House Season Finale Review: A Cliffhanging Crash

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“No one will see it coming.”

So said House executive producer Greg Yaitanes about the cliffhanging conclusion of "Moving On," and there's no doubt that he's right. No one could have seen House driving his car through Cuddy's living room coming.

But does that make it an interesting ending? Or did it come across as a shocking development purely for shock's sake?

Rock Bottom for House

Did House try to - gulp! - kill Cuddy?

Throughout the episode, Cuddy and Wilson tried to make it seem like their friend was at some new low. Yet hasn't he always been a miserable SOB? House himself has always hammered home the message that people don't change - and he's someone who's practically reveled in his depression for years. It's made him feel special.

Could it be that his split with Cuddy has truly sent House over the edge? Sure. But I've had the impression over the last few weeks that he's just back to his old, destructive ways.

Perhaps it's the recent news that Lisa Edelstein is not returning next season that makes me believe this ending was created simply to give the character of Cuddy an out. Producers didn't know whether or not Edelstein would sign a new contract when the episode was filmed, and it's not hard to see how this open ending could have worked in either direction.

It's an understandable dilemma - the show had to prepare for both scenarios - but, from a storyline standpoint, it also had the negative effect of not feeling earned. I simply don't buy that House had reached a point in his fall where he'd react in such a manner to the sight of Cuddy and another man. I actually got the opposite feeling via his interactions with the patient (played by Oscar nominee Shohreh Aghdashloo)

"[Life] doesn't mean anything," he said to her. "You don't need to depend on people who are gonna let you down."

Sounds like something House would have said in seasons past, doesn't it? And he never destroyed a home and multiple friendships at any point then, did he?

All that said, am I curious about where this will all go on season eight? Absolutely. Cuddy will clearly have transferred to a different hospital and Wilson will... what? Continue to enable his friend? At some point, you just need to cut ties. As soon as that bumper touched Cuddy's lawn, I'd say the point was reached.

Finally, I need to touch on Taub's double pregnancy to echo Yaitanes' point above: I did NOT see that coming! Taub has made for solid comic relief this season, becoming the first member of the team about whom I can say I'm legitimately interested.

You certainly can't say House played the season finale safe, can you? What did everyone else think? The season finale was...


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I dunno I used to love House. This season has really left a bad taste in my mouth. It seems they really went out of there way to make House an unlikeable character. Now that House has become an unlikeable character ... where do they go from here? Will season 8 be a mea culpa? Oops we took it too far or will season 8 be a further decent into madness. If season 8 just offers more of the same, I definitely won't be tuning in. I believe many others will do the same. The only way they can fix the season finale is if Cuddy decides not to prosecute and House works at another hospital with an entire new crew. (Basically a rehash of other storylines) or cuddy quits, moves away, and decides not to prosecute. And if it's explained as a dream, then they are really in trouble. lol


At this point the show is cheap melodrama. The car crashing through the house was random and the entirety of his team just doesn't care anymore. The case was uninteresting, and if that was the Performance Artist's best attempt at being intriguing, her art must blow. Didn't that actress win an Academy Award a few years back? Guess things haven't gone so well since then. The best B story they can come up with is the Two Baby's and A Man story? Blecchhh. Boring. And Taub is the most sad sacky of all the minions. When does Foreman get some action? THe show is bland now, and I never thought I would say that. Edelstein is smart to jump clear before it has a dismal final year freefalling into oblivion.


For me the season finale was excellent. A dream? No way. That's the real deal. The scene where House drives into Cuddy's house, and everyone is quiet, and House finally agrees with Wilson on "let it out. You'll feel better" telling him "you are right! I feel much better" was awesome. If Lisa Edelstein leaves the show, what the hell. She'd be replaced like Charlie Sheen in Two and a Half Men. I hope she reconsider, and stay for season eight that apparently is the last one. Can't wait for next season... With or without Cuddy.


House has jumped the shark. The ending was ripped off from the Diane Keaton-Albert Finney movie "Shoot the Moon." It was stupid and uncalled for, and it's obvious the writers are trying to see how far they can push the character. Is this something he would even think of doing? What if he had hurt Cuddy's little girl? And then he takes a trip to the beach. Why wasn't be arrested? Wilson's enabling only goes so far. Or is this another hallucination? I had hopes for the series when House came out of rehab, but the writers found they had nowhere to go. Now they're repeating themselves, only on a bigger scale.


I think is was complicated like House..... I don't understand what nobody gets..... he obviously went into a jealous rage..... and was hurting over Cuddy more than he was willing to speak about.... I hope it was a dream.... i felt sorry for him


That episode should end the series. Obvious writers can't salvage the old House character. Laurie is still a hellofa actor but this has ran out of story.


I agree with Jessica, I think the entire episode was a dream in House's head. I did not Season 7 because of the horrific Huddy. I started hating Cuddy in Season 3 during the Tritter arc when she committed perjury for House. Pathetic. The only reason I watched the finale was because I read that LE will not be coming back for S8. Huddy was the biggest ratings killer of House. She does not need to come back because the story is about House. I don't care about Cuddy or Huddy or baby momma drama. I am so glad the Huddy is over and LE will not be coming back. I wish her the best somewhere else.


Lol Taub's double pregnancy, never have I laughed and screamed at the TV before. Cuddy grr... I mean what happened this season? She gets a match made in heaven and blows it. I MEAN HOW ANNOYINGLY STUPID! Yet oddly enough we all know people like this in real life... Then she doesn't give House a second chance, instead going for some clean shaven poser. While I condemn House's clearly homicidal act here, Cuddy did kind of deserve it. If they don't make a season 8, I actually think this is a kind of happy ending, at least for House himself. He has finally gotten rid of the pain in a big way i.e. Cuddy. I always thought he'd off himself in the last episode ever.


I kept hoping that House hadn't attempted to harm Cuddy, but that the performance artist had framed him.


I think this last episode was entirely a dream. There's no way it was real and you can't sweep under the rug attempted murder, destruction of property and God knows what other crimes they can charge him with (being under the influence, forging prescriptions which they will surely find in his apartment when they search it). I don't even know what to say about this. If House has fled miraculously to the Caribbean or some other place, he did it pretty quick and without a change of clothes either. If this is real he can't go back because he'll wind up in prison not to mention he'll have lost his license and his job and his only two friends in the world. The only alternative here is that it's some kind of dream or hallucination. I was hoping that most of the season had been that but so far nothing has come of that theory. So, only thing I can come up with is that he somehow went into a coma or is dreaming sometime after his surgery on himself or at the hospital and that in the S8 opener he'll wake up. However, a huge wrench in the works is Lisa E not being there because she's an important part of his life, his job and the show. And if he wakes up and it's not real, then how are they going to explain Cuddy's absence? The only thing I can come up with is that they will explain this indicating he's been under for some time and Cuddy took a leave of absence so she could get away and think (which is so not like Cuddy). So TPTB are going to have to fight like hell to get Lisa Edelstein back because actually they REALLY do need her for S8. I actually hope she will because I'd like to see my show get some redemption. I think the actors have done a fantastic job over the years and it should go out in style, not like this. Now about the episode, on one hand I can see House being so upset and angry that he lashes out in the most insane way. He's not one to show emotion or to feel so it would make sense that he snapped. I mean this was NOT House, it was like another person. But he was so hurt and had so much anger and pain built up inside him that it just manifested to the point of psychotic rage. On the other hand, did it really need to go this far? Dream or not? What has Shore done to my show? Why in hell throw the two main characters together for the purpose of putting us through all of this? Seriously they could have ended at "Help Me" and things would have been fine. They ruined the House-Cuddy dynamic. I miss the friendship, the banter, the jokes, the revenge, the crap they used to put each other through. Now we're reduced to two bitter and angry people who once loved each other very much, even as friends, to two people in so much hurt and pain it's hard to watch. TPTB focused so much on the relationship that it overshadowed the ENTIRE season. The relationship took center stage in every episode, frankly I tired of it and not because I didn't like them together because really had it played out right, it would have been fun to watch, been interesting and wouldn't have been the main plot of every episode. Sure I wanted to see them get together but not with this kind of ending. Shore promised the relationship wouldn't ruin the show but it did. We were better off with House and Cuddy as colleagues and friends with sexual tension. What we are left with is two people I don't even recognize anymore. I think back to the earlier days when these two would interact, the laughter, the tears, the banter, arguments, and all that they shared just as longtime friends and colleagues. Gosh those were the good old days. House pushing her buttons, Cuddy pushing back. House trying to cross the line, Cuddy keeping him in line. I look at them now and I'm like "who are these people?" Shore keeps hammering at us that people can't change but he changed House and Cuddy in ways that really suck. What's kept me going this season is the damn fine acting by Hugh and Lisa. Those two make playing House and Cuddy look like second nature.

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