S the Back Stabber
Is Serena out to get Blair? That would be a turn of events we didn't see coming.

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Well, we got rid of Vanessa and we got this walking boobs as our replacement


i dont know why she had to do that. i mean, i know blair wouldnt.


i'm so glade everyone hate her!


I hate her too. I mean seriously? Is it so hard to keep your freaking mouth shut and not tell the whole world everything?!


I swear if she screws up Blouis, I will seriously not care anymore if she is on this show anymore...Seriously, if Serena ruins Blair's chances of maybe finding happiness with Louis - she is not even human!


I swear if she even thinks (like she could think) about backstabing Blair I will chop that mother******ing blonde sifilitic stupid prostitute's teeny tiny brainless haed with my bare hands and I will feed it to the dogs.
Serena is hateful.
Don't dare ruin B's happiness you whore.


I seriously hate her character. BITCH.


Serena: I'm cool, I'm kickin it....oh what the hell am I saying, I am going to screw over my friendship with Blair......once again and hopefully Dan will be back on my side.

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But while the beast locked himself in a tower of ennui, the girl found herself a prince. His name?

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Once upon a time in the land called Upper East, a beautiful girl met a beast.

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