Pretty Little Liars Round Table: "Blind Dates"

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The confirmed death of Ian shocked viewers on Pretty Little Liars this week. But our staff has overcome the trauma enough to gather together below and analyze "Blind Dates" in the latest edition of the TV Fanatic Round Table.

As always, reader feedback is encouraged on the topics that editor-in-chief Matt Richenthal discusses here with writers Carissa Pavlica and Steve Marsi...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: The final one. I truly didn't expect anything to come from the meeting between Melissa and Wren. PLL has a way of adding more questions without really answering any. But I may have woken up my neighbor's dog when I screamed at the sight of Ian's body.

Steve: Jason without a shirt. Only because it's hilarious how the show tosses one of these in each week. So far, we've had Ezra, Toby and now Jason. What guy will be next?!?

Carissa: When the doctor's office was destroyed. I know it's doubtful, but maybe such an act will make her realize how these girls have been suffering.

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Did Ian really kill himself?
Matt: Of course not. But here's my question: will the police analyze the hand-writing on the note? They obviously should if this is realistic, meaning they will quickly discover Ian was murdered - or perhaps there's even more to it and he was somehow forced to pen that note. Many doors are open here.

Steve: No way. He didn't even die on sight. I say his body was dragged from the bell tower by A and he really did die on the first season finale.

Carissa: Who cares? Ian was an awful character. Now he's gone. Yay! The pawn shop guy knows who it is. What a crooked dude he turned out to be. Hopefully someone will mention to Spencer the missing horseshoe.

Who is the worse mother: Pam, Dina Lohan or Kate Gosselin?
Matt: Pam makes Casey Anthony look like a good mother (too soon?). She based a huge life decision around the guarantee from a school, despite never meeting the person who made the guarantee... and then she did a complete 180 based on two sentences from a girl she just met! Pam is less involved in her child's life than O.J. is in finding the real killer.

Steve: Dina. I'll consider Pam after Emily hits a nightclub the first evening out after a 35-day house arrest.

Carissa: Pam. At least the others feign interest in their children.

Do you wanna see Hanna with Caleb or Lucas?
Matt: Lucas, hands down. These two could be the Seth and Summer for a new generation!

Steve: Who do I wanna see Hanna with? Aria. But male fantasies aside, I'll go with Caleb. There's a really nice guy under that shaggy hair.

Carissa: Is that really a question? Caleb is gorgeous, kind, confident and loves Hanna. There isn't any competition.

What is Mike up to after school?
Matt: He's just practicing basketball on his own elsewhere. Did you see those guys?!? They were awesome! Mike has to sharpen his skills so he can come back strong.

Steve: He's obviously A.

Carissa: We've never gotten to know the kid anyway. Until this bit of mystery, he's been background noise. So does anyone really care?

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I believe Ian was dead beforehand. I think he did die in the Bell Tower but what bothered me is he would probably be pretty beat up from that. Wouldn't the police notice that his body is damaged from something other than a gun?
Definitely Hannah and Caleb! However I'm a bigger fan of Ezra and Aria.
I agree, who really cares about Mike.


Ok so if the TV show produser stick to the book then there is NO way that A (I know who A is, we've met him/her) was physically able to move a dead body. However - who does the red cell phone belong to that was put into Spencer's bag in the last scene? I see Spencer in jail.




I agree with steve...I don't know if it was bad lighting or bad makeup but Ian looked blue and you don't look blue immediately after you die.


Also I noticed, when they saw Ian's body you can see where the rope was around his neck from the bell tower. This is (hopefully) help prove that the girls were telling the truth about the belltower.


I wouldn't put it past the show to throw the horseshoe in as a Chekov's Gun, but realisticly, the police aren't going to care about a horseshoe missing from an old barn. I think the whole point of showing it was to explain (to the audience) that A killed Ian.


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
The liars doctor office being trash, With the doctor office being trashed can mean a couple of things, 1.A is done with spencer and now have his/her eyes set on Hanna now. 2.A will make it seem like it was all 4 girls to get them more in trouble or 3.A does not like the doctor and will hunt her down. Did Ian really kill himself?
No way, this is pretty little liars, nothing is easy to find out in this show and I think A shot Ian or maybe A don't even have to do with Ian death, maybe the real person who killed Allison did it,maybe A and who killed Ali are two different people. Who is the worse mother: Pam, Dina Lohan or Kate Gosselin?
Dina I mean come on she's trying to be on dancing with the stars, she wants to be more of a star then her daugther is. Do you wanna see Hanna with Caleb or Lucas?
Being a fan of the books, I will say Lucas, Caleb was just a add on to this show but Lucas and Hanna go back to the books, they have history. What is Mike up to after school?
he's gay and sercetly goes to see Jason at his new place.


The horse shoe is in Spencers house. The cops search Spencers house, they find it. Arresy Spencer for killing her accomplice in the murder of Alison.


1 favorite scene: Hanna vs Alison, it moved me really! and showed Ashley as a great actress! 2.Ian?
I loved that mysterious guy! Of course he didn't killed himself that would be stupid! He would done it long time ago! 3.Mothers
Come one this "fake" college story was bad from the beginning! First no parent would force their child to move in the middle of the year! 4. C or L
I was so into Hanna and Lucas at the start of season 1! But Hanna has better chemistry with Caleb! So I'm voting for C! But hope he doesn't get canceled by A! 5. Little bitchy boy A!
Nice! I was really missing him! With Melissa being so much pushed as Spencers sister we can only ask who forgot Mike! He probably got some scoop from A about his parents and Aria and goes all bad boy!


I'm surprised only one of you mentioned the missing horseshoe! You know they are going to try to pin this on Spencer when they find out she has it,lol.
I hope Hannah does end up with Caleb. It's funny how some things from the book are the same and some are WAY off!

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