Futurama Review: "Law and Oracle"

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I’m glad I wasn’t the only one wondering why Bender would actually share alcohol with anyone.

I enjoyed Fry as a police officer this week (alright, it was mostly because of his robot partner). But I really enjoyed the amount of homages "Law and Oracle" paid tribute to: Tron, Avatar, Law and Order and Minority Report.

Fry as an Officer

From the light cycles and Schrödinger's cat shout-out, to the ridiculous dances and movements Fry did to operate his Minority Report command center, I loved each and every reference.

I’m glad Futurama pointed out some of the absolutely ridiculously clichés 3D movies have come to adopt, as well. There was the typical object flying out of the screen way and the frequent reminder to wear the glasses, among others.

All in all, "Law and Oracle" was another solid episode. Heck, I could have gone for even more homages. But I won't complain.

Below are some of my favorite Futurama quotes from the episode:

Professor: In any case, I've improved on Fry by sticking some wheels on a board. | permalink
Police Chief: Ever hear of the future crimes division?
Fry: Tomorrow I have! | permalink
Bender: In order to fix your leaky roof I'll need to spend two or three hours down here in the wine cellar. | permalink
Fry: Executive?
Conrad: It's a meaningless title, but it makes insecure people feel better about themselves.
Fry: I feel better about myself! | permalink


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i totally missed the ending because my DVR cut it off! but i loved the "butchy" commander for the police, every line made me laugh! all the props to the movies were also funny.

Rhianna speranzo

Nick Mchatton, thanks. I swear i checked that channel but ill try again


Great episode. Loved all the homages. Reviewer forgot Police Academy. Fry: "That'd be impressive if you were a human." The two people on the wanted screen on the wall of the police station walk by :)


RhiniedaGenie, It's on Comedy Central every Thursday night at 10/9c.

Rhianna speranzo

okay what channel and what time is this on? ive been looking for it but i can never find it.

Uncle jackass

Can't we send our Avatars? To obtain 'unobtainium'? No, son, we don't find resources that are named stupidly!

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