Supernatural Season Finale Review: There's A New God In Town

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Speechless doesn't even begin to cut it. What. An. Ending.

The first half of the episode focused on Sam and his efforts to put himself back together. It was an interesting idea that seemed to combine The Bourne Identity and Inception, but it felt rather slow in the context of things.

While I think "Let It Bleed" did far more for Dean's character, "The Man Who Knew Too Much" did at least reveal what would happen if Sam's wall breaks.

The Supernatural Trio

And yes, all three sides of Sam were revealed in his dream state, but I'm not sure how remembering Hell truly affected him. Hopefully, he only gets really bad headaches once in a while.

Yet it was the race against Castiel for Purgatory where the tension and action truly picked up. In the end, it was a great payoff.

In fact, Crowley, Raphael, and Castiel, all managed to appear intimidating and menacing. The short-lived Eve didn't even come close to the screen presence of these other characters.

Crowley kept his banter and calculating decisions intact, combined with a couple changes in partnership. It's interesting to see how easily he can switch between commanding presence to retreating opponent. I wonder if the brothers will have to enlist his help in the future.

Raphael, even as a woman, still managed to evoke his own sense of power. I was pleased he was defeated because after all, he wanted to restart the apocalypse.

But is Castiel better or worse than Raphael?

Ultimately, the worst type of enemy is one who used to be a friend. Castiel had garnered some of my sympathies for his desires to save everyone, but finally seeing him after some soul eating changed my mind. He is one scary guy and his transformation left his old self far absent.

Did the power of the souls blind him? Is he truly the new God? Is he still a good guy?

The last question is hard to answer, especially through his powerful and assured commands to Sam, Dean, and Bobby. What happens if they don't bow down and love him? If anything, they truly seem to fear his incredible powers.

I still can't believe how the finale ended and am rather intrigued as to where the story will go with Castiel's new found power. How do you even stop God? Can he ever return to his normal self before the quest for souls? What about the original God?

Overall, the episode started off slow, but picked up speed for a fantastic conclusion. What's in store for the Winchester brothers? Only next fall will give us answers.

Did you enjoy the finale? What did you think of the final moments? Sound off with your comments below!


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well what a season huh to be honest the beginning of the series, i thought was very dissapointing and very hard 2 watch. i thought there would be a more dramatic entrance from sam returning from this torturing cage. altho, even tho it was a slow start...... by the middle i was hooked and drawen as i was very intrigued about the wall death assembled in2 sams nogen!!! the mother was also very exciting and thought more couldve been played out with her and the creatures she created, which by the way....... what has become of those new devilish beings??? the downside for me was sams break down of the wall! i would have luved 2 have seen alot more of sam remembering what had really went on from the moment he fell in2 the cage, till the moment he was brought back. i did enjoy the way they played it out tho but just didnt think it was enough. im loving castiels betrayel of dean and teaming up with crowely and also the fact that he is now thee god!!! the acting was as good as ever, they are 2 really talented actors and also the rest of the cast made some good impressions 2. bring back balthazier for season 7!!!! he was shit hot!!!! and also he looks a bit like gordon ramsay lol overall, its been a pleasure 2 watch again and cant wait for season 7 :)


God....who is it? There are so many inconsistencies with many weird twists...perhaps a god in demon's clothes?


I'd bet my left arm that next season is all about Sam and Dean on a search for the O.G., that is the Original God. One thing I love about this show is that it draws consistently from it's own mythology, rather than constantly changing the rules as circumstance requires(*cough* Lost *Cough Cough*) In this case there have been hints that God is still involved throughout the series, from the prophet Chuck as a direct line to information even the angels don't know to Castiel being brought back to life. I expect to see at least 2-3 Chuck-featured episodes next season... and any guesses as to how they will portray God? Personally, I would love to see him played by the actor who played Godrick in True Blood.


My bad:
Samuel the dead revived uncle* not uncle Grandfather


Robert Singer directed the episode written by Eric Kripke.
What else can I say?
I feel like this season finale was great, but only because it had an awsome script and because it was directed by someone who truly knows what Supernatural is all about.
Now, the whole season wasnt that strong. I hated so many things like Samuel the dead revived uncle, Lisa's "understading" for Dean's purpose in life, Ben(Lisa's son and maybe Dean's son)& his interest in hunting, Sam's lack of a soul, Sam's wall, and Castiel's secrecy.
Now, it wasnt all horrible there were some good ideas just poorly executed:
I liked the idea of there being a Mother of All. The new monsters rising were interesting and very different, i mean Dragons! :D I also liked the idea of a war in heaven and an absent 'god', Balthazar and his hunt for souls and Crowley's ability to come up with clever remarks. That is it, I belive. Honestly, I think Balthazar was a better character than Dean this season. Btw, Are we ever going to see the Supernatural's version of a god?. oh, wait Castiel is god now. cant wait to see how that goes. Better vow to the new god, boys cuz hell just broke lose!


Ok. only 1 thing wrong with this episode - Balthazar's death. I truly loved this season finale! it was so awsome compare to all the other episodes from season 6(some were good but not all). As I was watching I knew right away that It must had been written by Eric Kripke, and I looked it up and it was. =) I really love the episodes he writes! just awsome! *Bobby's knee* lol "We'll ninja our way in." - Bobby "Awesome. Yeah, until they hear your knee squeak." - Dean.


I liked the finale. I however thought the Sam story was the most interesting. It wasn't what I expected to happen exactly with him. I loved how his physical body was reacting to things that we saw in his mind such as the same song playing in the background, the smelling of whiskey while Dean was drinking it and the beam of light when Dean shined it into his eyes. I've always been a big fan of Dean however lately I find myself a little more interested in Sam.
I was sad to see Balthazar get killed though. And I would like to finally see the real "God" make an appearance. I also wonder if we will ever see the prophet Chuck again.


(clicked send by accident lol) And then the whole thing about Castiel turning on the Winchesters and not telling them the truth. what happened to Angels not having feelings-how did he see the brothers as Family when he himself said that Angels don't know how to feel like that. I don't know, I feel like this show is being slowly well ruined (like what they did to One Tree Hill) Don't get me wrong, I love this show and will still watch it because well its Jensen Ackles but I think that just because a show can go for another Season, dosent mean it shuld kinda thing.


So I've re watched this epsiode twice now and to be honest, it dosen't fell like a Season Finale. I have been a huge SPN fan now for a while and until recently it was my all time favourite show but for me this season was I don't know how else to say it but lacking really and kind of cheesy if you think about it. With the whole Sam being back from Hell and Samuel turnin gon his grandchildren and the whole hunt for the "orginal monsters". Ya the idea of their being "Orginals" is interesting, I think they could of done it more I don't know for a lack of a better word - better. Last Season for me at least was amazing (with 3 or 4 episodes that were disappointing) but this Season, I onl really enjoyed about 7 episodes and the season as a whole for me was (compared to others) terrible. I remember reading articles stating that this season was going to be more like the first 2 seasons but there was only a few that were like that. The whole "wall" thing for Sam to me was kind of chessy. And the fact that when Dean was first reunited with Sam, he didn't really push him to tell him about what happened in Hell but when Dean got back, it was brought up in almost every episode


Usually when two character get together, their relationship needs to be messed up to "keep it interesting". Interesting that it happened on Spn for Dean and Cas :)
It didn't feel like a season finale at all. Every moment we spent with Sam until his mental twin showed up seemed like a waste of time, although the girl was nice. I was saddened to see Balthazar killed off.
Castiel becomes God? Is anyone else expecting a show down? Though I have to say: I agree with Cas. Dean was only willing to make up because Cas got super scary. Not that I blame him... This seemed like any given episode from mid-season to me. For a while there I was expecting Bobby to become God, tbh. As a regular episode: not bad/wuuut he's a god now?
As a season finale, meh. Actually, wonk-wonk.

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