The Good Wife Review: "Getting Off"

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Now this case really fit the circumstances surrounding Alicia's personal life.

Last week on The Good Wife, I couldn't find even a distant connection. This week - wow. I'm not even sure if the title "Getting Off" was a blatant referral to the case or had some a innocent connotation that I didn't connect.

Putting Alicia on first chair solely because her husband cheated on her, and telling her this as she sat facing Kalinda, was so uncomfortable.

Getting Off Picture

There was no winning side to the week's case, as none of the parties involved gave any reason to feel for them.

They consisted of a woman who cheated and ran a website to help fellow cheaters (because she thought her husband didn't care) and a woman who refused to believe her dead husband was willfully cheating on her, in spite of the fact he had created a profile on an adultery site. Not a lot of intelligence being bandied about in the court room.

Mamie Gummer was back as the hard to swallow Nancy Crozier, opposing counsel.

She obviously studied law and theater simultaneously in college, because she is incapable of representing a client without a flair for the dramatic. At least she provided some ridiculous light moments to an otherwise disturbing civil case.

Everything that was happening with both Alicia and Kalinda had me saying "oh no, oh no" again and again during the show. Every action and reaction seemed to have such dire consequences.

As I suspected would happen, Alicia showed more emotion when she confronted Kalinda than when she did Peter. It was troubling how she closed the door on Kalinda, telling her there was nothing to say after she slept with her husband. Just nothing. To see two of my favorite women in such pain wasn't fun to watch.

I have absolutely no love for Jackie Florrick, but I never imagined her to be evil. Inserting herself into Peter and Alicia's life was bad enough. To use the children was horrific. Kudos to them for shutting her down, but she planted a seed that blossomed anyway.

Kelli Giddish as Sophia, was an interesting choice for Kalinda's potential new boss. I liked her on Chase, so I'm glad she is still getting interesting roles. Alicia told Will the Florricks were separated, but even after giving her notice, she still didn't share her secret with him.

I loved how shaken up Alicia was when she was talking to Stephanie, and realized that although she was married, she knew she had feelings for someone outside of her marriage - Will. It was a telling moment and one I hope will stay with her as she decides who will remain inside her circle.

The final confrontation between Alicia and Kalinda opened a door I never new existed. When did Alicia ask her if she ever slept with Peter? I did not recall that, and it changed my feelings toward Kalinda.

I blamed Peter more than Kalinda in the whole mess, strictly based upon the fact that Peter lied when Alicia asked him if he was hiding anything else. If she asked Kalinda and she lied, as well, then there is little difference between them.

That was a very difficult realization for me. Even worse, Alicia shut her down, and Kalinda closed up. She's lost the emotion she had embraced as Alicia's friend because Alicia wouldn't hear her out.

There was that one quick moment when Alicia said she felt like a fool for thinking Kalinda was really her friend, when all the while Kalinda was only doing it to save herself. Kalinda tried to refute that belief, but it didn't take.

I still believe Alicia will crumble, hear Kalinda out and forgive her. But it will be doubly hard now that Kalinda has put up her shield.

She said she doesn't like to feel bad, and she seems to close out anything that makes her feel that way. I do not like them at odds. Their relationship brings such light to the show that I can hardly imagine what it will be like to watch without their growing intimacy.

What have you thought about Alicia's actions as she dealt with both Peter and Kalinda? I think the best confrontation so far with with Jackie. She doesn't care about their relationship, so it seemed easier for her to throw her thoughts out there with very little emotion. Her apprehension at losing either Peter or Kalinda made those encounters far more intense.

I wonder what the finale will hold, and my fingers are crossed that the three year contract Alan Cumming recently received is indicative of a third season pickup.

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Am I missing something? This episode ends with "To Be Continued" then we get another episode, the season closer, with no tie to this one. And Alicia is quite nice, or at least business like, to Kalinda. Doesn't To Be Continued mean the story line continues from one episode to the next, or are we now all a part of the Millennials where words are just tiles in a mosaic that doesn't have to mean anything? And folks are defending Jackie? The racist, classist, meddling, mother in law? Really? Alicia is bad for standing up to that plastic queen?


I find the show is getting further and further away wholesome and closer to sinful. No regret after her affair. Now she says she is an atheist. No wonder she doesn't want her child to have faith. that was the straw for me. Im done with it.


i have watched the good wife since it started and have always thought the story lines were great. If you are going to prompt atheists then I will not watch the show. I am tired of atheists pushing their beliefs on everyone. Forcing Christians to remove anything that has to do with religion. I had prayer when I was in school and no one was ever forced to pray so why do atheists force their belief on me. Keep it to yourself atheists. You don't want to believe fine but don't take force your beliefs on me. Don't take away Christ from Christmas when that is why Christmas happened. Keep to your beliefs yourself as the rest of us. STOP trying to take away what I believe. Amen and May God Bless you !!!!

@ Mary

Atheists? Where are finding that? And what about Christmas is in the least bit Christian, if, as you seem to suggest, it has anything to do with Christ? It's not even in the Bible (Christmas). The way we celebrate it, as an orgy of consumer capitalism, it's more like a month long crucifixion and you uber righteous so-called Christians ought to be up in arms to get Christ's name removed from the title of this orgy.


I don't like Alicia this season either. She has always been rude to Jackie though, and to others she has seen fit to be rude to. She has not been all that meek a character since the beginning, as others seem to think she was in taking Peter back. "The Good Wife" has always been kind of a misnomer, as far as her character. She is as career driven as Peter, has always put it before her kids, and jumps down Jackie's throat when Jackie is the one always there for her and the kids. People who can't see through their Alicia gazing rose colored glasses to see what kind of character she has always been need to wake up. That is why the "good wife" title has always been a misnomer. She has never been that actually. If she does get a divorce and isn't anyone's wife anymore, the wife word in the title doesn't belong there. I think she may be in for an eye opening experience where Will is concerend that will change her opinion and feelings for him. I may not continue to be glued to this series any longer like I had before. I no longer care for the direction it is taking. They are making her as hypocritical a character as all the others on the show. She is also becoming overtly cutthroat, although you could see all along she was capable. I don't care if she stays with Peter either, but just because he was adulterous, doesn't mean she should be. Two wrongs do not make a right. Get a divorce if you want to screw someone else. She is hiding it from her kids, she knows it is not a good example and they would condemn her as much as their father for doing what he did. As far as ratings slipping, I think so. Does anyone look at the TV Guide website of program lineup where when you select a show, it gives you the opportunity to say if you are watching? Since this show is now up against Desperate Housewives, it has a much lower viewer tally than DEsperate Housewives does. At least Desperate HOusewives is out front about what a farcical show it is.


I have to admit that I strongly disliked, maybe even despised, Alicia a little bit, for how absolutely brutally harsh she was towards Jackie. Yes, Jackie is unpleasant, tries to be manipulative, sucks towards Alicia... Find me one mother-in-law who ISN'T like that and I'll eat every hat I can find! Maybe it's the conservative Indian in me coming out, but I thought it was absolutely unnecessary for Alicia to be quite so vindictive towards Jackie. To me, it felt like she was taking her anger and spite on Jackie, rather than Kalinda and Peter, and taking vindictive pleasure in it as well. Say what you will, Jackie does seem to care about her grandchildren, even if she does have prejudices. As for Peter, I don't know. I thought Peter an absolute tool for what he did and what he put Alicia through. What I will say for him is that he did try to make things work with Alicia, which is more than can be said for her. I don't understand, nor appreciate, how she didn't try making it work with him at all. She stayed with him, but when did you ever get the feeling that she had forgiven Peter or still loved him? At best, she was apathetic and uninterested in him! I don't know. She was definitely emotionally cheating on Peter, which doesn't give me a high opinion of her, so I thought Peter's jab about Will was justified. As far as I could tell, Alicia was waiting for Peter to slip up to give her an excuse to let her go back to Will. That's not to say I think Alicia should have forgiven Peter. I just don't think she should have led him on like that. I'd say divorce that twat and go hump Will. Or something. As for Kalinda, I felt sorry for her. What she did was wrong but I think it does need to be taken into account that she didn't know Alicia then. Personally, though, I would absolutely love to see her working with Peter, with Cary at her side. I think he deserves a win! Alicia's gotten too many by sheer luck, dramatics alone or flat out illegal activities! So much for her morals - I sort of see how or why Cary might think working for the state attorney is a less morally grey area. And that's what I think in a nutshell. Having said all that, I can't wait for some Alicia vs Kalinda action. I can't imagine it's going to be pretty to watch but it will most definitely be entertaining.


Hey gang don't count your chickens yet CBS hasn't made any announcements regarding who will be back next season. I have seen far more shows wiped out for a number of reasons that didn't make sense but the future and plenty of shows in the wings to take their places. Fingers crossed.


Hello everybody I’m a first time commenter but a long time reader.
TGW is my favorite show these days, hope they will have a third season. First of all, I’m increasingly tired of love triangles: they are obvious and more often than not, to be interesting they can never be resolved. Team “this� or “that� is very popular, but it’s also old news and this show is brilliant in other aspects, I don’t see why we shouldn't expect greatness in handling love story lines.
Alicia and Will are going-to-dO-IT? One night stand, rebound, life partner or friends forever? Go for it, as long as this cliche triangle is over it’s fine by me, at least we will see the writers explore new emotional possibilities. First season was a blast: complex and interesting women portraits (Alicia, Diane, Kalinda, Jackie), men equally interesting and challenging on the side.
Different background, different ages (Alicia competing with Cary) there were a number of things to follow. The legal aspects mixed with real life were simply great. The beginning of the second season, was (for me) a bit boring; more like “law and order�
^_°, things dragged on forever and the focus on Kalinda/Blake was a pain to watch.
It got to the point it looked like Cat-woman VS. Batman, couldn’t care less.
It felt like sex was introduced elsewhere so that the viewers will momentarily forget the cliche lost voice mail. Plus, all of a sudden, Alicia was the best at everything, trouble at home juggling everything, forgotten. Bah.
After that, after the mystery of the phone call was resolved (in a very complicated and forced way, I may add) and we saw Kalinda’s braw they were finally able to move on.
We got our characters back, bits of moral dilemmas and challenging episodes. I enjoy “gray� in characters, specially when it’s subtle: redeeming Peter & pastor Isaiah (fallen out of the picture as soon as things started moving again); Alicia sent to see a new house on the suburbs as soon as he had a fair chance to win the elections; the anger for not having his way and turning spiteful as soon as he was challenged again (the whole Kalinda affair).
The line “there has been 3 persons in this marriage in the last 2 years� had me laughing out loud: only the last two years count, because I’ve changed. It was entertaining.
Poor Will, I foresee a difficult life ahead, might as well have a bite, he’s going to pay for it anyway. For that matter, maybe Cary should have a chance at Alicia too. After all seems like his career revolvers around the Florricks, at least they would give him a decent story line that doesn’t involve Kalinda (sounds old already and he hasn't even shagged her). Will and Diane are interesting, it seems (up until now) their grayness is concentrated in the work place, how they choose and handle the firm. The whole deal with Bond (In my opinion ^_°) was great. In real (fictional) life both of them seem very straight forward and I like that. Hope they won’t change too much, it’s refreshing. Alicia... is a complex character with high ideal morals, looks like she’s in the process of changing. Her relationship with friends (former and present),husband, children, coworkers
is always different from what you would expect, to me she is the real mystery.
I don’t even think I like her that much, the way she handled Jackie for example was a surprise. It’s comprehensible but while she was dismissing her, she also looked like her.
People you don’t understand unravel, sometimes you feel for them, some times you would like to bounce their head against the wall.
That’s what’s great about this show.
That and Eli.
I don’t know, a part from the actor itself, who is responsible for this character’s uniqueness, but every story line revolving around him, right from the beginning was perfect.
I didn’t mention the kids... I wonder why. ^_°


As much as I hate Kalinda and Alicia being at odds it's that uncomfortable and very tangible kind of hurt that happens in real life. People are saying Alicia shouldn't be mad because it happened before her and Kalinda were friends. The bottom line is in real life you would be mad. That's part of the beauty of this show is that it's real. It can be gut wrenching and great all with in 5 minutes time. I can't help but root for Will and Alicia- even thought I actually still like Peter. It's confusing, just like life.


See you on the food channel next season john.


"The ratings have been slipping downward for several weeks" Why do people keep repeating bogus gossip like this? And who starts these rumors? Rival networks?? According to the numbers, TGW has actually been doing better than ever the last couple of episodes. There are lots of new people who have just discovered the show lately, who had been put off earlier by its ironic title (which many people STILL don't seem to understand), but who now are realizing what a great show it is. If CBS cancels a critically acclaimed, award-winning show, whose popularity has really been taking off lately, then they shouldn't be surprised if the "numbers" they end up getting for whatever crappy replacement they come up with are a lot lower. They never seem to learn -- which is why many people like me rarely watch network TV at all.

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The Good Wife Season 2 Episode 22 Quotes

Cary: Thirty year old Sean Briglio, found in a room 606 at the St. Martin Hotel. Handcuffed, ball gag in his mouth and his penis severed from his body. Yes, its making me wince even just talking about it. The severed member was found in the ice bucket.
Kalinda: You're kidding.
Cary: Yes, on ice with the champagne. There's probably a joke to be made about shrinkage, but I won't go there.
Kalinda: I think you just did.

Sex outside of marriage, sex with more than one person, sexual bondage. I'm sorry, I keep imagining my parents listening to this.

Miss Crozier