Pretty Little Liars Review: The Runway from Hell!

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Pretty Little Liars took a step back from the mystery this week and focused on relationships, as "Never Letting Go" dealt with Hanna's feelings over her dad's return; Emily growing jealous over Samara; Aria getting closer to Jason and...


Whoa, what happened there?!? Someone must have taken control of my keyboard. Darn you, A!

Work It, Liars!

I kid, but I must admit: as much as I mock the show and its occasionally, wholly unbelievable storylines (a project on a gravestone? Really?!?), the lunacy most definitely takes me by surprise. That's pretty much all you're looking for on a guilty pleasure such as PLL.

However, is it just me, or are A's actions getting old at this point? The girls seemed barely rattled by the fashion show interruption. If the unexpected is always expected, it sort of becomes... expected. You know?

A hasn't really done anything in a long time to harm the gals, either. She's always around, always trying to be menacing, but it's clearly just a game these days - and her targets seem tired of playing. Heck, Aria didn't even hesitate to answer a text to kick off the episode!


  • I'm enjoying the build-up of Jason. Is he trustworthy like Toby? A seemingly shady individual who is just misunderstood? Or should Aria heed Spencer's dad's advice and keep her distance? At the very least, she shouldn't get drunk with the guy.
  • So, is Hanna happy that her dad is sticking around? She seemed disturbed for most of the hour over his feelings for her mom, even though she encouraged their closeness a couple weeks ago by deleting her dad's fiancee's texts. She's a fickle young woman, Hanna.
  • How hilarious was Mona in those glasses and that professional outfit? SPENCER! We can see how that would be irritating if we were the subject of her rant, but I just found it entertaining.
  • No Melissa, no Ezra this week and no movement on the Mike front. It really was a slower, character-building episode.
  • Samara was totally, passively-aggressively trying to make Emily jealous with that old friend. See, Emily? It's not so easy to date girls, is it?!?

What did everyone else think? Did you mind a bit less mystery and a bit more relationship growing on "Never Letting Go?" And does A need to do something drastic in the near future to actually make us worry about her again?


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I love this show, but do u rlly think that Jason's dad is Spencer's father?? Well it does make sense why he's always on the phone with Ali's mom?!


Definitely Aria and Ezra! I don't mind making Ezra jealous with Jason a bit but she had better wind up with Ezra. They are really the storyline that keeps me most interested in the show!!! Definitely Ezra all the way!


More Mona and Spencer!


I think Spencer's dad and Alison's mother had some kind of relationship history. Could be an affair and Alison could've caught them in an act (hence the scene Alison crying when she went into Spencer's house in one flashback) or it can turn out that Alison is Spencer's dad's daughter? Very messy. By the way, Mona has really grown into me. She's hilarious and super funny. The way she confronted Spencer and teased Aria's legs. Awesome! More Mona please :D And yeah, we need some kind of laid-back episodes every now and then. Great episode for me. 4/5


I think Spencers dad is Jasons father


I love Pretty Little Liars, don't get me wrong. But frankly, Spencer being suspicious over the littlest things is starting to get old. It seems like she is blowing everything out of proportion. She's been getting on my nerves because she seems to be dwelling more on the A situation than everyone else who has something else going on in their life. Long story short: Spencer needs a hobby or something.


No chemistry between Emily & Samara scene's seemed forced. Bring Back Paige aka Lindsey Shaw Emily remembers to act and not re-act. The Paige & Emily relationship was so much more to watch and so real. Samara needs to jilt Emily and let her know how it feels to be dumped by a player


I am still in love with Ezria and find that Jason is seriously hiding something that could get everybody hurt.


Screw Aria, Jason and others, Miss Parker is back! It's all that matters. Miss Parker is back, bitches.


Whose address starts with 5214?

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