Gossip Girl Round Table: "The Princesses and the Frog"

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Welcome back to the weekly TVF Gossip Girl Round Table, where our panel breaks down the previous night's episode (see our review from earlier this morning).

Below, TV Fanatic Editor Mister Meester is joined by THE shot-caller himself, our company President Gossip Guy, for a discussion of "The Princesses and the Frog."

Our colleague DANdy is still off partying in Asia, but hopefully, like Jack Bass, he will be back on the East Coast next week. It's a two-man show again for now:


1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote from last night?

Gossip Guy: I want to give it to newcomer Charlie. Girl gave it to Vanessa when she told her she didn't know how to win Dan or she wouldn't be studying aboard. Snap. We all know you get bonus point from Gossip Guy for any insults directed at V.

Mister Meester: Louis proposing. I'm a sucker for that not-French-sounding but still adorable accent, and for anything that will make the Queen happy.

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2. Who are you more disappointed in, Serena or Chuck?

Gossip Guy: The weird part is I'm a little more disappointed in Serena. That's not at all saying I condone any of Chuck's actions, I've just come to expect this kind of drunken irresponsible behavior whenever he learns about his past. Serena, however, trying to ruin the rest of her supposed best friend's life after a fake apology? So low. Even for jealous Boobs McGee.

Mister Meester: I don't condone what Chuck did in the least, nor am I making excuses for him. I let him have it in my Gossip Girl review, and am pissed at what he did to Blair. That said, I can at least see where it came from. Dude is a physical and emotional mess and has slowly become so over a period of weeks. Serena, on the other hand, is acting like the worst friend ever for seemingly no reason, and her nonsensical reasons for trying to derail Blair's dreams almost make me more angry at her.

3. Is Charlie the new Georgina (resident crazy girl in training)?

Gossip Guy: Woh, woh Mister Meester. Don't say things you can't take back. Charlie lying to oust Vanessa is never crazy. That's just standard UES behavior and if anything commendable.

Mister Meester: Georgina's the craziest of the crazy, but Charlie could be her understudy. Like the Sith Lords of Star Wars, there must be a master and an apprentice ...

Couple of Princesses

ROYALLY CUTE: Come on, royal people. How can you not love Blair?

4. Will Blair actually marry Prince Louis?

Gossip Guy: I normally am the biggest supporter of Chair for the endgame, but Chuck's latest self destruction has made him harder than ever to root for. And this is from the guy's original fan from season one.  Sorry, buddy, I'm officially on team Blois. But that's only because Dair is off the table in this question. So to finally answer your question? I sure hope so. But I know she won't :(

Mister Meester: I kind of hope so, if it means more of that curly hair. How cute does that look on Leighton? But seriously, since the writers basically assassinated Chuck and left Dan out to dry last night, I'm about ready to get on board with Louis. The fact that I was immersed in Royal Wedding coverage all last weekend doesn't hurt.

5: Rate last night on the Vanessa Uselessness Scale (1-10).

Gossip Guy: She not only was somewhat relevant to tonight's episode, she basically admitted to her uselessness this week! So really, V, I turn the question do you. What would you rate yourself on our VUS? ... No? Nothing? Fine, then I'll give you an 8. Bitch. So glad you're leaving us to study abroad in an unnamed destination.

Mister Meester: 5, for basically validating the existence of this very scale, and for peacing out of the show at the end. Anyone sad about that plot twist?

6: Jack is back next week. What do you think for?

Gossip Guy: Well clearly he'll gladly accept a call from any random girl (read Raina) and will fly halfway across the country to help her destroy his nephew. This is Gossip Girl and that is Jack Bass. Hopefully he'll bring back DANdy on his returning flight. We sure do miss him here at TV Fanatic.

Mister Meester: If the writers are looking for a way to make Chuck a sympathetic figure, having Jack and Russell Thorpe team up against him is a good start. Come on. He's made a mess of his life, and that's on him, but hasn't he been through enough? Does Jack want Chuck dead? What else can he possibly do to ruin his nephew?

What do you think? Sound off in the comments!

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I love Blair and everything but to say shes growing up seems wrong to me. She proclaimed how grown up she is becoming as usual in this episode but it couldn't be more juvenile to decide you want to marry some prince after a few days. The only storyline that made sense in this episode is that Charlie likes Dan cause I mean, shes gotta get after someone, thats how gossip girl is.


1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote from last night? I can tell you what my least favorite quote was... Blair: I can be the next Grace Kelly!
It was desperate. And in reality it wouldn't have convinced anyone. Blair doesn't need to be anyone but Blair. 2. Who are you more disappointed in, Serena or Chuck? I never held any esteem for Serena or her actions so I wasn't disappointed, just irritated. She needs to take a step and realize that she's a very selfish person. As for Chuck...I already said all I needed to say about him in my last comments but let's just say I'm not a Chair fan anymore. Poor B. 3. Is Charlie the new Georgina (resident crazy girl in training)? Yes. Her mom hinted at it. Now that we're finding out the lengths she'll go to get Dan, some guys she's known for like 2 weeks...She's far in Georgina-territory. 4. Will Blair actually marry Prince Louis? She's 20! I don't want her marrying anyone for heavens sake! What happened to Columbia? What happened to her dreams?!! And the whole, they-won't-accept-Blair thing is dumb. In reality the Royals have very little say in who their children end up with. And they wouldn't disown him for marrying an American. If she marries Chuck after all that's happened...I'm going to scream!!! 5: Rate last night on the Vanessa Uselessness Scale (1-10). 0 again. I'm looking forward to a bitch throw down with Vanessa and Charlie. Dan's caught in the middle and it should be entertaining.


Is there an episode that actually shows what has happened between Blair and Jack? Sorry to bother all of you, but I've just started to watch GG, and I'm a big Blair and Chuck fan. Therefore, it bugs the crap out of me to know that Blair would actually do something w/Chuck's uncle. Thank you for your respone. And - BLAIR AND CHUCK FOREVER!


Here's how I feel: Let's be clear. Gossip Girl is a completely different reality from what any of us are used to. I remember back in Season 1 when they would walk into bars as 16, 17 year olds and be served alcohol simply because they were that elite. Having said that, I feel that a lot of the plot lines are comparable to this alternate sense of reality, yet some of it really is COMPLETELY out there. Let's start with Serena. Her whole backstory has been her being a reformed bad girl, yet at times the bad girl side comes out in full swing. She's been spoiled her entire life and the one thing on this show that she has always had and cared for is Dan. She immaturely felt betrayed by Blair. I think, after one attempt at foiling Blair's happiness, she should've stopped. To keep it going just really showed her hatefulness, especially after Blair kept confiding in her how happy and excited she was. However, in the alternate reality that is GG, her actions made sense. Chuck. To be quite honest, I don't feel how he acted at all last night was abusive. It was scary, but hell hasn't he been drunk and high on cocaine for the last week? He's heartbroken and his actions were caused out of anger, hurt, and the liquor. How many of you have ever done something you regretted while in a state like this? The cut on Blair's face came from the broken glass. He punched that, and not Blair. He wasn't going to force himself on her, as he stopped himself after he pressed her down. He most likely punched the glass in anger at himself for what he had done. But let's be honest here. Blair is not a saint in the least. The backstabbing, manipulating, take-downs, plan thwarting, general bitchniess that we know (and love!) is just manifested in her male counterpart Chuck. But also toss into Chuck's mix the fact that his father murdered someone and basically didn't show him enough love his entire life, that his Uncle Jack is always waiting in the shadows to take him down, and Russell Thorpe waiting for his chance to destroy him, you have to give the guy some credit. Mogul at 20. Stress probably doesn't even begin to describe it. Nate. I am extremely disappointed that he basically is going to leave his best friend since childhood high and dry in his time of greatest need. I feel that this is a bad choice on the writer's part. I've always been a fan of Nate simply because he's such a NICE guy. It's almost like he's the only dose of REAL reality on the show. He's rich, lives UES, but is friendly and above all the drama normally. This is completely out of character for him. I hope he goes back to how he should be. Blair. Let's be honest here. I do love her, she has the best lines, the best storylines. But this entire thing with the prince is really totally and completely far fetched. He proposed? Seriously? No one proposes after 4 days, I don't care how "connected" you feel you are. For a ruler of a country to make such a decision as that, you really fear for his kingdom. But I also feel that Blair is doing some changing. She's attempting to grow up, and the fact that Chuck isn't following her and growing up too, she has decided to look elsewhere. I think the Louis storyline is COMPLETELY TOO unrealistic, and I think the Dan storyline is as well, simply because he IS her best friend's love, and they've dedicated seasons to showcasing the disdain between them. I


@Heddy A HA HA HA HA!!! I love your comment, it is all so true, it can all be a dream sequence...and so true, bringing all those girls to the states?


This all episode was sad. I´am a big fan of chair and I hope they wil end together. This episode was all confusing to me I think the producers are always trying to change chuck every season but it´s obviously that Blair and Chuck will end together.


i think that chuck was a better person withoyt blair, as we saw him with eva. the annoying thing is that despite eva was a prostitute who tried to take his moeny , chuck was affected by her , became a better person with heart and became happy when all those things should have been the results of his relationship with blair . so it is kind of insulting that he claims he loves blair more than anyone and in the same time she is not sacred to him as raina(who were just having sex)and he is becoming the worst person around her and treats her like crap along with the rest of the world. And we all know how miserable blair became because of chuck no need to repeat.so instead of repeating the devastated chair history i would like to see them finally move on for their own good.
As for dair, i m disapointed from both of them. first blair who was always badmouthing about how serena treated dan badly she now do the same , she cuts him off after she got what she wanted, the kiss and she became too happy,content and if she really doesnt feel anything,which i doubt,then ok she just used him as she does with may people, but if she felt something more then she shouldn't hesitate and rush into engagement just because a prince is a better husband than dan from brooklyn. second , dan should fight for blair and not just give up and go to the crazy cousin,if he s going to end up with someone crazy i prefer georgina. Now if the reason he is not fighting for her is because he doesnt want to cause a mess in blair's life with prince and everything its kind of sweet for though stuprid if blair is in denial about him. or else i can't accept he just forgot about her, since he is the guy that needs time to create feelings for some girl and even longer time to forget those feelings, see serena and vanessa, so its not reasonable to just have sex with someone he just mets right after he realizes he has feelings for blair.
i still have alittle hopefor dair, but honestly there should be no pairing in the season finale because chair is disfanctional and wrong and dan and blair should think more about what their real feelings, and of course that prince has to go, he has done his part


@Lulu : Reality needs to come and smack Josh on his face. He has no idea what he is talking about. Chuck has crossed a line and there is no going back. This goes beyond Chair shipping or even GG. It goes to the heart of debate that GG has glorified domestic abuse if this is treated as a non-issue and producers act like this is no big deal.
I dont care whether B ends up with Chuck, Nate, Dan, Rufus, Jack or even Bart for that matter. What I care about is how young girls are glorifying the abuse and some even going to says its hot or sexy!! @ Deathof Chair: I am sorry to hear that you went thru something like this. I do agree that this is not the time of thinking that girls shud have!


This Vanessa hatred is getting silly, especially since Nate has spent more time over the past two seasons in bed rather than standing up. But, I guess, since he's in the "in," he will never be called-out for what he is: useless. The writers have done a bad job with both these characters, and with Rufus too.


GO BLOUIS!!!!!!!

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