Family Guy Review: "The Big Bang Theory"

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In "The Big Bang Theory," Stewie and Brian embark on an epic adventure to create the world in their image. Okay, not exactly, but it turns out that Stewie did in fact, create the universe.

In an amazing installment of Family Guy, the episode really goes back to its roots with Stewie and Brian's adventures, Stewie's time machine, and even an appearance by Bertram, Stewie's evil half-brother.  Let's break it down.

Da Vinci on Family Guy

When Stewie decides to mess with Brian by going back in time and changing events in his life (including the epic Peanut Butter Jelly Time scene), Brian and Stewie get into a scuffle in the time machine, sending them outside of the space-time continuum.

I guess Stewie's genius really knows no bounds, because once they return home, Stewie figures out that he is the creator of the universe.

The adventure really begins when Bertram, Stewie's evil half-brother decides to use the time machine to travel back in time and wipe Stewie from existence. 

Little does he know that Stewie's disappearance would also cause the universe to cease to exist. Stewie and Brian once again travel back to stop Betram's evil plans, where they encounter Leonardo da Vinci, who happens to be Stewie's ancestor and the source of his genius. Ah, it explains so much. 

In a stroke of genius, da Vinci not only has Stewie's trademark football head, but also an awesome caricature of an Italian accent.

It would have been awesome to see more interactions with Stewie and da Vinci, but at least Stewie and Bertram test out some of da Vinci's iconic inventions. Stewie should also be credited with inventing the world's first hair gel... and indirectly, guidos. 

Although Bertram may be Stewie's sibling, he clearly got more of the Fat Man's genes than his half-brother. The brothers fight when Bertram refuses to listen to reason and kills da Vinci.

Miraculously, Stewie figures out some way to be born despite being "erased" via da Vinci's death. 

Hilariously, Stewie found a way to bring himself back by being cryogenically buried under their house for 500 years; Brian rescues him when presented with a note by the Vatican.

Guess Stewie really has the best connections.  Turns out that Stewie "injected his DNA" into da Vinci's girlfriend, thereby creating himself. Anyone else confused yet?

All's well that ends well. Overall I loved this episode. I found it clever and enjoyed seeing Bertram and the time machine again. We need to see more of Stewie and Brian together!  How awesome was their "Heart and Soul" duet in white space? 

What did you think about the episode? Is Bertram really dead? Tell us in the comments!


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The song is Heart and Soul by the cleftones


so does anyone remember what Stewie terms the concept that he created the universe so the universe could create him so that he could create the universe, and so on... He defines it as some law, but I cannot remember what it was.
Help if you can.

@ Tiffany

Temporol Causality Loop


Hmm what song are Brian and Stewie singing when they were outside the space time continuum?


what was the song that stewie sang in this episode when trapped in space


I dont get how Stewie was supposed to have created himself by injecting Da Vinci's GF. The original Stewie is cryogenically frozen, so where is the created one?


bertram is not dead stewie reversed all the stuff he (bertram) had done therefore events in past episodes did happen and so bertram lives


Glad to see a Brian and Stewie centric episode after a long time. This was an awesome episode but was anyone reminded of Futurama with the whole Stewie being his own ancestor bit?


A genius family guy episode, but I think it could have been better, because it took them a while to introduce the creating the universe plot.
Overall, I think it was hilarious and cleverly written.


I just noticed that I wrote quite a bunch of comments, apologies for that. Fortunately I am quite witty so I hope you enjoy them.


Sentence should read: 'really gay but that the causality loop might exist after all.' My mistake. Again.

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Family Guy Season 9 Episode 16 Quotes

Stewie: Well, I'm off to the farmer's market. I've got to pick up some plutonium for a return pad, in case I decide to make another universe later.
Brian: Plutonium? At the farmer's market?
Stewie: Yep, I'm only using organic plutonium now. Think locally; buy organically.
Stewie: Hey slut, get me out of this.

Huh, that's weird. Black guys usually don't promote themselves.