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I don't think anyone could have dreamed up a more touching and emotional episode than we got tonight with the "Funeral". Go ahead and try. Hold your breath, make a wish and count to three, I'll still be drying my eyes over here. 

The real Sue Sylvester was back. Reminiscent of Sawyer from LOST, Sue showed once again how she can endear herself to fans all while spitting insults and calling people names. My favorites were Frenkenteen and Lady Trousers.

She delivered the entire emotional spectrum in one episode. She could very well be a winner again come awards season for this episode alone. I can't imagine there were many a dry eye when she and Becky shared that touching embrace in her office.

When Finn held up the Wonka tape I hoped that was where the service was going, but the eventual execution was beyond my wildest imagination indeed. As Kurt began to sing I felt chills. The song coupled with Sue's eulogy made for one of the more touching moments on television to date.

Sadly Kurt didn't move me as much during his solo try out. He came off flat after so many bigger performances in recent weeks and I couldn't get over the Conan O'Brien hair.

Santana's voice did Winehouse justice, but there was something missing. I don't mean to poke fun at Amy, but Santana just came off as too sober? She did have a few gem quotes though yet again, and showed her Lima Heights fury once more when Jesse offered up his opinions on her try out.

Mercedes and Rachel went at it like Apollo Creed and Rocky giving it all they had. There was no try a little tenderness, only done did that, in Mercedes' solo as she nailed it. The tears slowly rolling down Rachel's cheek as she sang and envisioned Finn was all the choreography she needed. Kurt nailed it when he said how she may be annoying, but man can she sing. 

I haven't been the biggest fan of Jesse, but man did he have a great episode. While the Glee Club was forced to remain somber for most of the way, he provided a much needed lift with his humorous lines about reality TV judging as well as his no hold barred critiques at the try outs. His line about Finn looking like a zombie who has to poop when he sings and dances was the best. 

Great camera work with all the tight shots of Quinn and Finn's faces during the break up scene. Quinn plays a mean bitch well, but she has also showed some nice range this season and this was yet another solid exchange for her. 

Speaking of hot bitches, Terri looked great and I was happy to see her come to the rescue despite the computer hacking "skills" of Panda Express. Weird though how she told Will she'd see him around. Was that a bit of foreshadowing? Do we also really think she got those tickets for free or is there more to that story as well?

Emma was adorable as she helped Will pack and I loved how she wore his sweater vest with such pride. It was a sort of nerdy Glee Club version of a school girl wearing her boyfriend's varsity letterman jacket.

Rachel may get to wear Finn's again at some point, but will it be this season? Perhaps a big kiss in times square awaits them in the finale.  What is Quinn planing for NYC and how will the club take the news about Will's stint on Broadway? We will have to wait and see. 


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That was so sweet! I really loved this episode! The Auditions were amazing but i have to say i think Mercedes was the best! I just can't get that song out of my head! That last episode really bought out a new side of Sue. When i saw the preview of the episode i was starting to suspect that it would be her sister but i wan't completely sure... I loved the song that they sang at the funeral. It was so sad. I loved Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory it is one of my favorite movies as well. Over all i think that it the best episodes that i have ever seen!


I will miss Terri - she was fantastic in these last episodes..


Loved this episode:)
Hadn't cried that much since the season 6 finale of GA.


I knew it was going to be Sue`s sister KNEW IT KNEW IT KNEW IT!!!:( It was so sad though (tear)
BUT WAT MADE ME MAD WAS TERRI BEING A STOCKER BACK OFF!! Emma and Will are so adorible and are taking so long to get together! They really like eacher it is so obvious!! and i dont want them to move to fast but it is killing me!! espicelly when she kissed him on the check and walked away crying:( sadness. I hope she is in the finale alittle:)
OH also poor Fin!! i felt bad for him cause he broke up with Quinn for Rachle just to find her kissing Jesse:p haha sawy Fin:/// but over all it was a pretty good episode!!:D

Jesse james

I so teared up at the funeral. It was beautiful. The episode showed a softer side of Sue, it comes on rarely but its nice when it does...but Sue wouldnt be Sue if she was nice all the time. Lol. Loved This Episode. :)


oh btw i agree with Will and Teri....hell no!!!!! She is way to shady! But i don't really like Emma and will either!!! Unless Emma gets better with her OCD... Lastly i totally agree with Santana's witty comment about Will needing a 12 Step Program!!! He is addicted to Vest!!!! and seeing him in a regular long sleeve button-up when he and Emma was packing his clothing jus made him all the sexier! And will is a very Sexy man but needs a new look!!! As for sense of style on that show everyone says Kurt has the best sense of style but i say kurt is good but since the end of the Cheerios i say that reign goes to Santana and Brittany!!! Especially Brittany!!! Santana look awesome all the time but main sexy! Brittany however has some of the best outfit combinations!!!! Look out Kurt soon ur gonna have to try to take back ur reign!!! Also Mercedes knows her way in a the fashion world too!!! btw on that note Finn have no fashion sense what so ever even the Cory who acts as Finn is jus as bad as Finn in that area! What saves Finn is that he is such a sweetheart!!!


Jesse/Rachel....big mistake! he was right in his comments about Rachel being the best to lead the team but his intentions was only to get on Rachel's Good side! I agree that new directions haven't been doing as much work as how Vocal Adrenaline used to as we saw if older episodes but to me New Directions can't be compared with Vocal Adrenaline because they are so different!!! Vocal Adrenaline's Style is about precise performances that holds the back of the main performer firm. New Directions is all about individuality and using it to come together and show that although we are different we are all the same! The Auditions were awesome! If i had to choose who i think was best I'd say Mercedes because she was the most moving for me but everyone else was really good as well so it would have been tough for Will. However as much as everyone hates on Rachel she is the only one that really works hard to be on top and 99.9% of the time she deserves recognition, That's why i was glad she got an award in the Regionals ep. I'm so Glad Finn and Quinn are over!!! I always preferred Sam and jus seemed more real. I never liked the plot of Finn running Quinn and making her cheat on Sam when he get on like such an @$$hole when Rachel did what she did! Couples wise - Ryan is taking to long to let Santana come to her senses and be with Brittany!!! she needs to forget the talk and be happy for once! I never like Brittany and Artie anyways it jus seemed WRONG!
Tina and mike is by far the best couple, definitely keep that up!
Finn and Rachel all the way! them together always seemed more real!
Puck and Lauren in their own little bubble....
Blaine and Kurt is awesome!
Mercedes needs a man yo!!!! but if they give her a black man i'll be pissed! I like inter-racial relationships and Glee is yet to do that since artie and tina!!!! All in all i liked the episode very much and i cried for most of it! it was good to see a nice Sue!!! The 4 characters that sung for the solo is by far the best singers on the show!!! However I want to see more of Santana singing because we've seen Kurt, Mercedes and Rachel sing countless times and Santana has a unique style and a great voice!!!!


@kreeto I disagree with you, respectfully. Finn has already come to terms with his dad's death when his mom started dating Burt Hummel. What he got out of the ceremony was that you have to live life and do what makes you happy. Besides, if you don't love someone you should let them go. Otherwise you're living a lie. Loyalty is important but when you tell someone you love them every night, it should be because you do, not because you have to say that. As for Terry and Will, Will was right to dump her. Terry lied to Will about being pregnant for months and months. She also used it to manipulating him into buying a house they couldn't afford. She made him work two jobs while she shopped their money away at Pottery Barn, constantly made him feel like crap for coaching the Glee Club when it made him happy, and she refused to support him when he tried singing in the Acafellas. Terry was going to have Will raise his students' baby, without him knowing about it. Think about how wrong that is for a moment. Emma encouraged Will to teach Glee Club because it made him happy. Money isn't everything. I would rather my parents to be happy in life on a moderate income then be rich and miserable. Will and Emma had feelings for each but they never acted on it until Will was divorced. Emma should never have been with Ken, that was wrong of her but she thought was she was going to end up alone. Now Terry's basically stalking Will. She made things right last episode but it doesn't mean that Will should go back to her. Especially since she was just fixing what she did in the first place.


Some of what Jesse said was right. I think that the New Directions have been getting a bit full of themselves lately. Satanna doesn't have the best voice although Naya Rivera has been working hard to change that and I really respect her hard work. Mercedes (not Amber, she must work hard too to be on this show and she's amazing) has her voice come naturally and is lazy about it. Meanwhile Rachel works harder then everyone else, although she didn't have any choreography she was clearly the best performance and that's due to Lea Michele's amazing ability to sing with her emotions. Jesse's right that everyone should adopt a better work ethic to beat Vocal Adrenaline. He's a pain in the ass but New Directions really hasn't done much to prepare except whine about themselves. I too want to see them do more with their performances...I loved the their Regional preformance and want to see them kick it into high gear for New York. But as for Jesse and Rachel. I vote no on that. Rachel doesn't need Jesse to make her a star, she can do that on her own. And I still remember that creepy kiss he gave her last season while his coach/Rachel's bio mom was watching. Good for Finn for FINALLY breaking up with Quinn. He owed her that much. He doesn't love her. Clearly he cares about her but he shouldn't be with her when his feelings lie elsewhere. Besides Quinn is sooooo obsessed with being the perfect Prom King and Queen that it's almost Fetal Attraction scary. I mean her last line about "ruining her plans" was frightening. I've said it before and Ill say it again, Quinn needs to either redeem herself or be mean all the time. She's acting crazy! It's like she's bi polar. Actually that would explain a lot. You can't blame her mood swings on pregnancy this season. (Btw this was not an insult to people suffering from Bi Polar, properly treated it is a very manageable condition.) As for Sue. I loved her this episodes. At first I thought she was a bit flat but then we saw how angry she was and it made sense. When she finally broke down at the funeral, it was heart wrenching. I think Jane Lynch and Matthew Morrison make a great team. Some people think Will was cruel for turning Becky down but I dont blame him. I understand that its tough to live with Down syndrome in high school but she can't just walk into the Glee Club so close to the end of the year. What should of happened was Becky's parents should have gone to Figgins about kicking Becky off so cruelly.But luckily Sue re considered and made Becky captain. Becky works hard on the Cheerios and deserves it...Although Quinn isn't going to be happy about that...Oh well. Being pretty doesn't mean you should automatically get what you want. I liked this episode, the performances were fantastic. The writing was actually well done. I loved the emotional scenes and the Quinn/Finn break up was amazing. Cory Monteith and Dianna Argon did a great job.


I just want comment on the Finn-Quinn break-up scene. It's the most confusing and stupid scene I've ever watched. I don't know what it was intended to be. Even though the show has always showed us that Finn is dumb, but this one is just so radical. 1. Finn should have thought of his deceased father, not about his relationship with his girlfriend.
2. Sue's eulogy was about relationship between siblings, not about feelings between lovers. Also, I've always had problem with the message that this show has been delivering about relationship. All that I could deduce from all the episodes is that, if you don't feel your boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse is the right person, just leave them. And I wonder what's gonna happen if you do that in real life. For instance, take Will Schuester. Yes, his wife lied about her pregnancy and she's a bit crazy. But it's not like Will had always been the perfect husband. He had intimate moments with the guidance counsellor who was clearly flirting with him and he put Glee club above everything else, even his family. Remember the time when he decided not to become an accountant after Emma 'advised' him not to? He evidently forwent a high-paying job just to coach Glee club, and probably because of Emma too. Not only that, he never admitted his fault for the doom of his marriage. He's like "It just didn't work out, not my fault. In fact Teri is crazy." Teri, even up to now, hasn't been with any other man. She at least deserves credit of being very loyal to Will.

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