House Season Finale Review: A Cliffhanging Crash

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“No one will see it coming.”

So said House executive producer Greg Yaitanes about the cliffhanging conclusion of "Moving On," and there's no doubt that he's right. No one could have seen House driving his car through Cuddy's living room coming.

But does that make it an interesting ending? Or did it come across as a shocking development purely for shock's sake?

Rock Bottom for House

Did House try to - gulp! - kill Cuddy?

Throughout the episode, Cuddy and Wilson tried to make it seem like their friend was at some new low. Yet hasn't he always been a miserable SOB? House himself has always hammered home the message that people don't change - and he's someone who's practically reveled in his depression for years. It's made him feel special.

Could it be that his split with Cuddy has truly sent House over the edge? Sure. But I've had the impression over the last few weeks that he's just back to his old, destructive ways.

Perhaps it's the recent news that Lisa Edelstein is not returning next season that makes me believe this ending was created simply to give the character of Cuddy an out. Producers didn't know whether or not Edelstein would sign a new contract when the episode was filmed, and it's not hard to see how this open ending could have worked in either direction.

It's an understandable dilemma - the show had to prepare for both scenarios - but, from a storyline standpoint, it also had the negative effect of not feeling earned. I simply don't buy that House had reached a point in his fall where he'd react in such a manner to the sight of Cuddy and another man. I actually got the opposite feeling via his interactions with the patient (played by Oscar nominee Shohreh Aghdashloo)

"[Life] doesn't mean anything," he said to her. "You don't need to depend on people who are gonna let you down."

Sounds like something House would have said in seasons past, doesn't it? And he never destroyed a home and multiple friendships at any point then, did he?

All that said, am I curious about where this will all go on season eight? Absolutely. Cuddy will clearly have transferred to a different hospital and Wilson will... what? Continue to enable his friend? At some point, you just need to cut ties. As soon as that bumper touched Cuddy's lawn, I'd say the point was reached.

Finally, I need to touch on Taub's double pregnancy to echo Yaitanes' point above: I did NOT see that coming! Taub has made for solid comic relief this season, becoming the first member of the team about whom I can say I'm legitimately interested.

You certainly can't say House played the season finale safe, can you? What did everyone else think? The season finale was...


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I think the whole thing was a dream also. There would be no show without Dr. House. Afterall, it is called "House!" I look forward to the new season to find out what happens nexts. I think the writers do an excellent job with their storylines.


Whether or not House's intention was the kill Cuddy doesn't matter. When House was standing in front of the window looking at everyone at the table he turned around and left and got in the car. To House, the last known position of all 4 people he just saw were in the dining room at the table. So when he decided to drive into the dinning room there is no way that he could have known that they all left the table. Basically I am saying he was attempting murder lol. One person said that the daughter was at school because it was day time. Last time I checked the sun didn't go down til after 7 p.m. So who in the hell is at school that late in the afternoon. I assume they were having dinner. So if I were House, I would assume the daughter was home, if not at the table then maybe in the bathroom in which she could have been back in the dinning room by the time he drove his vehicle into it. Even if she were eating in the living room she could have been in the dinning room at that moment asking her mommy for something. Sorry, but House didn't care if he killed anyone at that moment or not. And for the person that said we didn't get to feel House's emotions at that moment..... Whatever! We are always left guessing at what House is really thinking and feeling, why should this be any different. Plus when someone snaps like House did at that moment it's supposed to be a surprise, you're not supposed to see it coming. duh!!! Jeesh! Get a clue people! Oh and he is probably not on a beach in Jersey. I saw palm trees. Though there are some Palms that can survive up North it is unlikely that that nice of a looking beach is anywhere in New Jersey lol.


LOL seriously, you ppl are crazy... talking about overreact.. I absolutely cannot see House's car crash as a murder attempt. He wasn't trying to kill Cuddy or anything, he was trying to piss, irritate, annoy, hurt (but NOT PHYSICALLY), respond to her. And if you can't relate that to house-isms, then you either never got him or you're a noobie on this show.


I have to say. This for me was a great ending. Everyone is always trying to make House express his feelings by talking, but he isn't like that. He doesn't think about the consequences. He does it, and then deal with it. It was always like that. Like back on Season 2 with the inspector. He pushed things to the limit, and now he did it again. I love House, and sincerelly expect that next season isn't the last.


Season finale was EPIC what house did does not surprise me at all but what i am waiting on is about where is HOUSE???? and what of taub's double prego situation?? with next season being the final season things look sooo interesting!!!


Worst Season Finale of House ever!!! Appropiate considering what a bad season it has been.
So shallow, so boring. CUddy and his relationship never explored properly ,ended in a disastrous way. So not fitting to the first seasons of House and their dynamic and appreciation for each other. Not excited about next season at all.


Taub has been cleverly hilarious this past season. I love love love him. so funny when he was the ring bearer at the wedding!


TBD next season.


As reckless as it was It had a real sense of satisfaction I had to watch it 3 times it was a great ending to a very frustrating season.
Can't wait to see where it goes.


This was an amazing ending! people all say that it was shock value. (if you actually payed attention you clearly saw house watching everyone through the window move away from the dining room)He needed to let everything out, which wasn't his idea in the first place, the whole ep Cuddy and Wilson kept bugging him, so he did it! House leaving at the end was good too, because like Wilson said, where ever he is, is a reflection of his state of mind. This may be an opening to actually change his character, he doesnt want to be sad anymore. But it will be interesting to see how they deal with Cuddy leaving, and how House escapes the police, cant wait tilll next season

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