Gossip Girl Review: Royal Wedding Dreams, Awful Schemes

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Blair Waldorf got engaged last night on Gossip Girl, while Chuck and Serena vied for the honor of worst person ever. Just another night on the Upper East Side!

As Gossip Girl episodes go, there were certainly plenty of highlights in "The Princesses and the Frog," yet the overall narrative felt sorely lacking to me at times.

The Gossip Girl I like featured strong characters who are both funny and enjoyable to watch. Sure, there's scheming and backstabbing, but they're not ALL bad.

Somewhere along the line, though, the plot lines became really twisted and confusing and the relationships too tangential. Rant over. Let's break down Monday:

S the Back Stabber

Serena sucks. Sorry, but it's true, although you can blame the writers for this. Yes, she's jealous of Blair and sort of mad about Dan. But this is not the S we know.

Serena called Louis' mother to sabotage Blair. Then Serena sent Blair's dirty laundry (because Louis' mom can't read Gossip Girl) to further ruin her friend's chances.

All the while, she lied to Blair's face, except for when she defended Chuck after the party. That was honest at least. S probably believes Blair made the wrong call.

Chuck is on the brink. Not only of going completely off the rails and ending up shot in a seedy alley again, but of running out of excuses for us to make for him.

The Dark Knight broods. He is tormented, and has been dealt a lot of bad breaks. He can't handle emotional situations and drowns himself in booze and sorrow.

The stuff with his father - who we learned had an affair with Avery Thorpe - is not his fault, or something we would wish on anyone. It's gotta mess with his said.

But honestly, Chuck's behavior leaves little room for redemption at this point.

I mean, for someone who loves Blair SO much, he terrified, embarrassed and degraded her - BEFORE he forced himself on her and put his fist through a window.

That's how you treat your dream girl? This was worse than his usual efforts to crush Blair's soul to win her back, but it's not like he hadn't gone that route before.

It's very hard, if not impossible, to "root" for Chair now.

Even Nate can't find it within his man bangs anymore. He pointed out that Chuck's relationship with B is not normal, and blatantly chose Raina over him at the end.

Dair is all but forgotten. At least they were last night. After a slow, well-written lead-up to the Dan and Blair hookup, it's like nothing ever happened with them.

We like Dan, and have no problem with Charlie per se, but we just feel kind of used. Perhaps more importantly, GG needs to bring back Dan and Nate's bromance.

Princess Blair

Blair Waldorf is engaged! I couldn't care less that the royal family doesn't approve, but I worry more that she's been dating Prince Louis for about four days.

Blair's life may not be the fairy tale she thinks it is, but I admire her for wanting to spend it with a guy who treats her right and who genuinely makes her happy.

Louis is nice to her, and handsome. Gotta give him that. But is she really following her heart? Is she following what her brain says her heart is supposed to feel?

I love you to pieces, B, but remember, it's okay to dial it back a little. Prince William and Kate Middleton were together for the better part of 10 years. Ten years.

Think they'll actually get married? Do you want them to after Chuck's antics? At this point I'm willing to give the prince a chance, but suggest a long engagement.

Charlie is a regular Upper East Sider. Florida Schmorida. Between her elaborate plans to woo Dan, manipulating V and name-dropping Bing, girl's a natural!

You gotta love that Charlie insisted on confronting Vanessa alone at the end, and basically showed that even an outsider can thoroughly outshine an outcast.

How long until this new crazy side comes out in a bad way, however? Will her feelings for Dan erupt into a huge mess if he decides to pursue Blair (please yes)!

Rufus got a job! What house husband?! Hang up the waffle iron and the butler outfit, because the Fonz is totally going to be the manager of a band called Panic!

Vanessa is leaving at the end of the semester to study abroad. Approve.

What did you think of last night's Gossip Girl? Can you find anything positive to say about Chuck? What is Charlie's endgame? Leave a comment below to discuss!


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So I didn't think Chuck was going to hurt Blair, but I think he was frustrated and vented his anger. Chuck has been on a downward spiral and hit rock bottom and hats off to Ed Westwick for doing it so well. I think hearing about Blair's engagement will force him to pull himself together to try and win back Blair. I think Blair still loves Chuck, but seems to be denying it to herself. She went to see Chuck though so it shows that she definitely feels something for him. Couldn't believe Nate in this episode. Chuck and Bate have always stood together, but Nates walked away from his supposedly best friend. Same goes for Serena, although Blair and Serena have lots of ups and downs, I didn't expect Serena to backstab Blair like that. Actually can't stand Serena. Vanessa seems to have an uncanny habit of being in the right place at the right time. Or perhaps she's taken to stalking the people that banned her. Felt quite sorry for her at the end, being outschemed by the newbie, when she was only trying to help. Nonetheless, I read today that's she's been fired from Gossip Girl (as is Jenny Humphries) so we won't be seeing her lurking behind bookshelves and dorways for much longer. Anyway I want Chuck to redeem himself and win back Blair, so they can rule again.


Gossip girl is getting so so lame. DAIR was the only bright light on the darkest of horizons. Now its gone, and I'm ready to throw in the towel forever. I HATE MEN WHO ACT LIKE CHUCK AND THEIR POOR BATTERED SIGNIFICANT OTHERS JUST EXCUSE IT.


I've said it before, I'll say it again: This whole episode was about Chuck hitting rock bottom. Now he will have to redeem himself and deal with his issues and grow up so he can be the man he needs to be to win Blair back. I'm not excusing his bad behavior, but come on people, it's a show and Chuck has been a villain of sorts since day 1! The only person who has ever really loved him was Blair. All of this Dair & Blouis stuff is just to force Chuck into growing up and earning Blair's love and forgiveness. Let's face it, when Chair were together in S3, people complained that they were too happy, dull, boring. Fans want some type of drama. GG delivered it.


I love Blair and the prince together!!!! I really hope that they don't break up but this is GG and things tend to move fast so we all know it's going to come to an end one way or another but I really wanted Blair to get her fairtytale! No Chuck at this point.


Ok, right now I'm not even rooting for them, and what happened was wrong, violent and uncalled for, and yet I didn't saw that it was going towards rape. All the rest, the pushing, the grabbing, the yelling, etc., I saw it, but not the rape, that is the one thing I'm not going to agree to. I'm not denying that this happened with S and J.


wow, that was the second time chuck tried to rape a girl, and he still has that many fans who think he is sexy?
i don't get it...


I agree with Lily and Lulu, the writers are trying to control damage and there4 excuse CHucks behavior but it is unexcusable. I am losing respect for Blair because she wanted and still wants Chuck back after all he has done to her.


we are nor excusing his behavior, we try to show you, who tell it was abusive and so on, that it is not that bad you use to say it was...that is reality, if you do not think so, then i do not know where you from...and even if you compare what happened monday night to reality, that was nothing...if you live in your own perfect wonderful world, it is okay, but do not forget about this part, that is the REAL one...and if you do not like the writers, or characters, or story lines, or whatever...stop watching it instead of complaining!!!


I'm not excusing Chuck's behavior but I don't see why he's painted so poorly. We wanted to see Chuck emotional about Blair and we got it. So he punched glass. Oh my god, the guy's a criminal. It's a show! We yearn for this type of entertainment or we wouldn't watch it.
I personally think Nate is ridiculous for leaving Chuck his best friend since grammar school so easily for a girl he's just started dating. But that's Nate, as we've seen from him several times, he can so easily turn on someone he supposedly cares about. Personally, I'm starting to think he's almost as useless as Vanessa who I actually felt slightly bad for at the end of this episode. I know, I'm sure I'll get a lot of heat for that comment too.
While I want Chair to end of as endgame, I am really disappointed that the whole Dair storyline seems to have just sizzled out. It is like it never existed. That storyline was a bit let down.


God. Y'all are annoying. Stop looking into it so much. Life has abuse, this show isn't a Disney fairytale. Get over it...it's paving its way for the future.

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