes."

Chuck Lorre, creator and executive producer of Two and a Half Men, says he's thrilled his "family" is intact and "If I could be any happier, it'd be illegal."

Kutcher will NOT be playing Charlie Harper (that would make for some downright ridiculous Two and a Half Men quotes), but rather a new character.

It's unclear how he'll be brought on, but Jon Cryer and Angus T. Jones will be coming back for a ninth season, which CBS confirmed is in the works.

What do you think? Will you watch the show with Ashton as the lead?

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Its shit without Charlie Sheen. It isnt the same serial. Its a disaster not funny at all


i have watch the new show with Ashton, I don't like it. No matter what was going on with Charlie, he put on a good show. Its not the same without him. The comedy is just not the same. I agree that they need to bring back Charlie for what ever price to get Two and 1/2 men back. The supporting actors aren't even any good without Sheen, no offense to them, but they all just work better as a group. I don't watch the new series, i stick to the oldies and goodies.


Sorry, Ashton Kutcher is putting too much "Kelso" into the character
on two and a half men. Wanted to see him portray a different kind of character with a little maturity.


What a pity!! They have become one of the best series of humor of all time in a real mess. It's really boring to see the such Kutcher without acting (he is stupid by nature) making its very boring "role" of a lifetime as the real stupid he is.. Let's say that now the stupid "plays" as stupid, as well as before the womanizer and tricky plays of that, as womanizer and tracky... What a pity!! Actually no more Two and a Half Men, from now on it will be ONE AND A HALF AND AN ASSHOLE! For the sake of ratings and their own income, bring Charlie Sheen back! This just demonstrates that wars of egos never carry anything positive, only that here who left more losing was THE AUDIENCE, THE SERIES ITSELF, and obviously also CHUCK LORRE if continue on this path and not bring Sheen back, 'cause now is a just patched series (reminds me of Frankenstein), that by today is a shadow of what it used to be, so sooner than later it will be cancelled for sure.... Again, they turned this into "ONE AND A HALF AND AN ASSHOLE"!!.... Please get Sheen back!


It's really bad, Kutchner is a winey rich heartbroken SNORE! Charlie Sheen made the show, if you can't get him back cancel the show!


I whanna Charlis back:(
A cant watch it eni moor:(


I just watched another episode 10/17/11 it was worst than ever please do the world a favor and take the show off the air. I'd rather hear the emergency broadcast message.OOOOOOOOOO this is a test, this is just a test if this had been an actual emergency.....


nobody can replace Charley Sheen,this is real shit...


after watching the first couple shows with Ashton thats it for me. I don't know if its the writers or Ashton but the character is acting way to stupid like a 9 year old kid or someone with a serious mental disability.


This season has no chance without Charile i cant understand them.

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Two and a Half Men Quotes

Alan: What's the forecast?
Charlie: High tonight, low tomorrow, 100% chance of hangover.

Charlie: For every gorgeous woman out there's a guy tired of banging her.
Alan: But that guy is never me.