Supernatural Season Finale Review: There's A New God In Town

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Speechless doesn't even begin to cut it. What. An. Ending.

The first half of the episode focused on Sam and his efforts to put himself back together. It was an interesting idea that seemed to combine The Bourne Identity and Inception, but it felt rather slow in the context of things.

While I think "Let It Bleed" did far more for Dean's character, "The Man Who Knew Too Much" did at least reveal what would happen if Sam's wall breaks.

The Supernatural Trio

And yes, all three sides of Sam were revealed in his dream state, but I'm not sure how remembering Hell truly affected him. Hopefully, he only gets really bad headaches once in a while.

Yet it was the race against Castiel for Purgatory where the tension and action truly picked up. In the end, it was a great payoff.

In fact, Crowley, Raphael, and Castiel, all managed to appear intimidating and menacing. The short-lived Eve didn't even come close to the screen presence of these other characters.

Crowley kept his banter and calculating decisions intact, combined with a couple changes in partnership. It's interesting to see how easily he can switch between commanding presence to retreating opponent. I wonder if the brothers will have to enlist his help in the future.

Raphael, even as a woman, still managed to evoke his own sense of power. I was pleased he was defeated because after all, he wanted to restart the apocalypse.

But is Castiel better or worse than Raphael?

Ultimately, the worst type of enemy is one who used to be a friend. Castiel had garnered some of my sympathies for his desires to save everyone, but finally seeing him after some soul eating changed my mind. He is one scary guy and his transformation left his old self far absent.

Did the power of the souls blind him? Is he truly the new God? Is he still a good guy?

The last question is hard to answer, especially through his powerful and assured commands to Sam, Dean, and Bobby. What happens if they don't bow down and love him? If anything, they truly seem to fear his incredible powers.

I still can't believe how the finale ended and am rather intrigued as to where the story will go with Castiel's new found power. How do you even stop God? Can he ever return to his normal self before the quest for souls? What about the original God?

Overall, the episode started off slow, but picked up speed for a fantastic conclusion. What's in store for the Winchester brothers? Only next fall will give us answers.

Did you enjoy the finale? What did you think of the final moments? Sound off with your comments below!


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Supernatural has become too much about god and religion and not enough about the supernatural things that goes bump in the night! The series needs to get to its origin with Sam and Dean hunting monsters!!!!


I would be dissapointed if there's no season 8...the first time i watch an episode on tv, the next day i bought season 1, 2 and 3. You guys are awesome


Season six was the worst season I have seen but that doesnt mean I want the show to end on season seven. We all have good friends and some let us down but we dont immediatly cut ties with them. We usually give them a second chance. Lets give Supernatural another chancce. And if we have REALLY good friends, then we give them more than just a second chance.


The Man Who would Be King was very boring I thought :(


Ive been a fan of the show since day one and Ill be a fan of the show til day no more but the episode The French Mistake was the worst episode I have ever seen in the whole history of the show. I love Jared and Jensen/Sam and Dean but that was just terrible. I mean, what was the purpose of the episode ? To make us fans say, WHATTTT ! And it takes alot for me to say that cos I am a devoted fan. :(


Here's a thought Annmarie.....if you hate it so much, switch the channel. Mind blowing, I know.
Oh and thanks for the big reveal that demons aren't real. I'm sure you opened the eyes of everyone who watches the show!


All I can say, it was brilliant. And i'm addicted to the show, please keep on going!!


this was sam and deans last season. if there is a next season ten we are switching to uk's series segments where a series finaly is a season finaly


it does not matter to me who is the new foe for supernatural season 7 please cw people end supernatural with season 7
the show had a good run and the storyline of the brothers killing
demons is getting old and trying and by the way demons do not exist
there is no such thing called demons


it does not matter to me who is the new foe for season 7 of supernatural i just want season 7 to be the final season for the cw series supernatural please cw people end supernatural with
season seven

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I wish it hadn't come to this. Well, rest assured, when this is all over, I will save Sam, but only if you stand down.


Dean: You don't even see it do you. How totally off the rails you are!
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