Supernatural Season Finale Review: There's A New God In Town

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Speechless doesn't even begin to cut it. What. An. Ending.

The first half of the episode focused on Sam and his efforts to put himself back together. It was an interesting idea that seemed to combine The Bourne Identity and Inception, but it felt rather slow in the context of things.

While I think "Let It Bleed" did far more for Dean's character, "The Man Who Knew Too Much" did at least reveal what would happen if Sam's wall breaks.

The Supernatural Trio

And yes, all three sides of Sam were revealed in his dream state, but I'm not sure how remembering Hell truly affected him. Hopefully, he only gets really bad headaches once in a while.

Yet it was the race against Castiel for Purgatory where the tension and action truly picked up. In the end, it was a great payoff.

In fact, Crowley, Raphael, and Castiel, all managed to appear intimidating and menacing. The short-lived Eve didn't even come close to the screen presence of these other characters.

Crowley kept his banter and calculating decisions intact, combined with a couple changes in partnership. It's interesting to see how easily he can switch between commanding presence to retreating opponent. I wonder if the brothers will have to enlist his help in the future.

Raphael, even as a woman, still managed to evoke his own sense of power. I was pleased he was defeated because after all, he wanted to restart the apocalypse.

But is Castiel better or worse than Raphael?

Ultimately, the worst type of enemy is one who used to be a friend. Castiel had garnered some of my sympathies for his desires to save everyone, but finally seeing him after some soul eating changed my mind. He is one scary guy and his transformation left his old self far absent.

Did the power of the souls blind him? Is he truly the new God? Is he still a good guy?

The last question is hard to answer, especially through his powerful and assured commands to Sam, Dean, and Bobby. What happens if they don't bow down and love him? If anything, they truly seem to fear his incredible powers.

I still can't believe how the finale ended and am rather intrigued as to where the story will go with Castiel's new found power. How do you even stop God? Can he ever return to his normal self before the quest for souls? What about the original God?

Overall, the episode started off slow, but picked up speed for a fantastic conclusion. What's in store for the Winchester brothers? Only next fall will give us answers.

Did you enjoy the finale? What did you think of the final moments? Sound off with your comments below!


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I felt let down by this whole season. Have been a huge Supernatural fan from the beginning and this was one show that has ALWAYS delivered, getting better and better each season. Until this one that is. Many story lines were left unexplored or half done and some of the scenes made no sense and the characters seemed out of character as well. I love Castiel as much as everyone else and am so dissapointed in how his character deteriorated. Not much seems to make sense and it just feel like a bit of a mess. I really hope it gets back to its former glory.


I missed spelled profit...prophet! Oiy


I feel like most of the fans here on this site. I am a big Dean fan, however when Castiel came on board, his character rivals my affections (hahaha). This seasons ending took me by surprise! I really hope that they have Castiels character end up doing the right thing. And I'm very upset that he won't be in a lot of the next season! He has become a very important character on the show. And they never really went into details of what kind of "monster" the lady (blond lady that dated Bobby back in the day)was that they killed to use her blood. I love all the characters, they work really well together. It'll be interesting to see if they bring back the profit (who they alluded as God) & death himself!


I have always loved the character Dean but have found myself drawn to the Castiel character brilliantly portrayed by Misha Collins. However I was so not expecting this punch line! Loved it. "In Cas we trust"


I believe that Sera Gamble is directly responsible for the qualitative drop in season six overall. Her promotion to show runner has precipitated a corespondant drop in ratings as well as quality for SPN, and her past success in writing episodes succeeded only because she was working under Eric Kripke's guidance. Her own ideas have displayed a lack of understanding of the fundamental dynamics of characterisation that endear much of the fanbase to Supernatural in the first place. I think a petition to replace Sera Gamble as show runner with the far more talented Ben Edlund would be a major idea to start on in the SPN community.


Those last few minutes really left me speechless, I kept yelling OMG at the television. I also agree the whole Sam getting back together thing was interesting but slow. My biggest issue is that during the entire episode Dean wouldn't give Cas a chance. he went from saying your like my brother to don't talk to me, to hey I care about you. If he had at least given Cas a chance maybe Cas would have let go of all that power after he killed Raphael and not killed Balthazar. Will truly miss all of the snark and disdain that was Balthazar. No hearing the news Cas will not be a regular next season really has me very concerned about Season 7.


I personally hated the season finale. It dragged Castiel, a much beloved character through the dirt very, very suddenly, what with his killing Balthazar and his dangerous and newfound arrogance at the end. I don't say this as a Castiel fan, though I am a BIG Castiel fan. I say this as a fan of consistency and good writing. All the way up to the penultimate episode, Castiel maintained the characteristics we learned to love about him - his loyalty, his honesty, his tendency to save Dean whenever it was needed, regardless of the circumstances. His speech to Dean about standing behing him the ONE time he asked broke my heart because it was so human and benevolent. And Dean threw it right back in his face. Given everything they've been through, everything Cas has sacrificed for them and the fact that he drops everything and comes when they need him, they couldn't show him a little faith? Maybe he was wrong, but as friends, they couldn't find a better way of telling him so than abandoning him and telling him to go to hell? I love Sam and Dean and I always will but I totally found myelf sympathizing with Castiel. Loneliness, rejection and devastation can make you do a million things you never would normally and now the character we all adored is gone. I am so, so upset by the finale and the knowledge that Misha won't be a regular next season. I think it was badly written, badly executed and a complete disservice to his character. If they don't give Castiel the same courtesy by redeeming him like they did Sam after his behaviour in season 4, I'm done.


hey death said he will reap if dean nd sam needs to defeat cass then call death cause death is the only one who is powerful enough to do it..death said he is to reap god..but it does not mean real god could be the new god..that perfectly fits...this could be good...even though i am sad they are throwing cass out of regulars...


please sign on morgen freeman to play GOD.

Sp mckenna

@bbzip - I merely meant that Raphael's strong personality and presence remained the same throughout all of the forms he had taken, rather than a comment about the strength of a particular gender. After all, Supernatural has given viewers some great female characters (i.e. Ruby, Lillith,Ellen). Sorry for the mix up! I'm excited to see how Season 7 deals with Castiel's new powers. Even after the finale, there's still a lot to think about. Bring on next fall!

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I wish it hadn't come to this. Well, rest assured, when this is all over, I will save Sam, but only if you stand down.


Dean: You don't even see it do you. How totally off the rails you are!
Castiel: Enough. I don't care what you think.