Fry: Executive?
Conrad: It's a meaningless title, but it makes insecure people feel better about themselves.
Fry: I feel better about myself!

Fry, we have no idea what you do around here, but we desperately need you back.


In order to fix your leaky roof I'll need to spend two or three hours down here in the wine cellar.


That's me! I recognize the face!


Police Chief: Ever hear of the future crimes division?
Fry: Tomorrow I have!

Bender: So where are we going?
Professor: Pandora.
Leela: That dangerous 3D planet? Can't we just send our avatars?
Professor: No, it's cheaper just to have you die.

In any case, I've improved on Fry by sticking some wheels on a board.


Professor: Let's get down to business.
Amy: Aren't you gonna say "good news everyone"?
Professor: Oh, I just said that for Fry's benefit. Made the poor fella feel better about his pointless job.

There will be no promotions unless somebody dies. And even then only if we can't bring them back as a zombie like Scruffy.

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