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On the season finale of Supernatural...

Castiel breaks Sam's soul wall. Sam tries to put the pieces back together in his coma like state. One is Sam without a soul, one is regular Sam, and the other is Sam who remembers Hell.

Castiel gathers the blood of a virgin and blood of a monster in order to open the door to Purgatory. He also breaks his deal with Crowley and tells him to leave. Unfortuantely, Crowley teams up with Raphael.

Castiel learns Balthazar betrayed him and so, he kills him.

Castiel performs the ritual and retrieves the souls from Purgatory. He lets Crowley escape and kills Raphael.

Sam tries to kill Castiel, but the angel sword doesn't work. Castiel claims he is the new God and all must bow down or face destruction.

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