House Season Finale Review: A Cliffhanging Crash

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“No one will see it coming.”

So said House executive producer Greg Yaitanes about the cliffhanging conclusion of "Moving On," and there's no doubt that he's right. No one could have seen House driving his car through Cuddy's living room coming.

But does that make it an interesting ending? Or did it come across as a shocking development purely for shock's sake?

Rock Bottom for House

Did House try to - gulp! - kill Cuddy?

Throughout the episode, Cuddy and Wilson tried to make it seem like their friend was at some new low. Yet hasn't he always been a miserable SOB? House himself has always hammered home the message that people don't change - and he's someone who's practically reveled in his depression for years. It's made him feel special.

Could it be that his split with Cuddy has truly sent House over the edge? Sure. But I've had the impression over the last few weeks that he's just back to his old, destructive ways.

Perhaps it's the recent news that Lisa Edelstein is not returning next season that makes me believe this ending was created simply to give the character of Cuddy an out. Producers didn't know whether or not Edelstein would sign a new contract when the episode was filmed, and it's not hard to see how this open ending could have worked in either direction.

It's an understandable dilemma - the show had to prepare for both scenarios - but, from a storyline standpoint, it also had the negative effect of not feeling earned. I simply don't buy that House had reached a point in his fall where he'd react in such a manner to the sight of Cuddy and another man. I actually got the opposite feeling via his interactions with the patient (played by Oscar nominee Shohreh Aghdashloo)

"[Life] doesn't mean anything," he said to her. "You don't need to depend on people who are gonna let you down."

Sounds like something House would have said in seasons past, doesn't it? And he never destroyed a home and multiple friendships at any point then, did he?

All that said, am I curious about where this will all go on season eight? Absolutely. Cuddy will clearly have transferred to a different hospital and Wilson will... what? Continue to enable his friend? At some point, you just need to cut ties. As soon as that bumper touched Cuddy's lawn, I'd say the point was reached.

Finally, I need to touch on Taub's double pregnancy to echo Yaitanes' point above: I did NOT see that coming! Taub has made for solid comic relief this season, becoming the first member of the team about whom I can say I'm legitimately interested.

You certainly can't say House played the season finale safe, can you? What did everyone else think? The season finale was...


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shoot that was very good they should just keep rolling with it, it made me feel better from what i been feeling and they should just keep with what they got going now


Hm, it does not have to be a dream, there are other ways out for House! Imagine this: In the next episode, the next season, he could start having seizures. At the beach perhaps, or while being with a prostitute... He could be the next medical mystery. However, in the end he is diagnosed with a tumor in the frontal lobe of his brain, right where personality and judgment sit. People with lesions in that part of the brain can act aggressive, uninhibited and really in contrast to their original personality. I see no reason the experimental drug he took should only make tumors in his leg, he injected it after all, so the tumors could be everywhere. Due to the tumor, he would not be ruled guilty in court. What do you think about that?


I agree with the idea this is a dream
Even if you think House is capable of driving his car into Cuddy's house, you still have to explain how he got to this beach somwhere far away.The only way he could have gotten there would be by plane and that's not likely as the police would arrest him before the plane took off.
So this is some kind of dream am I'm guessing it
has something to do with the drugs he has been taking.
He could even be in a coma.


There is no possible way that the legal system would not see this as multiple counts of attempted murder. He was observed looking in the window, then driving into it full speed up a lawn. Jealous/angry ex boyfriends/husbands are the predominant killers of women by far, so let's not defend him because he is intelligent. There would be a nation-wide warrant for his arrest, and he would definitely do time no matter how many psychiatrists his legal team hires. He may just stay out of country and the jr. doctors (who cannot seem to solve any case without House no matter how many resources they throw at it) will phone him from time to time to get his Godlike wisdom. Come back to the USA, go directly to jail like other abusive/murderous ex-lovers do. And multiple counts of prescription forgery would easily emerge under investigation, which is a VERY serious charge by itself.


So this is House MD's answer a change in scenery... to turn the show basically... into Prison Break's 3rd Season "SONA" I suspect a whole new cast and to entertain Greg House for a season and possibly a new character to keep with the old, back at the hospital. I think this is a risky move if the writers have this in mind. This episode was too heavy to be considered to be a dream.


After I erased the episode, I thought I remembered House being in 2 different cars at the end - I think he drove up in a Lincoln or something else nice, then crashed his beat-up old car into the house. If that's true, maybe much of the end IS a dream ...


I have one question. How can a guy, with a messed up leg, just walk away from 3 full grown men? Surely one of the men there, or Cuddy even, would have held House until the police arrived, and most likely kicked the crap out of him.


And totally agree with Ken


I don't think that he did that just because he saw her with another man. First he told the patient that life means nothing specialy and that no one should depend on other people - then we saw them hug and I think he understand that he was happy when he has Cuddy, that his work means nothing until he "mets" her (as he asked the patient).
He picked the brush, which he already knew here it was (maybe a reminder of Cuddy?) and drive there, to finnaly change and be happy.
But, when he arrives, he saw that Cuddy lied to him, Cuddy left him again and House can't deal with that, I guess. Can't wait to season 8 Sorry for the English, I'm from Portugal.


Here is my take, pardon the awkwardness of my explanation... The ending was a metaphor. He purposely destroyed the actual "house" where Cuddy lived. This was his way of destroying the part of himself "House" where his remaining feelings for Cuddy lived. The House with Cuddy inside in now in both cases destroyed, and he can now "Move On".

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