Gossip Girl Review: Royal Wedding Dreams, Awful Schemes

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Blair Waldorf got engaged last night on Gossip Girl, while Chuck and Serena vied for the honor of worst person ever. Just another night on the Upper East Side!

As Gossip Girl episodes go, there were certainly plenty of highlights in "The Princesses and the Frog," yet the overall narrative felt sorely lacking to me at times.

The Gossip Girl I like featured strong characters who are both funny and enjoyable to watch. Sure, there's scheming and backstabbing, but they're not ALL bad.

Somewhere along the line, though, the plot lines became really twisted and confusing and the relationships too tangential. Rant over. Let's break down Monday:

S the Back Stabber

Serena sucks. Sorry, but it's true, although you can blame the writers for this. Yes, she's jealous of Blair and sort of mad about Dan. But this is not the S we know.

Serena called Louis' mother to sabotage Blair. Then Serena sent Blair's dirty laundry (because Louis' mom can't read Gossip Girl) to further ruin her friend's chances.

All the while, she lied to Blair's face, except for when she defended Chuck after the party. That was honest at least. S probably believes Blair made the wrong call.

Chuck is on the brink. Not only of going completely off the rails and ending up shot in a seedy alley again, but of running out of excuses for us to make for him.

The Dark Knight broods. He is tormented, and has been dealt a lot of bad breaks. He can't handle emotional situations and drowns himself in booze and sorrow.

The stuff with his father - who we learned had an affair with Avery Thorpe - is not his fault, or something we would wish on anyone. It's gotta mess with his said.

But honestly, Chuck's behavior leaves little room for redemption at this point.

I mean, for someone who loves Blair SO much, he terrified, embarrassed and degraded her - BEFORE he forced himself on her and put his fist through a window.

That's how you treat your dream girl? This was worse than his usual efforts to crush Blair's soul to win her back, but it's not like he hadn't gone that route before.

It's very hard, if not impossible, to "root" for Chair now.

Even Nate can't find it within his man bangs anymore. He pointed out that Chuck's relationship with B is not normal, and blatantly chose Raina over him at the end.

Dair is all but forgotten. At least they were last night. After a slow, well-written lead-up to the Dan and Blair hookup, it's like nothing ever happened with them.

We like Dan, and have no problem with Charlie per se, but we just feel kind of used. Perhaps more importantly, GG needs to bring back Dan and Nate's bromance.

Princess Blair

Blair Waldorf is engaged! I couldn't care less that the royal family doesn't approve, but I worry more that she's been dating Prince Louis for about four days.

Blair's life may not be the fairy tale she thinks it is, but I admire her for wanting to spend it with a guy who treats her right and who genuinely makes her happy.

Louis is nice to her, and handsome. Gotta give him that. But is she really following her heart? Is she following what her brain says her heart is supposed to feel?

I love you to pieces, B, but remember, it's okay to dial it back a little. Prince William and Kate Middleton were together for the better part of 10 years. Ten years.

Think they'll actually get married? Do you want them to after Chuck's antics? At this point I'm willing to give the prince a chance, but suggest a long engagement.

Charlie is a regular Upper East Sider. Florida Schmorida. Between her elaborate plans to woo Dan, manipulating V and name-dropping Bing, girl's a natural!

You gotta love that Charlie insisted on confronting Vanessa alone at the end, and basically showed that even an outsider can thoroughly outshine an outcast.

How long until this new crazy side comes out in a bad way, however? Will her feelings for Dan erupt into a huge mess if he decides to pursue Blair (please yes)!

Rufus got a job! What house husband?! Hang up the waffle iron and the butler outfit, because the Fonz is totally going to be the manager of a band called Panic!

Vanessa is leaving at the end of the semester to study abroad. Approve.

What did you think of last night's Gossip Girl? Can you find anything positive to say about Chuck? What is Charlie's endgame? Leave a comment below to discuss!


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Bobbie whited

1st season i was totally a Chair fan but now....... but after the first season it was obvious that they weren't going to be together other then the wild sex on occasion. Chucks messed up to many times, and hes not good for Blair at all. At least with Dan and Louis she is a actually person instead of a vengeance seeking bitch. Not buying her getting married to the prince though. As for Serena BIGGEST HYPOCRITE OF ALL TIME. Honestly why the hell are they even friends.


Chuck should stay the hell away from Blair. I dont see him as a viable option EVER again, even if he redeem himself (which the GG writers are not even inclined to do). If Chuck seek help and become better down the road, he and Blair should remain as friends. I dont want him with Blair AT ALL. Blair deserves someone better - a man that will treat her with RESPECT, keep her safe and loved. Chuck didnt do that on last night's episode. If anything, he just proved how WRONG he is for her. As for Serena, Really Serena! You will ruin your best friend's happiness because of a petty jealousy (with an ex that she had chosen every other guys over)! have you forgotten ALL the things that Blair has done for you in the past. NAMELY, forgiving you for SLEEPING with her then boyfriend, Nate, and leaving her behind without so much as a goodbbye. AND ALL the other times Blair has saved you from your sheer stupidity! Really! And Feeling sorry for Chuck, who traded her best friend for a hotel, and pushed him to her, is another strike against the dim-witted blonde. I used to like Serena but after tonight, makes me rethink that. AND Nate -- having witnessed that in the end, INSTEAD of running and checking up on Blair and/or Chuck, you prefer to call Raina! WTF! If these are the kind of friends a girl has, NO wonder she is messed up. Dan is the only one who has shown in the past to actually CARE and take Blair's FEELINGS into account. The rest of her so-called friends only run to her when they NEED something FROM her. UGH! I am disgusted with Chuck, Serena and Nate right now.


@Jenn Girls also happen to throw things at people in arguments too but no one calls that abusive. Women also hit men while fighting. Any type of aggressive in unacceptable though and no not just asshole guys hit walls. You never been so angry in your life that you want to hit something before? I have and I think many people have before differences is we have safeguards like being sober or someone who is calm in the situation to calm you down, Chuck safeguards were not there as clearly he was not sober to think straight to begin with and Nate just watch and never step in before it escalated to that which makes Nate a wuss (I actually heard women are more likely to step in to these type of situations then men are but still those we his two best friends, one who is clearly in mental distress).


All I would like to say is to those who have said "Chuck would never do that while he was sober" I agree.....with that in mind the fact that he gets drunk anyways is a problem. He NEEDS to STOP drinking to make his problems go away. It's obviously not working. He knows good and well how he is when he his drunk and he knows he needs to stop. Chuck is an alcoholic and he is abusive. I'm sorry girls who think he is not. He needs to learn how to control his anger. He should never have punched that glass while Blair was right there. And let's not act suprised given his history with attempted rape. He might not have tried to rape Blair but he was forcing himself on her which is a huge NEGATIVE. And I know people have different opinions on this but it has been my experience that who you really are comes out when you're drunk. So Chuck has issues he really needs to resolve before he decides he wants to be in a relationship with anybody. He needs therapy...I'd prefer he sit in a church and get some help from Jesus but that's just my opinion and I doubt the writers would have him do that. I'm not bashing him either. I love him as a character but as a character he needs help. Yes it is definitely only a tv show but if people can take their time out to watch it and be interested, I guess it should be okay for them to comment on it. And I also think it's stupid for anybody to say they aren't going to watch the show if one couple doesn't get together. I'm a huge DAIR fan but I'm not going to stop watching the show if she ends up with Chuck or Louis. I watch the show for entertainment and take it how it comes even though I don't agree with 98% of the character's actions. I certainly would not agree with Blair going back to Chuck while he is the way he is and he won't change anytime soon. On a lighter note...they are going to spring Dair on us when we least expect it. We haven't gotten that much Dair interaction like we would have liked to have it lately so I know they will bring it up at a random time..so Dair fans...cheer up. That being said, I don't trust Louis. He's nice and sweet but I'm sensing red flags. Why would he want to marry her after pretty much four days of dating? And he didn't see that much of her in paris that time. They spent like 2 days together, maybe. Something ain't right.


"guys punch things when they are upset" Correction: asshole guys punch things when they are upset. I'm sorry you've witnessed this so often, but that doesn't make it normal or acceptable behavior.


It disappoints me to see pictures of Blair and Chuck together in several scenes from the next two episodes. Apparently the writers don't think that what they had Chuck do to Blair was so bad after all. It's tragic to me that so many girls here are defending him and insisting that what he did was not abusive, not violent, etc. Wake up, please. What he did is not okay and in fact was criminal behavior. Does that make sense to anyone? He could be arrested for it. And this is the big romance you want for Blair? To be with some kind of childish thug who can't control himself, who pushes her around, who lashes out violently? Yeah, I wish Chair were still an option too, but the writers chose to kill it. If the writers bring them back again, it merely shows how ethically bankrupt they are. This is the model of true love they want to peddle. They should be ashamed.


Chuck annoys me and makes the show unbearable to watch.. And I agree with Dan-Blair point - it took forever to get to the kiss and..that's it.. But i still prefer Prince over Chuck any time!


I feel so sorry for Chuck right now. I mean, yeah, there is no excuse for what he has done to Blair, but now, he's just a mess, and it seems that everybody leave him (except Serena). I really hope he's going to heal :/
Chair Forever & Always ♥


For those who are wondering the song with rihanna is: Fly-Nicki Minaj ft Rihanna


it's a SHOW people. not real life. while i didn't think the scene was hot or sexy, i didn't read abusive either. guys punch things when they are upset. i have seen many many many guys punch things in frustration. that doesn't mean they are abusive unless they are punching a person. also that wasn't attempted rape. its a SHOW. you don't have to watch it if you don't like it. i am not watching it to model my life after it, if i was it would be really screwed up.

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