Chuck and Serena Photograph
Chuck and Serena in the May 2, 2011 episode of Gossip Girl. Should be a good one.

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Chuck: I'm a total pimp
Serena:I'm a total bitch SUPER LOL


The Frenchie he always walks like that. jijf, it's his so called attitude though it kind of looks strange, awkward, irritating and un-appealing to me.


Chuck: I'm a total pimp
Serena:I'm a total bitch


yeah chuck beat the prince!
he prob. just realized the prince and blair are engaged, (having serena to hold chuck back), making him angry chuck, and do i love angry chuck ;)


lmfao The Yalier, for once i agree with you!
why the fuck this bitch holding a rapist hand. like ewwwwwww.
Chuck GTFO please. and Serena.. get a brain!


I like how Serena is holding back Chuck (who might go to punch the Prince)! I can't wait to see the mess of next episode! ^^


serena is a dumb blonde. why does she care so much that blair and dan kissed and hung out? she slept with a bunch of dude including blair's ex Nate.jumping from one guy to the next. disgusting.


I swear if she even thinks (like she could think) about backstabing Blair I will chop that mother******ing blonde sifilitic stupid prostitute's teeny tiny brainless haed with my bare hands and I will feed it to the dogs.
Serena is hateful.
Don't dare ruin B's happiness you whore.


Yeah Chuck, get the cane off your ars already.


I think he's walking weird because he has just learnt that Blair was fiancée with the Prince :( Poor C..

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